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Break the Speed Limit and
Make Huge, Record-Setting Jumps 

With the World Championship-winning HB D8 buggy as its foundation, the Vorza takes the race-winning design of the D8 and mixes it up with HPI FLUX HP tech from the Savage FLUX HP to give you awe-inspiring speed! This is a ready to run (RTR) buggy that you can take to BMX jumps for hair-raising big-air thrills, and then you can take it straight to any buggy track for top-level racing action - it will turn heads and amaze your friends! The Vorza has everything that backyard bashers and racers want! The Vorza FLUX HP is our FASTEST buggy, able to reach speeds over 60 mph*! Can you imagine an electric buggy going that fast? The FLUX ELH-6S speed controller takes 2 batteries, allowing you to fit in up to 6S of LiPo power for utterly insane top speeds and mind-boggling take-off power!

The RTR Vorza FLUX HP chassis features a wide range of excellent features, making it suitable for serious bashing AND racing! An esteemed race-winning heritage, amazingly powerful motor and speed controller combination and stupendous raw speed and power are just the beginnings of the Vorza FLUX HP story! With many parts taken directly from the World Champion HB D8 racing buggy, the Vorza is ready to hit the track any time, any place! With World Champion DNA from the HB D8, you get complete adjustability in the suspension and even a tunable drivetrain, if you want to experiment to tune your Vorza FLUX HP for fast lap times. 

Loaded with high-strength standard parts, World Championship-winning reliability and toughness and a monstrous amount of power and speed, the Vorza FLUX HP is the ideal high speed, big air buggy for serious bashers! 

*see Maxing Out Your Vorza section for details


Providing the power for the Vorza FLUX HP is a ultra-powerful FLUX Flux brushless system, consisting of the HPI FLUX MLH-2200 motor and ELH-6S speed controller. On their own, they're already impressive in their own right, but together they form an unstoppable power force!

The FLUX MLH-2200 will give you more than enough power for anything you're looking for: giant air stunts, multiple back flips, colossal top speeds, and wheel-spinning sideways action! It also features our sleekest heatsink design, with 11 radial fins that circle the black-anodized motor case for superb cooling action. With a 5mm motor shaft it can fit any optional pinion gears for the Vorza so you can get even MORE top speed for those insane runs, or gear it down for increased acceleration and jumping power on the track. 6.5mm bullet connectors on 12-gauge motor connector wires transmit maximum power from the speed controller for instant wheelie or dirt-throwing action. The FLUX MLH-2200 is held down to the 3mm 7075 aluminum motor plate with two aluminum clamps so it won't move or shift under the immense amount of torque it can pull. 

Please see our note below recommending LiPo batteries above 4000mAh and 25C to get the most out of the electronics in the Vorza FLUX HP. 


The FLUX ELH-6S ESC is the perfect match for the FLUX MLH-2200 motor - with up to 120 amps of power on tap, you'll be able to do any big-air trick or stunt you can dream of! 

The FLUX ELH-6S has the ability to handle twin 3S LiPo batteries (that's a total of 6S LiPo power!) so it can deal with anything the MLH-2200 motor can dish out! 6.5mm bullet connectors secure the motor wires for loss-free connection to the 12-gauge wires, and to connect to each battery pack we've attached two real Dean's connectors for zero power loss and total efficiency. A large fan sits on top of the case inside a protective cover to keep things cool when the weather's warm.

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 3-6S LiPo
Continuous Current: 150A
Burst Current: 950A
Resistance (Ω): 0.0035
Motor Limit: 4S LiPo <3000KV, 6S <2400KV
BEC: 6V/3A Switching BEC
Connector: 6.5mm Bullet
Dimensions: 59.5x48x42mm
Weight: 178g

Motor and Battery Combinations 
The FLUX brushless motors requires very powerful batteries to get the most out of them - please make sure that you use the right combination! HPI highly recommend the use of LiPo batteries above 4000mAh and 25C. Using batteries with lower ratings, or the use of lower quality LiPo batteries, may cause damage to the battery and/or speed control. Using batteries below the specified ratings may void the warranty of the speed controller and/or batteries. The term Kv refers to the number of RPMs that the motors will try to deliver per volt applied, and is a standard term for brushless motor power.


Rock-Solid Reliable Drivetrain

Continuing the rugged reliability of HB nitro buggies and truggies, the Vorza uses the D8 spiral-cut 'worm gear' diffs to get the power from the driveshafts to the wheels. A spiral cut is more reliable and much stronger than standard straight-cut gears, giving you extra confidence and fewer maintenance headaches. You can adjust the diff action with thicker or thinner oils because all three diffs are sealed against leakage, giving you a fantastic boost of tuning ability! 

Proven Chassis Design & Layout

The wide buggy chassis allows all of the components of the Vorza drivetrain and electronics to sit flat on the chassis, giving the buggy a very low center of gravity for fantastic handling through turns and corners. The extra-thick 6061 aluminum chassis features side dirt guards to keep rocks and debris away from the gears and driveshafts, and a front angled section provides extra handling over rough terrain and racing tracks. 


