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The all-new Sport 3 Venom 2: Drift truck or race truck?
Why not BOTH?!

HPI bodyshell designers were given total freedom to design the original HPI Venom T-10 pick-up bodyshell and we thought it was time to give it a 2024 update! A modern street look was the goal and the result is the Venom 2 T-10 body - a state-of-the-art pick-up design with smoking-hot good looks and wild graphics!

The all-new Venom 2 is combined with the venerable Sport 3 chassis for ultimate ease of use!
The Sport 3 chassis is the latest evolution of HPI Racing's on-road design. It features a completely sealed and highly efficient ball-bearing-supported shaft drivetrain for maximum efficiency combined with reduced maintenance. The suspension design is taken straight from scale and full-size racing technology, with a double wishbone suspension fitted with oil-filled coil-over shock absorbers. The fully sealed drivetrain means there are no exposed gears, belts or drivetrain parts to get stuck with rocks or dirt, and the durable suspension design allows you to tune the car for all types of driving conditions, from club racing to drifting. This is a fully-featured, ready-for-anything car!

We didn't stop there, either - included in the box are not one, but TWO sets of tires, so you have your choice of wild drift action or speedy 'grip' driving for track and street use! It's completely your choice!




The Venom 2 Sport 3 is fitted with WORK MEISTER S1 wheels, which provide a super-cool 'retro mod' look, bold and minimal at the same time - aggressive and functional, perfect for either the street or drift truck look. Work wheels are extensively used by various motorsports teams in GT300, GT500, Formula 3, and the N1 endurance racing series. On the street, they are used on everything ranging from million-dollar McLaren F1 race cars to Spoon Sports Honda Civics.

Race? Drift? How you drive it is up to you!

The superhot pick-up truck body of the Venom 2 is ready for sideways drift action or street racing - just fit the right tires and you are off!

The Venom 2 Sport 3 comes complete with 2 full sets of tires. You have your choice of super-fun drift action by fitting the Advan Neova AD07 T-Drift tires, which are super-stiff hard plastic and mounted on black 5-spoke impact-resistant wheels.

You can also decide to do some street bashing or even track racing using the grippy rubber Spec-Grip tires, which are also mounted and glued on black 5-spoke impact-resistant wheels.

The ultimate slammed pickup!

Street trucks with lowered or slammed profiles have a lengthy history, and HPI has consistently provided an RC version of these sought-after mini-trucks. The latest addition to this line is the Venom 2, which brings a fresh, contemporary look to the table.

It mirrors the current trend in the truck market where large hoods and even larger grills are the norm. Despite its modern touches, the Venom 2 still pays homage to the long-standing tradition of street trucks, making it a perfect blend of the old and new.

The Venom 2, with a width of 200mm, is designed to accommodate the majority of contemporary touring car chassis. The bodyshells from HPI are crafted from robust clear polycarbonate—a material known for its high tensile strength and durability. Despite its strength, this material retains flexibility, making it the top choice for high-quality RC bodyshells.


One-Piece Molded Chassis

The main chassis is formed from a single piece of reinforced plastic and features the drivetrain tunnel molded right down the middle, just like a real car. It's a step beyond any plastic tub chassis car available today.


Low Profile Layout Design

One of the ways we gave the Sport 3 the best possible handling was to make sure all the components fit as low as possible in the chassis. This gives the car an amazingly low center of gravity for optimum cornering capabilities.




The Sport 3 features a versatile electronic speed controller that can be used with modern lithium-polymer (LiPo) or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. Please note a LiPo adapter plug is not included, your model shop will be able to provide one.

Fits a Wide Variety of Batteries

The Sport 3 chassis can fit lithium-polymer (LiPo) and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) packs of various sizes, including the extra-long 7-cell NiMH packs. Whatever your power requirements, it can hold it all! A thick hook-and-loop strap holds the pack securely in place, and a simple battery block screws into place to allow you to adjust the weight distribution forward or backward for extra steering or acceleration. 


