Episode 2 of the New Season of RC Racing TV is LIVE!

Wed, 5th July 2017

The latest episode of RC Racing TV is here and this time its a 1/10th on-road special! Featuring the fastest electric touring car racers from across Europe, episode 2 of season 11 of RC Racing TV has the latest edition of the EFRA ISTC (International Scale Touring Car) European Championship. 

EFRA is the European Federation of Racing Automobiles, and is the primary rules organization for radio control racers across Europe. Its function is the same as ROAR in the United States and FEMCA across Asia and Australia. Every year, several European championships are decided across the range of competitive RC vehicle classes, and EFRA organizes all of the races in locations that span the European continent. 

HPI Racing is proud to help RC Racing TV showcase the best talents in top-level RC racing around the world, while getting the word out about the best ready-to-run hobby RC kits and products available! 

Are you a fan of sideways rally action? Learn how to get your HPI rally fix right here!

RC Racing TV is the world's best (and only!) network broadcast TV show dedicated to racing radio control cars. As it enters its eleventh year, HPI Racing is back as a major sponsor and a new partnership has started with the US-based network Motor Trend OnDemand, which is available in several huge television markets, including the United States and the UK. 

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Watching professional level RC championship racing is an awesome way to demonstrate the wonders of modern RC cars, and while competing at the level we see on screen takes a huge amount of investment (and in some cases is a full time job!), we know that the best way to get started is with an HPI Racing RTR (Ready To Run) vehicle!

Each episode of the new RC Racing TV series features a different class of RC vehicle competing in international championship finals along with a focus on the perfect HPI car or truck in the same category.

Get all the info about the fantastic Sprint 2 Vaughn Gittin Jr. 1969 Mustang RTR-X!

In addition to the Motor Trend OnDemand billing, the show will also be broadcast across the UK on Front Runner TV, plus...Right here! You can watch the second episode of the new series of RC Racing TV right now, right here!


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