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Welcome the future of electronic speed controllers! The all-new Flux Pro Competition electronic speed controller is the ultimate way to add extra power, control and flexibility to your race car, drifter or crawler.

With the Flux Pro Competition controller, you will be able to use a huge range of brushless motors battery types and sizes, and you'll also be able to program a huge variety of settings to completely customize the driving feel and power delivery you get on the track or course. Up to ten different controller profiles can be stored. Of course, if you just want to 'set it and forget it', that's easily accomplished, with several different preset configurations that you can choose from, such as: modified racing, stock racing, 'blinky' spec mode, practice, off-road, drift and crawler! The aluminium case design and included 5 volt fan help keep heat levels to a minimum, and the small size allows you to fit it in tight spaces. An integrated electronic switch is used that is more reliable than a traditional external mechanical switch. The external connection for the optional programming box will help you store, maintain and change extra settings for different track and weather conditions, should you wish to store several different controller configurations. Developed with professional HB-HPI drivers and the HPI product R&D team, this is the most advanced speed controller ever offered by HPI Racing, and is the most powerful, versatile and functional speed controller you can find on the market today. Features

  • For 1/10th touring car, 1/12th pan car, 1/10th off-road, 1/10th drift, or 1/10th & 1/8th crawler
  • Small size (37.5 x 37 x 29.5mm with fan fitted) with integrated electric switch
  • Aluminium case with top-mounted cooling fan
  • 6 volt Battery Elimination Circuitry for powering the strongest servos
  • 4-9 cell NiMH or 2S-3S LiPo battery compatability
  • For motors as powerful as 3.5 turn
  • Customizable height - run with or without heatsink, and with or without fan for 3 different heights for various applications
  • Up to ten profiles can be stored in the memory and imported or exported easily
  • Factory pre-set profiles include: 'Blinky' mode for spec brushless classes, Modified Mode, Stock mode, Practice mode, Offroad mode, Drift mode, Crawler mode.
  • Built-in electronic switch saves space and has better reliability than standard mechanical switch
  • Aluminum upper case for superior heat dissipation and higher current
  • External programming port for easy connection to the programming box is also a power port for an additional fan
  • Advanced dynamic timing technology, providing more customization possibilities for the most demanding racing applications
  • Precise throttle and brake control, setting of drag brake and brake strength with more options, new punch and brake rate control functions, and throttle and brake curves through the PC software
  • Integrated data logger records the maximum temperature of ESC and motor as well as the maximum RPM, using ESC Program Box V2 and computer to check easily in the pits
  • Multiple protection functions makes your running safe with ESC and motor overheat protection, low voltage cutoff and throttle signal loss protection
  • Easily programmed with the #101856 ESC Program Box V2 and USB Reload software for full programming functionality
  • Firmware can be updated with the #101856 ESC Program Box V2 or with #101280 Professional Program Box (with software update)


Applications: 1/10 & 1/12 competition, 1/10 drift, 1/10 & 1/8 rock crawler
Compatible Motor: Sensored and sensorless brushless motor
Input: 4-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2-3S LiPo
Current: Continuous 120A, Burst 760A
Built-in BEC: 6V@3A (linear mode)
Resistance: 0.0003 Ohm
Suitable Motor With 2 Lipo or 4-6 NiMH: 1/10 on-road: 3.5T & higher, 1/10 off-road: 5.5T & higher
Suitable Motor With 3 Lipo or 7-9 NiMH: 1/10 on-road: 5.5T& higher, 1/10 off-road: 8.5T & higher
Cooling Fan: 5V (Note: use 12V fan with 7-9 cell NiMH or 3S LiPo)
Size: 37.5mm (L) x 31mm (W) x 29.5mm (H), excludes wire connectors, 37mm (W) with wire connectors Weight: 93g

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