HPI and Big Brother Join Forces!

Wed, 7th July 2010

A selection of awesome HPI Racing off-road vehicles will be hitting the airwaves as they invade the Big Brother UK house! The housemates will be astounded when they learn about their latest task, which will revolve around a wide array of HPI remote-controlled off-road trucks, including the Wheely King, E-Firestorm 10T, E-Savage, Crawler King and Blitz short-course truck!

We're not quite sure what will happen to the HPI kits once they get into the Big Brother housemate's hands, but we're sure it will be entertaining!

Tune in Friday night for the eviction night show, or log in to the official Big Brother website to watch the live video feed RIGHT NOW!

Big Brother is one of the most widely-watched daily television programmes in the United Kingdom, drawing millions of viewers each day! Widespread exposure like this can only help expand the influence of radio-control cars with the general public outside the hobby, and we're sure all of the Big Brother viewers will enjoy seeing what Big Brother has planned for the HPI RC kits and the housemates! The kits that will be used in the Big Brother house include: #102117 Crawler King with Land Rover Defender 90 bodyshell #103172 Crawler King with Jeep Wrangler bodyshell #10831 E-Firestorm 10T racing truck #10551 Wheely King 4x4 monster truck #548 E-Savage 4x4 dual-motor monster truck

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