Who Else is an Old School Rally Fan?

Tue, 7th June 2016

At HPI Racing, we're huge fans of motorsports, that's why we make so many types of RC vehicles including drift cars, off-road trucks, racing buggies, monster trucks and touring car racers! One style of car racing has always stuck with us, however, and that's the WRC (World Rally Championship) rally cars! 


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While one weekend they could be tackling the tight and twisty confines of a Mediterranean coastal village, the following week they could be blasting across the desert in Africa, dealing with flash floods, cattle traffic jams and roadside repairs, all while TV helicopters hover overhead. 

The Group N cars like the classic saloon-shape Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer cars battled head-to-head with Toyota, Ford, Peugeot and other manufacturers, making worldwide stars of rough-and-ready drivers with split-second reflexes and names like Burns, Makkinen, Sainz...and McRae. 

We're proud to offer many of these rally classics in 1/10th scale, along with the wheels and even the classic HPI tires to go with them! 


#7049 - SUBARU Impreza WRC '98 BODY (200mm)

Any listing of recent rally classics has to start with the 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX. We've got the 1/10th version in a 200mm width to fit any touring car. If you're fitting this body on a 190mm wide chassis (like the Sprint 2 or older HPI touring car chassis) you'll need to use 3mm offset wheels to bring the outer edges of the wheels to the full width of the body. 


#17505 - 2004 SUBARU IMPREZA WRC Body (200mm)

Of course we have the later 2004 version of the Impreza WRX in the full SWRT livery as well! Again, use 3mm offset wheels to fit the body properly - no matter what style of wheel you choose, you can use gold spray paint to match the classic blue, yellow and gold scheme of the Subaru factory team! 



If you prefer a more "street" look without the big yellow decals, you can fit the Prova-styled Subaru Impreza - this body features the aftermarket styling of the Japanese Prova firm for instant custom looks and a great start for a tarmac specialist rally car!



One of the old school teams that Subaru had to contend with was the Mitsubishi Ralliart squad, headed by the legendary Tommi Makkinen! This body comes complete with the red, black and white stickers, all you have to do is provide the red and white paint and do a little bit of masking on the hood/bonnet, roof and wing. 


#7412 - FORD FOCUS WRC BODY (200mm)

In later years, Colin McRae moved to the Ford WRC team, and this replica racer is a perfect match for the always classic white, blue and red Martini scheme. Again, all you need is red and white polycarbonate paint to finish this body, all the other stickers and logos are included with the body set! 



For the more modern rally racer, there's always the Lancer Evo X. That 'X' means it's the latest version of the amazing Lancer Evolution line-up - and these days it's not just a road racer, it's a luxury car too!


#105344 - FORD FOCUS RS BODY (200mm)

Another update to one of the "modern classics", the Focus RS is a real hot-hatch that you can take to the street and the race track! 



What's a sweet ride without an equally nice set of alloys? Wel...not a lot, really! So you need to make the right choices for your style and era of body choice! Here's just a few of HPI's vast selection of wheels that are great for road and rally racing replicas!

You can't go wrong with the classic European look of mesh-style wheels. Available in 1mm and 3mm offsets, these are perfect for tarmac rally specialists as well as endurance racers. If you need a particular color other than white, black or chrome, you can always get a can of spray paint (just remember to use masking tape to cover the tire bead area so your tires can be glued on properly).

#3710 Mesh Wheel 26mm White
#3711 Mesh Wheel 26mm Black
#3712 Mesh Wheel 26mm Chrome
#3715 Mesh Wheel 26mm White (3mm Offset)
#3716 Mesh Wheel 26mm Black (3mm Offset)
#3717 Mesh Wheel 26mm Chrome (3mm Offset)


If you're more into the Asian influence, these 6-spoke official replicas of Rays/Volk Racing TE37 are available in a 4 different colors and 3 different offsets! Their instantly classical styling allows them to fit a wide variety of cars, from import, domestic and European, with cars popular with drifters, racers and more. 

#3835 TE37 Wheel - White, 0mm 
#3836 TE37 Wheel - Black, 0mm 
#3837 TE37 Wheel - Chrome, 0mm 
#3838 TE37 Wheel - Bronze, 0mm 
#3840 TE37 Wheel - White, 3mm 
#3841 TE37 Wheel - Black, 3mm 
#3842 TE37 Wheel - Chrome, 3mm 
#3843 TE37 Wheel - Bronze, 3mm 
#3845 TE37 Wheel - White, 6mm 
#3846 TE37 Wheel - Black, 6mm 
#3847 TE37 Wheel - Chrome, 6mm 
#3848 TE37 Wheel - Bronze, 6mm


#114637 - fifteen52 TURBOMAC WHEEL WHITE (26MM/2PCS)

And what can we say about these instantly recognizable gravel rally wheels? The extra-thick, double-wall rim provides extra reinforcement and the optional turbofan add-on for the front wheels help drive extra cooling air to the front brakes (on the full-size cars, at least). Officially licensed from fifteen52, these wheels will REALLY help your rally replica look the part!



Finally, we have to talk about those black hoop-shaped thigns that do the most to keep your car going forward, stopping at the right time and even turn in the correct direction...yes, tires! HPI have a massive range of tires that are perfect for rally replicas, from gravel, to tarmac, from full wet to slightly damp to perfectly dry and everything in between. Here's a selection of some the coolest 1/10th scale tires you will ever see!



Officially licensed replicas of the classic gravel tire produced by the thousands for racers around the world, these are available in standard D compound and a softer S compound for when you really need to get a step up on your racing friends! 


#4470 - RALLY TIRE 26mm M COMPOUND (2pcs)

In loose dirt conditions, the original HPI Rally tire is the better option, with two-stage pins that dig past the loose top surface and into the firmer ground underneath! You can also trim the spikes on the outer edges for less side bite, or trim all the spikes for better grip on firmer dirt surfaces. 



For rallying on tarmac, the classic semi-slick of the HPI X-Pattern Radial can't be beaten. The large surface area is great for tarmac from dry to slightly dusty, and you just can't beat the look of the tread!

4540_4540_01p_800_600.jpg#4540 - V-GROOVE SUPER RADIAL TIRE 26mm (2pcs)

In wet conditions, the V-Groove Super Radial not only looks fast, it IS fast! Directing surface water away from the contact patch is the main purpose of a rain tire, and that's what the V-Groove does best. It's also extra-soft, so in the low temperatures of wet-weather racing it provides extra grip exactly where you need it: everywhere!


#4415 - PRO BELTED SLICK TIRE 26mm (2pcs)

When the weather is warm and dry, a slick is what you want for tarmac stages. That's when the Pro Belted Slick is at its best! 

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