Adjustable Battery Box

To securely fit a pair of batteries in the chassis, the Vorza HP FLUX uses a sturdy adjustable battery tray fitted with a pair of secure hook-and-loop straps. The length and width of the battery tray can be adjusted to accomodate a pair of matched battery packs standing on edge, and the twin high-voltage T-Plugs from the speed controller are the perfect high-voltage connector to use for no power loss and a secure fit.

World Championship Suspension Design

With many parts taken directly from the World Champion HB D8 racing buggy, the Vorza is ready to hit the track any time, any place! Equal-length 16mm HB Big Bore shocks smooth out the ride and provide plenty of adjustment, while the D8's solid suspension arms, knuckles and uprights take the pounding of jumps, dips and landings. Sturdy aluminum suspension mounts securely hold the suspension arms to the chassis with a steel screw and washer.


World Championship-Winning HB Big Bore Shocks

Four 16mm HB Big Bore shocks are the perfect fit for the Vorza's capable suspension. Each one features an extra-thick shaft, a threaded body and spring collar for precise ride height adjustment, steel mounting hardware and self-tightening lower mount screws. A complete range of pistons are included to let you fine-tune the damping effect, and o-rings prevent the shock oil from leaking out of the body. Flexible rubber boots keep dust and mud off the shock shafts to keep the o-rings clean and protected.

Top-Level Race Buggy Adjustability

At both ends of the car, the Vorza has everything you'd expect from an all-out competition kit, including HB's Inverse Steering Block Design, thick anodized aluminum steering link, optional hinge pin holes for the rear uprights, adjustable roll centre, thick turnbuckle links, aligned king pin and universal joint pivots, sway bar, steel turnbuckles and HB's own counter-rotating shock mount screws.



Easy Fast Speeds Out of the Box!
With a pair of 2S batteries, you'll get 4S LiPo power through the Vorza FLUX HP drivetrain for 14.8 volts of power. This impressive combination gets you up to 35 mph, which is great fun anywhere you can drive the Vorza!



Go Faster: Get 51 mph Out of the Box!
If you want more speed and power, you can fit a pair of 3S batteries in the Vorza for a total of 22.2 volts of power! This combination gets you up to 51 mph straight out of the box, with no options needed! These speeds are great on the track, in a vacant field or in an empty parking area!



Go Wild with 64 mph Top Speed!
If you're looking for 60+ mph speeds, you can easily fit a #100920 21-tooth pinion gear to the motor and change the spur gear to the larger #101034 46-tooth spur gear. This combination gives you a higher gearing for increased top speed but slower acceleration. For better initial grip and less wind resistance at top speed, fit a set of soft #67600 or #67596 HB Megabite mounted tires! 


  • Factory-assembled & pre-painted 4WD 1/8 scale electric-powered rallycross buggy
  • Pre-painted body with awesome speed graphics
  • Strong and powerful HPI FLUX Tork 2200 brushless motor
  • HPI FLUX ELH-6s speedo with fan and 6S LiPo capability!
  • 2.4 GHz radio system for crystal-free, comfortable control
  • High torque HPI SF-50 metal gear steering servo
  • 7075S aluminum 4mm thick chassis
  • LiPo ready adjustable battery tray with secure hook-and-loop straps
  • Nylon stone and dirt guards keep rocks out of the chassis
  • Aluminum heatsink motor mount help the motor stay cool
  • Hardened steel spur and pinion gear for extreme durability
  • Front, centre and rear fluid-filled differentials
  • Spiral-cut bevel gears is the strongest design with best balance of efficiency
  • Suspension based on World Champion HB D8 buggy
  • Aluminum shock towers with multiple shock positions
  • 16mm Big bore oil-filled aluminum threaded shocks for confident control
  • Long suspension arms give stability and balance
  • Sway bars front and rear give confidence while cornering
  • Steel turnbuckle links allow you to custom-tune handling
  • Adjustable toe-in for suspension fine-tuning
  • Sealed shaft drivetrain is maintenance-free and extra strong
  • HB/HPI Proto all-terrain tires work great on any surface
  • Fantastic-looking V7 black wheels
  • Durable black nylon wing for high downforce
  • Fits all HB suspension options for HB D8

#101850 RTR VORZA FLUX HP W/ 2.4GHz
1/8th Scale 4WD Electric Buggy with FLUX Brushless System, 2.4GHz Radio System and Painted Body

Length: 508mm (20")
Width: 205mm (12")
Height: 178mm (7")
Wheelbase: 325mm (12 13/16")
Drivetrain: Shaft 4WD

2 matching Battery Packs with T-Plugs - HPI Plazma Li-Po batteries recommended!
Battery Charger - HPI Recommends Reactor 200 – #118049 (US), #118050 (UK), #118051 (EU)
Reactor 600 - #160236 (US), #160237 (UK), #160238 (EU), #160239 (AUS)
Note: the battery packs required for the Vorza FLUX HP are two NiMH (up to 8-cell 'flat' type packs)
or two identical high-quality LiPo batteries with at least 4000mAh capacity and 25C discharge rate.
Includes: 4 AA Batteries for Transmitter #101939

Specification may be subject to change

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