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24 hr Short Course Race in France

Mon, 4th Apr 2011

There aren't many moments in the life of an RC racing fan that are truly unique, and being able to run in a 24-hour endurance race is one of them! HPI Europe's distributor in France, Avio & Tiger, offered this fantastic opportunity to 11 teams composing over 50 enthusiastic...

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24hr Blitz Race in France! 5-6 Feb 2011

Thu, 4th Nov 2010

WOW! The Model Club Thorois in France is organizing a team race for the HPI Blitz in February, which will pit teams of up to 6 drivers each against each other in a blazing fight to the finish line! The trucks must be mostly stock (HPI options and any batteries are allowed -...

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HPI Adur Short Course Challenge

Tue, 2nd Nov 2010

The HPI Adur Short Course Challenge 12th. September 2010 Adur RC Off Road Track Near Steyning, West Sussex. Race Report The plan was complicated...sorry, I mean simple! Organise a special one day short course truck event focused solely on one thing: FUN![section2] Now, often

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HPI Sponsors the Adur RC Short Course Challenge!

Thu, 12th Aug 2010

Race Date: 12 September 2010 Location: Adur RC Club, near Brighton and Worthing THE EVENT: The Adur RC Short Course Challenge, sponsored by HPI Racing![section2] Adur RC is hosting their Short Course Challenge on the 12th of September, consisting of a full day of racing and...

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The HPI-Big Brother Wrap Up!

Wed, 21st Jul 2010

Our time on the Big Brother set has come and gone, but we wanted to share our own 'Best Bits'! When we were contacted to see if we wanted to partner up with the Big Brother show, we jumped at the opportunity. It's not often you get a chance to be involved with a television...

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Don't Forget HPI is on BB TONIGHT!

Fri, 9th Jul 2010

Did you catch last night's show? You may have seen the 'Chaserbot 3000' zipping around the garden, tagging housemates to turn them into robots - have a guess what HPI vehicle that was! If you guessed the mighty E-Savage, you were absolutely correct![section2] Tonight's show...

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