NEW Options for your Quantum2!

Fri, 28th June 2024


Landing with the Quantum2 XT's is a MASSIVE range of NEW Options for your Quantum2!

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase the array of excellent options designed specifically for the Quantum2 range.

The Quantum2 lineup has recently expanded to include the fantastic Quantum2 XT Stadium Trucks and new Quantum2 owners will be able to customize their trucks as soon as they land!


For those Maverick Quantum2 aficionados who consider 'ordinary' a forbidden word, why not bling up your truck with terrific upgrades and accessories? After all, who doesn't enjoy a makeover, especially when it involves their favorite RC? Nothing screams 'adventure' louder than a well-equipped, tricked-out truck!


 With everything from Hub sets to Chassis Braces available in three distinct vibrant shades including the cool Maverick Grey or Gold and of course Mavericks Signature Blue, you've got a world of options for making your Quantum2 truly your own.

MaverickEvery component is lovingly crafted from robust 6061 Aluminum, showcasing intricately machined edges. These edges lend a silver touch, delivering a captivating two-tone look that speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and aesthetics.

MaverickYou can check out each set individually on the links below:

150467 - Sway Bar Bar Set (Front/Rear)

150469 - Turnbuckle Set (Quantum2)

150470 - HD Steel Spur Gear 51T (32DP)

150471 - Aluminum 14mm Hex Hub Set (Gold/4pcs)
150472 - Aluminium 14mm Hex Hub Set (Grey/4pcs)
150473 - Aluminium 14mm Hex Hub Set (Blue/4pcs)

150474 - Front Universal Driveshaft Set (Spring Steel/2pcs)

150481 - Aluminum C-Hub Set (Gold/Left/Right)
150482 - Aluminum C-Hub Set (Grey/Left/Right)
150483 - Aluminum C-Hub Set (Blue/Left/Right)

150484 - Aluminum Steering Spindle Set (Gold/Left/Right)
150485 - Aluminum Steering Spindle Set (Grey/Left/Right)
150486 - Aluminum Steering Spindle Set (Blue/Left/Right)

150487 - Aluminum Rear Hub Set (Gold/2pcs)
150488 - Aluminum Rear Hub Set (Grey/2pcs)
150489 - Aluminum Rear Hub Set (Blue/2pcs)

150490 - Aluminum Servo Saver Arm Set (Gold)
150491 - Aluminum Servo Saver Arm Set (Grey)
150492 - Aluminum Servo Saver Arm Set (Blue)

150493 - Aluminum Steering Plate (Gold)
150494 - Aluminum Steering Plate (Grey)
150495 - Aluminum Steering Plate (Blue)

150496 - Aluminum Motor Mount (Gold)
150497 - Aluminum Motor Mount (Grey)
150498 - Aluminum Motor Mount (Blue)

150660 - Aluminium Shock Tower Brace (Gold)
150661 - Aluminium Shock Tower Brace (Grey)
150662 - Aluminium Shock Tower Brace (Blue)

150663 - Aluminum Front Shock Tower (Gold)
150664 - Aluminum Front Shock Tower (Grey)
150665 - Aluminum Front Shock Tower (Blue)

150666 - Aluminum Rear Shock Tower (Gold)
150667 - Aluminum Rear Shock Tower (Grey)
150668 - Aluminum Rear Shock Tower (Blue)

150152 - Shock Cap Set (Gold)
150669 - Shock Cap Set (Grey)
150670 - Shock Cap Set (Blue)

150464 - Aluminum Chassis Brace (Gold)
150671 - Aluminium Chassis Brace (Grey)
150672 - Aluminium Chassis Brace (Blue)

150689 - Servo Saver Nut (Grey)
150690 - Servo Saver Nut (Blue)

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