First Sight - SAVAGE!

Wed, 22nd September 2021

As you know, the HPI Savage changed the game for RC, unleashing rugged Monster trucks - that beg to be backflipped - onto the scene. Over the years the power and strength increased and with the arrival of brushless power came the Savage FLUX HP. The RC Bashing movement was born and we're thrilled to standing backflip back into the ring with the holy grail, the jewel in the crown... Ladies and gentlemen, the Savage HP is back!


Next Level Savage!

We know that the phrase "hotly anticipated" is an understatement - For years you've been asking us to bring back the Savage FLUX HP, but we knew we had to do it only when the product, supply, spares and time was just right...and that time is now! But we also listen to our fans' constant requests for NITRO on social media so we had to bring this beast back with 4.6 Big Block power too! 


Savage X 4.6 - For the Ultimate NITRO Basher




The smoke, the noise - Nothing beats NITRO and that's why HPI is going all out for our Internal Combustion fans! While some play it safe with electric, we know that real trucks have engines!


The developments in this latest Savage X 4.6 mean the same great Super HD Drivetrain is now at the heart of all HPI Savages. With this and the new rugged bumpers, captured hinge pins and Bulletproof differentials - you're ready to deal with every bit of the boosted torque and acceleration from the Nitro Star F4.6 V2 Big Block engine - All-out smoke filled bash sessions and speed runs!!

Savage FLUX V2 - Mind Blowing Brushless POWER


Standing backflips with a mere blip of the throttle, tire shredding, terrain destroying power that'll make you run for cover... FLUX fans know where its at! This is not for the faint of heart.


Blistering Savage bashing action doesn't mean the Savage FLUX isn't a beautiful drive! We've gone all out with new Low Center of Gravity chassis design and layout along with a raft of updates with your bashing experience in mind. From the slick new battery boxes on the outside, to the twin clamp motor mount, center gearbox and more inside the legendary TVP chassis!


Lets Check out what's NEW with the Savage GT6! 

- 4WD Shaft Driven Monster Truck
- Independent Double Wishbone Suspension
- Oil Filled Adjustable Coilover Shocks
- Bulletproof 29/9T Differentials
- NEW - Standardized 17mm Aluminum Hex Hubs
- NEW - Tredz Terrahex 3.8" Tires
- NEW -  3.8" Havok Wheel
- NEW - Pre-Cut Factory Finished And Decaled GT-6 Bodyshell
- NEW - Plastic molded body detail parts
- NEW - Rugged Modern Styled Bumpers
- NEW - Captured Hinge Pins

- Nitro Star F4.6 V2 Engine With Pullstart
- 2 Speed Transmission
- Sintered Bulletproof 29/9T Differentials
- NEW - Super HD Drivetrain - Standarized with Savage Flux
- NEW - Shim behind Spur Gear to reduce wobble & wear
- NEW - 0.9mm Clutch Springs - Later engagement for more torque and acceleration & reduced clutch wear
- NEW - RF-50N Nitro Receiver (with Low Voltage Failsafe)
- NEW - Savage XL Flux Servo Saver Spring
Length: 534mm
Width: 445mm
Height: 255mm
Wheelbase: 336.5mm
- Required For Operation:
4x AA Batteries for Transmitter, 5-Cell NiMH Hump Receiver Battery & Charger, Glow Igniter & Fuel
- ELH-6S 150A ESC & MLH-2200KV Brushless Motor
- 43T Steel Spur Gear - Twin Slipper Clutch
- Forged Bulletproof 29/9T Differentials
- NEW - LCG Chassis Design & Layout
- NEW - Twin Clamp Motor Mount
- NEW - Twin Battery Boxes
- NEW - Center Skid Plate
- NEW - Center Gearbox
Length: 534mm
Width: 445mm
Height: 250mm
Wheelbase: 336.5mm
- Required For Operation:
4x AA Batteries for Transmitter, 2x 2S or 3S LiPo Battery for Car & LiPo Charger


The #160100 Savage X 4.6 GT-6 First Sight webpage is now Live


The #160101 Savage X Flux V2 GT-6 First Sight webpage is now Live


Act fast and get your order in from SAVAGE batch #1 today check with your HPI Racing Racing Distributor for local information!
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