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Proud sponsors of Visions Off-Road Race 2023!

Mon, 19th Jun 2023

The Visions Off-Road Race took place this past weekend at MidAmerica Outdoors in Jay, Oklahoma.  AMain Hobbies and HPI Racing served as presenting sponsors of this weekend’s off-road festival, which featured thousands of people racing and

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NEW Sport 3 Option Parts Now Available!

Tue, 13th Jun 2023

Now in stock! We have added three new optional parts to the growing list for the Sport 3 chassis.  #160272 -  PRECISION MACHINED ANODIZED ALUMINUM REAR PIVOT BLOCK (3DEG) #160273 -  PRECISION MACHINED ANODIZED ALUMINUM FRONT PIVOT BLOCK...

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NEW Range of Pro-Series Silicone Oils and Grease

Tue, 13th Dec 2022

PRO-SERIES HEAVY-DUTY SILICONE SHOCK & DIFF OIL RANGE A new range of HPI Pro-Series Silicone Oil is available for racers and hobbyists to refill and rebuild their shocks and differentials. This pro-grade oil is manufactured for resistance to temperature variations and...

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Vorza S Buggy at ROSSA 2022 Round 2!

Mon, 12th Sep 2022

At the first ROSSA event of 2022 held in June at the Llabender Airport in Wales, UK, Nick Sperduto ran a Maverick Quantum Flux R which became a member of the 100mph club and ran to 101mph and believe it to be the world’s fastest Maverick RC. You can check out the...

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First Sight - Vorza Truggy line-up on the launchpad!!

Tue, 14th Jun 2022

Buggies and truggies have been a major part of the HPI off-road range for many years, so when the time came to update this range of epically awesome off-road monsters, the choice to keep things true to the Vorza roots was easy! The Vorza started as racing vehicles designed...

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Wed, 6th Apr 2022

HPI Power Plugs for Nitro car and truck engines! Unlike full sized car engines that use spark plugs and a distributor to fire the cylinders in the combustion cycle, glow engines rely on glow plugs. In a Nitro engine, ignition is initiated by the application of a glow...

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  • SPORT 3 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Custom
  • Jumpshot ST V2 - Red
  • Jumpshot SC V2 - Green
  • Jumpshot MT V2 - Blue/Silver

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