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HPI Racing strongly believes that bricks and mortar hobby stores are vital to the growth and development of the RC industry across the globe.

MYhpi is a unique program operated by HPI Racing that emphasises our commitment to bricks and mortar hobby stores by directing HPI owners to their local store at every opportunity.

Becoming an HPI Help Center is a very powerful way to enhance your hobby store business.

Here’s how it works:

Every HPI product now ships with a MYhpi card. 

As soon as a customer registers, we connect them with their nearest HPI Help Center and encourage them to visit this store for future purchases and advice. 


So even if a customer purchases HPI online - HPI will tell them to visit and purchase at an HPI Help Center to get the most out of their hobby  - This could be YOU! 


What do HPI Help Centers Get?

As an approved HPI Help Center you will have your own database of local HPI owners that have been registered to your store. As new customers register they are connected to your store and their details are automatically added to your HPI customer database. This allows you to learn more about the HPI customer base in your area and also send targeted offers directly to them.

Also, customers will automatically receive emails from HPI inviting them to contact you and bring in their HPI cars for product health checks and advice - a perfect way to get new and returning customers through the door!

To register as a help centre please email info@hpiracing.com

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