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 The QuantumRX FLUX 4S Rally Car

joins the QuantumR family!

The QuantumR FLUX range has been a massive hit with RC bashers looking for FAST tire shredding action - and a new challenger emerges: The QuantumRX FLUX Rally Car! The perfect match to the road going QuantumR Muscle Car speed fiends, the QuantumRX features specialized off-road racing features like long-travel shocks, gravel tires and rally wheels!

The Maverick Quantum family now has a fully dedicated off-roader with the Quantum R FLUX Race Truck, custom street style with the QuantumR Muscle Car, and now the action-packed all-terrain QuantumRX Rally Car!

The QuantumRX lives up to the Quantum's rugged nature with a heavy-duty 4WD shaft drivetrain, fully independent suspension, oil-filled adjustable aluminum coilover shocks and tough metal 4-gear differentials, all designed to deliver exciting top speeds on a variety of surfaces, plus super-fun slideways action! Featuring the Quantum+ chassis and new parts such as a raised front bumper, large rear diffuser bumper, spur gear cover and Tredz Stage belted off-road tires, the QuantumRX is propelled by 4S HPI FLUX brushless power to give you truly stunning speeds and amazing, high-flying driving action!

All of these fantastic features are topped with the awesome modern rally styling the all-new rally body featuring high-downforce aerodynamics and hard plastic features like the dual-level rear wing and side mirrors!



4S Brushless POWER for Maximum FUN!!!

The Rally Car keeps the QuantumR FLUX's mind blowing 4S LiPo capability - that's 14.8 volts of dirt-slinging power - utilizing the FLX10-4S120 Flux 120 A Waterproof ESC and FLX10-3675-2250KV Flux Motor forming an unstoppable power force for amazing road racing power!

Unleashing this level of power is a testament to the resilience of the QuantumR and our commitment for Maverick to provide the absolute Best Bash for Your Buck!!


Real Steering Wheel Controller Included!

Anyone who has used a Maverick RC vehicle before will tell you that the MTX-244 transmitter makes for a fantastic driving experience with great throttle and steering response. When it comes to the Maverick 2.4GHz radio system we cut no corners on quality or feel.

All you need is 4 x AA batteries for the transmitter and a LiPo battery of your choice, up to 4S! Check below for more information.


To drive the QuantumRX FLUX, simply pick up the controller with your left hand, put your left index finger into the trigger area, and then put your right hand on the steering wheel – it’s as natural as driving a real car! Turn the wheel to go left and right, and gently pull on the trigger with your left index finger to go forwards. To stop the car, gently push away from you with your left index finger - then release and push away again to go into reverse. It takes seconds to get used to this easy operation, and pretty soon you'll be racing door-to-door with your friends!

2.4Ghz Radio System

Maximum HD Parts throughout

We've beefed up the drivetrain with HD front universals, HD rear driveshafts and rear axles, HD center driveshafts, & HD drive cups, plus HD front and rear turnbuckles, all machined from high strength steel for maximum durability.

QUANTUMRX FLUX - Optimized Handling

The QuantumRX FLUX is fitted with a center differential to improve the handling & drivability of the car by splitting the power distribution evenly between the front & rear of the car.

Featuring hard plastic body parts!

The QuantumRX Rally Car features high quality, hard plastic parts to replicate the latest world rally competition racers! A rear window spoiler directs fast-flowing air over the extra-wide high downforce rear wing for maximum traction, and the scale realism is finished off with bespoke side mirrors!


A closer look under the hood

This absolute gravel weapon has been optimized from the chassis up for maximum speed on all surfaces with a load of features including the excellent Quantum+ chassis from Maverick, long-travel off-road suspension and new gravel rally wheels wrapped with the new Tredz Stage belted gravel tires. Other brand new parts include a skid plate style raised front bumper and big diffuser rear bumper, plus a protective spur gear cover to keep rocks and debris away from the motor gears!

All this equipment needs a rugged backbone to cope with the demands of the brutal 4S brushless system and the inevitable bumps and rolls along the way, so the HPI Racing design team specified maximum HD parts throughout, including a full heavy duty drivetrain! That means HD front universals, HD rear driveshafts and rear axles, HD center driveshafts and HD drive cups. Finishing off the HD treatment are thick steel HD front and rear turnbuckles and a large foam front bumper to protect the polycarbonate racing body.



The QuanumRX Rally Car features the TREDZ Stage, the first rally-specific tire in the amazing TREDZ range! Designed for multisurface driving performance thanks to its compound, tread pattern and profile, the TREDZ Stage was designed and specified by HPI Racing. Molded in high grip rubber and belted for extreme toughness, the TREDZ Stage is the ideal tire to put you on top of the leader board!

To complete the rally car look, the tires are fitted on gravel-style rally wheels from Maverick! These super-strong wheels are molded in black impact-resistant plastic and feature a large center section with multiple short spokes - just like full-scale gravel rally wheels!

Tredz Stage Tires by HPI Racing are also available to purchase and upgrade the look and performance of any RC vehicle with 17mm Hex Hub wheel fittings. Look out for more tires joining the Tredz family soon!


Meet the Fleet!

The QuantumRX nails the awesome rally car look and performance in equal measures - and we're also giving you a choice of eye-catching styles to take home all housed within the tough, yet flexible polycarbonate body:


Classic Maverick racer Blue...

...In-your-face Fluoro Green...

...or create your own look with the optional Clear Body!


Every Maverick QuantumRX FLUX kit features a fully detailed and painted body with a design that not only looks amazing, it provides additional protection for the chassis components.


#150631 Maverick QuantumRX FLUX 1/8 4WD Brushless Rally Car Green


  • New: Spur gear cover
  • New: Raised front bumper
  • New: Rally rear diffuser
  • New: Tredz Stage belted tires on gravel rally wheels
  • 4WD shaft driven rally car
  • High ground clearance suspension setup
  • Front and rear independent double wishbone suspension
  • Oil-filled aluminum coilover shocks with threaded bodies
  • Pillow ball front & rear suspension uprights
  • HD front universal drive shafts & axles
  • HD diff cups
  • HD shock shafts
  • HD turnbuckles
  • Tough metal 4-gear differentials front, rear and center
  • Protective spur gear cover
  • Dual point bellcrank steering system with integrated servo saver
  • Molded deep tub chassis with hex pattern reinforcement
  • Enclosed receiver box protects from the elements
  • Complete set of ball bearings
  • 17mm aluminum hex hubs
  • Pre-cut factory finished bodyshell
  • Plastic molded body side mirrors and dual-level rear racing wing
  • Available in two color options
  • 4S LiPo capable
  • 3674 2250KV brushless motor with 5.0mm shaft
  • 120A waterproof ESC
  • 15Kg metal gear water-resistant servo
  • 2.4GHz radio set with waterproof receiver
  • Required for operation: 4x AA batteries for transmitter, battery for car & charger

Length: 550mm
Width: 276mm
Height: 179mm
Wheelbase: 322mm

Items Required:
4 x AA Batteries for transmitter - HPI Recommends #101939 Plazma AA Batteries
2S to 4S LiPo pack with T-plug - HPI Recommends #160164 Plazma 4S LiPo

Battery charger for car battery - HPI Recommends 
Reactor 600 - 
#160236 (US), #160237 (UK), #160238 (EU), #160239 (AUS)

LiPo Charge Case - HPI Recommends #160013 Plazma Pouch

Specification may be subject to change

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