24 hr Short Course Race in France

Mon, 4th April 2011

There aren't many moments in the life of an RC racing fan that are truly unique, and being able to run in a 24-hour endurance race is one of them! HPI Europe's distributor in France, Avio & Tiger, offered this fantastic opportunity to 11 teams composing over 50 enthusiastic racers.

To make things as even as possible, each team was able to run either the RTR Blitz short course truck or the Blitz ESE racing kit. This proved to be a great choice for the day-long race: with over 600km (373 miles) completed by the winning team, the Blitz trucks proved to be extremely strong and long-lasting, requiring almost no replacement parts and amazing the drivers with the overall endurance of the trucks! The only part that needed regular replacement was the brushed motor, which was expected and perfectly normal. Saturday morning was a free practice sesion, with a qualifying sesion at the end. The start of the race was at 4 PM after a team presentation and group pictures. Modelled after the famous French race, 'Les 24 Heures du Man', at the start the team mechanics had to run to the car to install and plug in the battery, and the race was under way! While the race organizers expected a quiet and controlled race because of the extreme length of the competition, the drivers and teams ran at high intensity throughout the 24 hours, regularly setting lap records! The teams were also highly competitive - to give you an idea, after 20 hours with 4 hours left in the race, the top 3 teams were separated by less than 30 laps! That meant a single broken part or hard crash could mean a change in the lead, so everyone had to keep up the pace and pressure the other teams, hoping to cause a mistake. The finish was AMAZING!! Team #6, the Turbo Miramas Dream Team, won the race just 8 laps in advance of Team MACR 1. The second and third positions were separated by just 4 seconds after a full 24 hours! The winning team ran 611km (380 miles) with the HPI Racing Blitz completely out of the box, changing no pieces except the motor! All the racers had a great time during the whole event, and all the teams had great things to say about the Blitz and Blitz ESE kits. The top three teams were presented with big trophies and gift baskets to take home, and left the track smiling and looking forward to the next massive short course race!

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