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Now available from HPI Racing is the Stage-D drift conversion package for the Nitro RS4 3 Evo nitro touring cars. Drift events like D1 Grand Prix are becoming extremely popular in Japan and America, and have made full scale drifting one of the most exciting and fastest growing motor sports in the world. The thrill of sideways drift action has been captured in the new Stage-D kit, with specially designed drifting tyres and the screaming high-rev power that only a nitro car can provide. Imported from Japan for true "JDM" status, the Stage-D conversion is a complete set that transforms the HPI Nitro RS4 3 Evo car into a mid engine drifting machine. There have been a few electric drift cars on the market, but the HPI Stage-D Conversion Set is the first-ever nitro drift package!

Included in the Stage-D conversion is a mid-engine chassis that relocates the engine to the middle of the car to optimize the balance of the car for drift driving, tested and designed by the HPI Japan drift crew. The new chassis is precision machined from 3mm aluminium for durability and track-tuned stiffness. Strategic lightening holes shift the balance of the car to the front, making the car pivot and drift easily in the corners. Fully countersunk chassis holes allow for extremely low ride height. For custom looks, the alloy chassis is anodized in brilliant purple. And, all of the necessary chassis conversion hardware is included... front and rear drive shafts, exhaust header, billet alloy servo mounts, alloy upper deck stand-offs, zero degree rear uprights, screws, fuel tubing and an instruction manual to make the conversion easy.

Just like the real drift cars, lightweight carbon fibre is included for maximum performance and durability. The Stage-D upper deck is made from high tech 2.5mm carbon fibre, as are the front chassis brace and receiver tray. The carbon fibre parts look great and add stiffness to the chassis. Based on the mid-engine chassis design, the upper deck relocates the electronics and fuel tank for a front biased weight distribution that allows the car to slide smoothly and hold a steady drift through the corners. Special drift tyres are included, moulded from hard compound rubber that has been developed purely for drifting. The HPI Japan drift team did extensive testing to find a hard compound that allows high revving nitro drifting on paved surfaces, with extreme durability for hours and hours of drift action. To mount the tyres, high impact nylon 5 spoke wheels are included, 26mm up front and 30mm in the rear that feature a realistic deep dish/large lip look that fit perfectly on a wide range of 200mm R/C of JDM-style tuner car bodies like our Nissan Silvia S15 (#7479), Mazda RX-7 FD3S (#7482), Nissan 350Z (#7485) and Toyota Supra (#7486). The shiny chrome finish comes pre-masked in the tyre bead are to make gluing the tyres quick and easy. There's nothing like the power, sound and smoke of a nitro engine to make the drift action as realistic as possible. Beyond the sight and sound advantages over electric cars, this nitro conversion allows virtually non-stop extended drift sessions, no waiting for batteries to charge, no dumping, no bogging down in the corners, just peg the throttle and let the power of the nitro engine haze the tyres for realistic drift action! The Stage-D Conversion Set is imported from Japan in limited quantities, packaged in a special translucent carrying case that can be re-used for parts storage (tyres, decals etc.). Watch these videos: HPI drift conversion kit in action!!! "The Art of Drifting" as seen in USA Today. "What is Drifting?" Stage-D Drift Package Features: Carbon Fibre Exotic woven carbon fibre upper deck for light weight and durability. Mid Engine Chassis Optimized weight distribution for drift performance. 3mm machined aluminium for extra strength. Nitro Drifting The power, sound and smoke of nitro power for realistic drift action. Drift Tyres Special compound for easy drifting and long life, with realistic looks. Deep Dish Wheels Tuner inspired 5-spoke design, high gloss shiny chrome finish. Alloy Servo Mount Machined billet aluminium design for durability, adjustable for a variety of servos, purple anodized for custom looks. Special Tube Header High flow tube header made specifically for the mid engine chassis layout. Hardware and Instructions Hardware needed for the conversion and complete instructions included! Conversion notes: The Stage-D Conversion Set is an upgrade for the HPI Nitro RS4 3 Evo Kit. Standard Nitro RS4 3 cars can be upgraded, #86038 2 speed transmission must be used. Hump receiver battery pack required, not included in the kit. Also Available 34501 STAGE-D 04S-26 TYRE (26mm) 34502 STAGE-D 04S-30 TYRE (30mm) 3827 Drift Wheel 26mm DEEP RIM 5 SPOKE WHEEL 26MM CHROME 34104 Drift Wheel 30mm STAGE-D GL PRO-30 WHEEL

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