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Stiffer and cooler-looking upgrade for the Blitz short course truck. The Blitz ESE introduced a new colour-coding system to easily determine the stiffness of the Blitz and Blitz ESE parts, and this is available to all Blitz truck owners to easily upgrade key parts for instant on-track performance.

  • WHITE: Stiffest material, optimized for ultimate performance. Ideal for main chassis, suspension arms and more on a racing truck.
  • BLACK: Stock material, more robust and ideal for a fun/basher truck.

The quick identification between black and white parts also makes it easy for model shops to stock the black or white parts on the same parts parts peg, saving space on the shop wall! #104649 FIRM FRONT SUSPENSION ARM SET (WHITE) #104650 FIRM REAR SUSPENSION ARM SET (WHITE) #104651 HIGH PERFORMANCE BALL END SET (WHITE) #104652 GEAR BOX SET (GRAY) #104653 HIGH PERFORMANCE SHOCK TOWER SET (WHITE) #104654 BATTERY BRACE SET (WHITE) #104655 GEAR COVER SET (WHITE) #104656 HIGH PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION MOUNT SET (WHITE) #104657 MOLYBDENUM SHOCK PARTS SET (GRAY) #104658 SERVO MOUNT SET (WHITE) #104659 HIGH PERFORMANCE FRONT UPRIGHT SET (WHITE) #104660 HIGH PERFORMANCE TRAILING BLOCK SET (WHITE) #104661 BUMPER SET (GRAY) #104662 HIGH PERFORMANCE REAR HUB CARRIER SET (WHITE) #104663 BODY MOUNT SET (WHITE) #104664 HIGH PERFORMANCE FRONT CHASSIS BRACE (WHITE) #104665 HIGH PERFORMANCE SKID PLATE SET (GRAY) #104666 HIGH PERFORMANCE REAR BRACE SET (WHITE) #104667 HIGH PERFORMANCE UPPER BRACE SET (WHITE) #103366 COMPOSITE MAIN CHASSIS (WHITE) Check out these other options that are perfect for any Blitz short course racer! #104219 HEATSINK MOTOR PLATE (BROWN) #104137 TITANIUM TOP SHAFT 5x48mm #104136 LIGHT WEIGHT ALUMINUM SLIPPER CARRIER SET #103370 MUD FLAP SET (2pcs) #103915 TIRE HOLDER 5x165mm (2pcs)

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