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Hot Bodies are launching a new product range of competition touring car bodies with the release of two 190mm 1/10th scale high end racing bodyshells.

Developed and tested by Europe's very own HB Race Team Champion Andy Moore they are officially named Moore-Speed Edition Bodyshells.

HB Moore-Speed Edition bodyshells are specifically created for racing with only one goal - to provide the best handling and performance on the race track.

The Moore-Speed Dodge Stratus Bodyshell has a very smooth profile suited for larger high-speed, flowing tracks.

The body comes with 3 different wings, all with different characteristics to fine tune the aero dynamics to achieve faster lap times and best performance on the track. The first wing gives super high down force. The second one gives a more medium down force. While the third gives a much lower down force designed for excellent high speed steering. And because it is impossible to have any idea how much traction any given track will have until you drive on it, with the Moore-Speed Bodies you have the different wings there to choose accordingly!


  1. A huge pre-cut vinyl decal sheet with window lines, headlights, grilles, tail lights and extra “tuner” decals for a realistic look.
  2. Clear overspray film and pre-cut vinyl window masks make painting simple and quick
  3. All the mounting screws and nuts to make it more convenient
  4. The 190mm width is perfect for most electric touring cars
  5. This is an officially licensed replica.

Moore-Speed Edition Bodyshells are another high end racing product from Hot Bodies that will very soon become the hottest bodyshells at every touring car

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