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Use Ni-MH compatible charger

Discontinued, replacement part: #101936

High capacity receiver packs for Nitro cars and trucks! Our battery packs are assembled with plugs and perfect for any Nitro hobbyist. 6 volts provides servos with maximum power, and 1200 milliamps gives racers the confidence they need for extremely long runs without running out of juice!

This Hump Battery Pack is great for use in the Savage monster truck, Nitro MT, Nitro Rush and other makes of trucks and cars including our Nitro 2 series of cars. Each battery is also packaged with a connector that converts the 3-pin plug to a 2-pin plug.

The hump battery pack can be used in the Hellfire taking up less surface area in the battery box than the factory flat 5-pack. With the remaining space in the battery box you can make use of smaller racing receivers and place your receiver in the battery box for added protection. #87022 Foam Tape 25x60mm can be used to support the battery. The Foam Tape pack comes with 3-pieces of 25X60mm. HPI Racing recommends using one piece on each side of the battery and cut one piece in half and place one piece on the bottom of the bottom side of the battery and the other half on the battery box lid.

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