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#86198 - Привода CVD 6X70MM (2 шт)

Sprint 2 /Front or Rear/High Efficiency and Durability

Снято с производства

Standard Parts

Universal Dogbones for the Sprint 2, to replace the front or rear drive-shafts. Universal Dogbones offer more efficient transfer of power to the wheels, for higher speed and smoother suspension movement.

They are machined from high strength steel for extra durability, chrome coated for custom looks and easy cleaning. Fully rebuildable to add extra life when it comes time for maintenance. The unique "muscle bone" design makes these extremely durable and perfect for extreme driving conditions and competitive racing. These universal dog-bones are factory designed, factory manufactured and team tested for the best fit. Sold in pairs, two pairs are needed to fully outfit the car. Spare Parts #86203 - Rebuild Kit for Universal Drive Shaft #86199 - Drive Shaft 6x40mm (2pcs) #86200 - Axle 5.0x30cm (2pcs)

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