Titanium available soon for the Hellfire!

Wed, 29th November 2006

HPI Racing titanium turnbuckles will soon be available for the Hellfire, HPI's racing truggy! You'll be able to outfit your Hellfire or Hellfire SS with a complete set of front and rear camber links, plus steering linkages, all in beautifully machined, natural finish titanium.

Not just good-looking, these are lightweight too! About half the weight of the steel turnbuckles and nearly twice as strong, they won't snap under racing pressure and allow you to quickly adjust your front toe and front/rear camber settings for the ace handling on any track! Check them out now! #87532 - TITANIUM TURNBUCKLE M5x75mm (2pcs) #93465 - TITANIUM TURNBUCKLE M3x31mm (2pcs) #93677 - TITANIUM TURNBUCKLE M5x60mm (2pcs)

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