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A full range of option parts is available to make the Pulse 4.6 buggy into a true track killer! Fit these titanium steering turnbuckles to your Pulse buggy for extra durability, crash protection and easy tuning! Just one of each Titanium Turnbuckle set is needed to fully outfit the Pulse with a complete set of extra-tough titanium turnbuckles!

Equip your Pulse with a set of full racing gear and choose from springs, threaded shock bodies, finely tuned anti-roll bars and more, plus increase the durability of your buggy with rubber shock boots, centre universals and vented brake disks!

Titanium Hinge Pins #101497 Titanium Front Outer Hinge Pin (pr) #101498 Titanium Rear Outer Hinge Pin (pr) #101499 Titanium Inner Hinge Pin (pr) Titanium Turnbuckles #101458 Titanium Turn Buckle M5*58mm (pr) (Rear Camber) #101459 Titanium Turn Buckle M4*52mm (pr) (Steering) #101466 Titanium Turn Buckle M5*30mm (pr) (Front Camber) #101488 Titanium Turn Buckle M3*34mm (Steering Servo Link) Graphite Chassis Parts #101426 Graphite Front Steering Brace #101428 Graphite Front Shock Tower #101430 Graphite Rear Shock Tower #101437 Graphite Centre Diff Plate #101438 Graphite Radio Plate Suspension Mounts #101433 CNC Rear 3 Degree Toe In Block #101442 CNC Front Lower Wishbone Mount Performance Suspension Parts #101455 14 Degree Front C-Hub Set (pr) Threaded Shock Bodies #101467 Threaded Front Shock Body (pr) #101457 Threaded Rear Shock Body (pr) Race Tuned Springs #101478 Front Shock Spring Blue Soft (pr) #101480 Front Shock Spring Red Hard (pr) #101481 Rear Shock Spring Green Soft (pr) #101483 Rear Shock Spring Red Hard (pr) Lightweight Performance Parts #101464 Lightweight Differential Shafts (pr) #101465 Lightweight Shock Mounting Ball 3*6.8*14mm (4 pcs) High Efficiency and High Endurance Drivetrain Parts #101436 Vented 2mm Brake Disc (pr) #101462 Centre Rear CVD Driveshaft 8*96mm #101463 Centre Front CVD Driveshaft 8*88mm Race Tuned Sway Bars #101474 Front Anti-Roll Bar 2.8mm #101472 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm #101475 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm #101477 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.8mm Extra Endurance Parts #101496 Rubber Front Shock Boot (pr) #101454 Rubber Rear Shock Boot (pr)

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