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#102612 - SFL-30MG DIGITAL SERVO (HIGH TORQUE/18kg-cm 6.0V)

Baja 5B/Baja 5T/Digital FET high torque servo, Metal gear, 25 Spline

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New from HPI is the high performance SFL-30MG Digital Servo that is perfect for use on the steering of HPI Baja trucks and buggies. The SFL-30MG digital servo offers precision steering movements, and is compatible with all radio systems on the market today, including high-speed systems.

This servo has a high-output heavy duty motor which offers a continuous 18kg-cm [249.96oz-in] of torque through the entire servo sweep, a heat sink case to keep temps down, a machined metal gear train, including a new hybrid metal/plastic 1st gear, compared to the normal all-plastic 1st gears. Also included is an aluminum servo horn for maximum strength and durability. While the numbers are smaller [18kg-cm vs. 24kg-cm of torque], the SFL-30MG is an "over-all" much stronger servo. The SFL-30MG offers consistent "full-strength" torque across the entire servo-stroke, whereas the SFL-10MG2 [24kg-cm] servo only has a peak-strength at only one point across the servo stroke, thus an overall average rating below the SFL-30MG. Features:

  • Feel: The SFL-30MG will result in an overall stronger feel & feedback to the driver.
  • Compatibility: Digital servo is compatible with both High-Speed & standard 2.4ghz / AM / FM Systems
  • Durability: Provided by a much stronger Hybrid [metal/plastic] 1st gear compared to an all-plastic 1st gear provided in stock servo
  • Machined Metal Gear Train: for the ultimate in strength and performance
  • Stronger Sweep: Strength over entire movement span of the servo
  • Heavy Duty Motor: More strength providing more power for racing-endurance.
  • High Output Endurance: After 20-30 minutes of run time, maintains holding power.
  • Heat-Sink Case: Keeps servo temps low, and performance high
  • Aluminum Servo Horn: Provides more strength / durability

NOTE: NOT WATERPROOF! Before driving in wet conditions, make sure that all electronics fitted to the vehicle are safe to use (marked as water-resistant or waterproof), or that they are fully enclosed and protected from water and moisture (such as in a sealed receiver/battery case). Fans mounted on speed controllers are not water resistant - we recommend to disconnect the fan from the ESC before driving in wet conditions and allow it to dry fully before reconnecting the fan power. Lubricate exposed metal drivetrain parts such as bearings, outdrives and diff shafts before driving in wet conditions. Motors are not intended for submerged use and may be damaged if used when under water. After driving in wet conditions, make sure to rinse off dirt and any corrosive liquids like saltwater with plain water and re-lubricate metal drivetrain parts.

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