Пластины шасси (BLACK)

Пластины шасси (BLACK)

Customize your Wheely King with a stealthy all-black Main Chassis Set! This set will replace the satin chrome main chassis of the stock Wheely King and Wheely King 4WD, giving your truck a cool new look. Simple remove the stock chassis parts and use the same screws to attach

Тяги регулируемые M3x69мм (2шт)

Тяги регулируемые M3x69мм (2шт)

Beef up your Firestorm and Blitz truck with a pair of titanium turnbuckles! This isn't any old titanium, either - this is Grade 5 Titanium, the toughest alloy you can find in RC! Perfect for the front and rear camber links as well as steering links. Three pairs of...

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