The Sport 3 is easy to drive with the included All-New 4 Channel 2.4Ghz FHSS TF-51 Transmitter. Features:

  • NEW - 4th Channel - 100 position digital slider,
  • NEW - Steering Exponential, 
  • Drop-down steering position for a natural control position,
  • Foam-covered wheel for extra comfort and grip,
  • Swappable steering wheel design for left-handers!
  • Rubber finger and thumb handle grips,
  • Rubber bumpers on all corners for the highest protection,
  • Magnetic area for body clips or screws while you work!
  • Digital on and off switch,
  • Audible warnings for low power and idle time!
  • Servo Reverse, EPA, Trims and Dual Rate switches.

The NEW RF-51 receiver features a waterproof silicone inner jacket for use in any weather and a built-in failsafe - Signal on the RF-51 for the cars and signal and battery life for the RF-51N on the Nitro! Use the HPI 4-way LED Adaptor (Coming Soon) to add headlights and taillights with the built-in LED Light controller!

Full-Time Four-Wheel Drive

The Sport 3 features full-time four-wheel drive to give you the most control and precision on the road or track. All four wheels are driven by heavy-duty gear differentials at the front and rear, just like a real car. The extra traction gives you increased acceleration and cornering control for maximum confidence and fun. 

Sealed Shaft Drivetrain

The drivetrain of all the Sport 3 models features the motor mounted longitudinally in the molded chassis, next to the long driveshaft that goes down the center of the car. The entire drivetrain, including the central driveshaft and gear diffs, is completely sealed to prevent dirt, rocks and debris from damaging or binding the drivetrain. The driveshaft, diffs and axles spin on ball bearings to maximize drivetrain efficiency.

Bottom-Access Driveshaft

The central driveshaft that connects the front and rear differentials is easily accessed from underneath the chassis. This allows the drivetrain to be completely sealed to protect it from rocks and debris no matter where you may want to drive your car. 

Option: Carbon Fiber Driveshaft Cover 

You can easily replace the stock driveshaft cover on the bottom of the chassis with a carbon fiber cover that provides extra stiffness and extra-cool looks.

Easy Access Differentials

Getting to the differentials for quick adjustments is a matter of removing just 4 screws - this allows you to pop out the diff and change the grease, check the gears or just give it a general service. 

4-Gear Metal Diffs

Bevel gear differentials at each end of the car transfer power from the driveshaft to the dogbones and axles that drive each wheel. The all-metal construction allows the drivetrain to withstand powerful brushless motors for easy upgrading in the future. Rubber-sealed ball bearings support the differentials and each diff can be tuned independently by changing the diff grease. 

















Option: Diff Spool 

The optional diff spool removes all diff action for direct traction and braking action from your trigger finger straight to the wheels.


Double-Wishbone Fully Adjustable Suspension

The suspension of the Sport 3 uses the race-proven double-wishbone suspension design, similar to a full-scale modern race car. You’ll be able to control the anti-squat and anti-dive of the front and rear arms using the standard pivot blocks, and the option parts allow you to adjust the sweep and toe angles. You'll also be able to easily change the roll center front and rear with the racing-style vertical ballstud mounting on both the inner and outer camber link mounts. Multiple shock mounting positions provide a full range of shock suspension angle adjustments to suit different road conditions.



Option: Carbon Fiber Shock Towers

The option pair of carbon fiber shock towers not only look amazing but also adds extra stiffness to the suspension for optimal performance. The carbon fiber material is extra-lightweight which lowers the center of gravity on the Sport 3 as well.

Oil-Filled Threaded Shocks

The Sport 3 is fitted with a set of composite coilover-style oil-filled shocks, just like what you'd see on a real race car! The fully adjustable shocks are fully tunable to provide the optimum chassis performance on a wide variety of road surfaces. The ride height is quickly adjustable by using the threaded shock collars. Further tuning adjustments are also possible by changing the springs and shock oil weight.











Option: Anodized Aluminum Threaded Shocks

For optimum performance, you'll want a set of anodized aluminum threaded shocks that are machined to perfection. The full anodized aluminum threaded shock body, aluminum shock collar, aluminum top and bottom caps will allow you to make the most precise tuning adjustments.

