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How can you improve the highest performance RTR truck?

By creating a kit version! And that’s exactly what HPI have done. The highest performance RTR truck – the HPI Hellfire with its awesome handling and outstanding performance straight out of the box is now available as an unassembled version - the Hellfire SS! For experienced R/C modellers, the satisfaction of building a kit is a big part of what makes the hobby fun. Assembling a kit from scratch also allows the Hellfire SS owner to build the kit to their exact specifications and customize the truck by adding any option parts. Since many drivers already have advanced radio systems that are perfect for the Hellfire SS and they also prefer to use their own choice of engine. The Hellfire SS comes without an engine and radio gear, which helps to lower the price so more high performance hop-up parts can be added to the kit and still keep the overall price of the truck low. Simply put, SS kits are fast, fun, high spec, and even price-conscious! To give the Hellfire SS kit the extra competitive edge it comes with heavy duty option parts as standard equipment. For a full spec list see the detailed "Hellfire up close" at the bottom of this page. The Hellfire SS kit is the highest spec car HPI has ever made. The quality of all parts and the material used will just make building and running this car a fantastic experience. The Hellfire SS also shares all the great features seen on the Hellfire RTR. For information check out the Hellfire R.T.R kit page! Also check out the detailed design brief for the Hellfire by clicking below.

Race oriented pre-mounted Nubz tyres with moulded foam inserts and a taper pin tread pattern The Hellfire’s suspension geometry was designed specifically to take advantage of the Nubz tyre carcass profile The wing and wing mounts allow a buggy style rear moulded wing to be installed on the Hellfire The wing and wing mount assembly help protect the rear structure of the truck
Self-lubricating molybdenum rod end set. Suspension and steering movement is more precise and the parts lubrication leads to longer part life. Lightened machined steel spur gear. Decreased rotational mass allows for quicker acceleration. Kit comes with an optional front lower suspension mount. (+2 to -2 degrees). Allows a greater range of vertical pin angles than the stock suspension mount. Extra adjustability to suit varying levels of grip and smoothness encountered at different tracks and on different surfaces.The steering can be matched to driving style or personal taste.
Machined aluminium shock cap, purple anodized. The aluminium cap is more precise than the plastic part offering more consistent suspension feel. The aluminium cap offers better durability. Dual bleed holes allow more consistent shock builds. TiN coated suspension pins. The coated pins offer decreased friction throughout the suspension for smoother operation. High strength 7075 machined aluminium brace between the upper deck and main chassis, providing a rigid connection between the two.
7075 machined aluminium front brace connects the shock tower and upper deck. Provides a rigid support of the front shock tower. 7075 machined aluminium rear brace between the shock tower and upper deck. Supports the rear end of the truck and provides maximum bracing for the optional rear wing. This brace maximizes the rear end stiffness in conjunction with the design of the radio compartment inner wall. Finned, machined aluminium, purple anodized engine mounts.
Draws more heat away from the engine for cooler engine operation. The mounts are purple anodized for better looks. Machined 5mm aluminium shock towers, hard anodized 7075 alloy. Rigid mounting of all suspension components to allow them to work more consistently. Hard anodized for a durable finish. Spacing of camber link holes is closer for more fine adjustment range.
5mm 7075 aluminium is much stronger than stock 4mm 6061 aluminium. Machined for maximum strength and easy installation. Machined delrin shock pistons. The pistons are much more consistent from piston to piston, allowing for easier shock building and matching. The hole sizes and outer diameter are held to a tighter tolerance allowing for finer shock oil adjustments. Knurled M17 nut for monster truck and buggy hex adapters. Offers an extremely secure mounting solution for all compatible monster truck and buggy wheels using 17mm hexes. You will not lose your wheel nuts in long 30 minute and 45 minutes mains. Machined 3mm aluminium main chassis, hard anodized 7075 alloy. Reduced weight for better power-to-weight ratio and quicker handling response.
Hard Anodized for increased finish life compared to normal colour anodizing. 7075 material for similar stiffness to standard 6061 chassis even though it has had material removed to reduce weight. 7075 machined aluminium steering plate with extra machining to reduce weight and add tie rod clearance. Improved clearance offers wider range of motion before interference. Lighter weight allows quicker movement. 7.5mm thick rear hex adapters. The extra 5mm of width (2.5mm wider per side than stock) adds steering without loosing rear end grip. fibreglass brake pads. Longer pad life and less brake fade for long mains and extended running.


  • Pre-guled Nubz tyres
  • Off-road Molded Wing, Black
  • Self-lubricating molybdenum rod end set.
  • 52T Lightweight Spur Gear
  • Optional front lower suspension mount (+2 to -2 degrees)
  • Machined purple, anodized, aluminium shock cap
  • TiN suspension shafts
  • 7075 machined aluminium front and rear braces
  • Finned, machined aluminium, purple anodized engine mounts.
  • Machined 5mm hard anodized aluminium shock towers (7075 alloy)
  • Fine adjustment range in camber link holes
  • Machined delrin shock pistons
  • Knurled M17 nut for monster truck and buggy hex adapters.
  • Machined 3mm lightweight aluminium hard anodized 7075 alloy chassis
  • 7075 machined aluminium steering plate with extra machining to reduce weight and add tie rod clearance
  • 7.5mm thick rear hex adapters. adds steering without loosing rear end grip.
  • Fiberglass brake pad
#10505 - Unassembled 1/8th Scale 4WD Hellfire SS chassis with clear bodyshell. Radio gear and engine are not included.
Comes with detailed instructions manual and HPI RC Cars DVD.

Specification may be subject to change

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