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#80550 - HPI TF-1 TRANSMITTER without CRYSTAL (2ch/AM27MHz)

Crystal is not included (Compatible with Futaba Crystal)


Add a great-performing 2-channel AM radio to your car for little cost by choosing the HPI TF-1 radio transmitter! This pistol-grip radio combines a great price with loads of features to make it the perfect component for your model car.

The TF-1 features channel reversing for both steering and throttle, plus trim adjustments for getting everything just right. It also fits any HPI or Futaba AM 27-band radio crystal so you can change radio channels easily. Up to six radios can be operating at once, without interference, when all six radio channels are used! The TF-1 is a solid performer at a great value. Fit it in your car or truck to see just how good it is! Crystals not included. Compatible with HPI #80556 RF-1 receiver and the full range of HPI AM 27-band crystals: #80601 CRYSTAL SET (BROWN A1 / AM 26.995MHz) #80602 CRYSTAL SET (RED A2 / AM 27.045MHz) #80603 CRYSTAL SET (ORANGE A3 / AM 27.095MHz) #80604 CRYSTAL SET (YELLOW A4 / AM 27.145MHz) #80605 CRYSTAL SET (GREEN A5 / AM 27.195MHz) #80606 CRYSTAL SET (BLUE A6 / AM 27.255MHz)

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