Tough Front End Suspension

The Sport 3 front end uses the strong C-hub style suspension seen on the latest RC touring cars, with a vertical ball stud camber mount that lets you change the front end roll center – which is a critical racing adjustment that allows the Sport 3 to be a step above other sport-level RC touring cars. The suspension arm also features multiple shock mounting holes for easy shock angle adjustment.

Tunable Rear Suspension

The rear hub is fitted with a vertical ball stud style adjustment that allows easy adjustment of the rear roll center. Moving the ball stud up or down with the optional spacers changes the traction characteristics of the rear end as the car goes through the turns. The suspension arm also features 3 different shock mounting holes for easy shock angle adjustment.

Option: CVD Driveshafts

The optional all-in-one CVD drive shafts greatly increases the precision and efficiency of the entire driveline and steering for maximum driving performance. 

Option: Adjustable Camber Link Turnbuckles

The optional set of adjustable turnbuckles will allow you to quickly fine-tune the camber setting of your Sport 3 for optimum performance.

Double Bellcrank Steering

The performance tested adjustable double bell crank system provides optimum steering precision at all speeds. A metal drag link plate connects the cranks for extra durability, the additional drag link mounting positions also allows for Ackermann angle adjustments.

Rugged Spring-Loaded Servo Saver 

The Sport 3 includes an adjustable multipiece cam-style servo saver, which protects the servo from crash damage. In the event of a crash or collision, the front wheels usually take a big portion of the blow and transmit the impact directly to the steering servo. The strong spring-loaded cam action of the servo saver is designed to absorb this force and protect the servo gears from impact!

Aluminum Motor Mount

The cast aluminum cam-style motor mount holds the motor in place for a secure pinion/spur connection. Two screws hold the cam firmly in position on the mount, and cooling fins on the lateral support aid heat dissipation to keep the motor running as efficiently as possible.

Rubber-Shielded Ball Bearings

The Sport 3 is fully fitted with a set of rubber-shielded ball bearings for maximum efficiency. The rubber shields keep the dust away from the internals and the lubrication where it's needed, while the smooth precision bearings provide optimum power delivery from the power source out into the driveline.

Rugged Front Bumper

To protect the front suspension, chassis and body from impacts big and small, an extra thick foam bumper is securely fastened to the front of the Sport 3.


Customize Your Look

A huge variety of option bodies, wheels and tires from HPI lets you fully customize the style of your Sport 3 to suit your style.

Adjustable Height Body Mounts

The adjustable height body mounts let you fit any 1/10th scale touring car body from HPI Racing onto the Sport 3 chassis. All you need to do is adjust the front and rear body mounts to allow the wheels and chassis elements to fit properly underneath the body. Body pins hold the mounts in place, and the multiple mounting hole positions allow you to fine-tune the exact body fitment.

Body Choices

You can fit any 1/10th scale touring car body from HPI Racing onto the Sport 3, from hot hatches to supercars, pick-up trucks to supertouring racers. All you need to do is adjust the body mounts front and rear to allow the wheels to fit underneath the body properly. A simple system using body pins holds the mounts in place, and you can fine-tune the fit to get the exact ride height you want. 

Comprehensive Instruction Manual

All HPI Racing kits include a detailed multi-language instruction manual. Exploded diagrams and extensive information about your Sport 3 ensure that you have the know-how when it comes to maintaining and upgrading your kit. You can also download a digital version of the manual to your personal electronic device and keep it with you for easy reference on the go.

Download the Free Sport 3 poster Here!

Brighten up your RC workspace with a FREE poster featuring the Sport 3! Just click here to download it, then print it out or use it as your tablet or computer wallpaper!

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#160489 SPORT 3 VENOM 2 

1/10th Scale Pre-Assembled 4WD Car
with 2.4GHz Radio System and Painted
Venom 2 Bodyshell
Length: 431mm (17")
Height: 127mm (5")
Width: 200mm (7.9")
Wheelbase: 254mm (10")
4 AA batteries
7.2v 2000 mAh NiMH battery with standard plug
USB battery charger

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