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#66813LW - Moore-Speed Mazda 6 MPS (190mm) - Lightweight

Mazda 6 MPS (190mm) includes mask, decals, fittings.

The Moore-Speed Mazda 6 bodyshell has been improved for extra downforce, sleeker lines and improved traction in all conditions! The new bodyshell features several aerodynamic tweaks for more high-speed steering and a longer profile for improved straight-line stability, this will be the body to have for circuits of any size!

From its new air splitter to the revised rear spill plates, this Moorespeed bodyshell is all-new and all about speed and handling. The front bumper, splitter, winglets, and the new bonnet bulge all enhance steering at high speed. A deep aero-channel from the windscreen to the rear deck improves air flow to the rear wing and new lip spoiler, while new bumper spill plates aid the exit of air from under the body.

With its lightweight materials, the Moore-Speed Mazda 6 bodyshell gives you a lower centre of gravity (CG) on the track for more dependable performance in all conditions. The lightweight version of this shell is at least 30g lighter than the standard version! That is a massive weight savings!

Optimized for today's racers running the latest cars and designed by World Champion Andy Moore, this bodyshell is destined to be the choice of racers everywhere!

In addition to the #66813LW EU Moore-Speed Mazda 6 MPS bodyshell, you can choose classic #66811LW Moore-Speed Dodge Stratus and #66812LW Moore-Speed Mazda 6 in their lighter weight designs as well!

All three bodyshells are made to fit 190mm wide racing touring cars and feature clear overspray film, clear and blemish-free polycarbonate plastic, a full set of die-cut detailing decals, a range of Hot Bodies decals and three different racing wings to fine-tune the performance of your new bodyshell.

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#66811LW EU Moore-Speed Dodge Stratus (190mm) - Lightweight
#66812LW EU Moore-Speed Mazda 6 (190mm) - Lightweight
#66813LW EU Moore-Speed Mazda 6 MPS (190mm) - Lightweight

For a more durable Mazda 6 MPS bodyshell, try the #66813 EU Moore-Speed Mazda 6 MPS (190mm)

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