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Waterproof, powerful, rugged and now even smaller than before!

The SC-3SWP2 is a powerful and durable speed controller that is fantastic for RC vehicles of all type! Whether you've got a touring car, buggy or truck, this is the ideal unit to control the power for any vehicle equipped with a brushed motor of 12 turns or more. The SC-3SWP2 is also fully waterproof, making it the only choice for anyone who enjoys playing on the beach, in snow or even through mud!

This new 'version 2' is smaller than the original, making it perfectly sized to fit in the tight spaces of the latest RC vehicles, whether you have a touring car racer or desert buggy!

If you've got plenty of power to strap into your RC, you can count on the SC-3SWP2 to handle it: able to handle LiPo power of 2S and 3S or between 5 and 9 NiMH cells, this speedo can handle just about anything can you fit into the chassis! Of course, a safety cut-off is fitted to protect your LiPo batteries.

The SC-3SWP2 is great for all kinds of 1/10th scale vehicles:

  1. buggies
  2. touring cars
  3. drifters
  4. Mini racers
  5. desert buggies
  6. vintage touring cars
  7. stadium trucks
  8. short course trucks
  9. desert trucks

Fit the SC-3SWP2 in your RC vehicle so you can see for yourself what toughness, versatility and durability is all about!


  1. 2S or 3S LiPo with voltage protection
  2. 5-9 cell NiMH or NiCd
  3. Suitable for all types of 1/10th scale vehicles


  1. Forward Continuous Current: 60A
  2. Forward Burst Current: 360A
  3. Reverse Continuous Current: 230A
  4. Reverse Burst Current: 180A
  5. Input: 2-3S LiPo, 5-9 cell NiMH/NiCd
  6. Applications: 1/10 on-road, off-road buggy, short course truck, truggy, crawler, tank, boat
  7. Motor Limit: 2S LiPo or 6 cell NiMH: 540 or 550-size motor great than or equal to 12 turn, RPM over 30,000 at 7.2v
  8. Motor Limit: 3S LiPo or 9 cell NiMH: 540 or 550-size motor great than or equal to 18 turn, RPM over 20,000 at 7.2v
  9. Resistance: FWD 0.001 Ohm, BWD 0.002 Ohm
  10. PWM Frequency: 1 KHz
  11. BEC: 6V/3A
  12. Dimensions: 36.5x32x18mm
  13. Weight: 39g

NOTE: Before driving in wet conditions, make sure that other electronics fitted to the vehicle are safe to use (marked as water-resistant or waterproof), or that they are fully enclosed and protected from water and moisture (such as in a sealed receiver/battery case). Fans mounted on speed controllers are not water resistant - we recommend to disconnect the fan from the ESC before driving in wet conditions and allow it to dry fully before reconnecting the fan power. Lubricate exposed metal drivetrain parts such as bearings, outdrives and diff shafts before driving in wet conditions. Motors are not intended for submerged use and may be damaged if used when under water. After driving in wet conditions, make sure to rinse off dirt and any corrosive liquids like saltwater with plain water and re-lubricate metal drivetrain parts. 

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