The huge success of the Savage began with the release of the ground-breaking Savage 21 in September 2002. The new updated Savage 3.5 RTR is based on the classic Savage 21 that has proven its power, performance, durability and strength since it’s first release. The new Savage 3.5 RTR has been updated with all the latest Savage improvements to make it even stronger

Nitro Star F3.5 - New engine for more power!

This .21 cubic inch engine is 3.5cc of pure, massive muscle! With 2.5hp on tap, the rear-exhaust Nitro Star F3.5 is supremely powerful and is a great match for any car or truck that can take big-block engines. The large heat sink is anodized a cool black to enhance the heat dissipation properties of the CNC-machined billet heat. The aluminium case also features loads of cooling fins to release heat, letting the engine keep its cool under any circumstances! Protecting the internal parts of the engine is a large oiled foam air filter, which is included with the engine. A huge composite-body slide-type carburettor enables the fuel to reach the combustion chamber without boiling away, and features all the adjustments you need to keep the engine tuned for all conditions. Inside, the Nitro Star F3.5 features industry-standard ABC construction for longevity and ease of use. To get the engine going, the Nitro Star F3.5 is equipped with a tough pull starter as standard.

(Chassis photos might still show the original engine)

The Savage 3.5 RTR is ready to run, equipped with a high quality 2-channel radio (prepared for reverse module). Only a few steps are required to start the car for the first time. The enclosed HPI RC-Car DVD is the perfect introduction to Nitro powered RC-Cars for all beginners. The following updates improve the overall strength and durability of the chassis and drive train:

  • 4 Bevel Diff
  • 3 piece Clutch
  • Updated 2 Speed
  • Cam type steering servo saver
  • Aluminium Cast Brake Hub
  • Add washers on rear outside tie-rod
  • New Throttle return spring & throttle servo saver spring

We’ve also have added some new features to give the Savage 3.5 a new cool look!:

  • #7755 Nitro GT-1Painted Body (M. CANDY BLU/SIL/BLK)
  • #73915 Blue TVP Chassis and #86153 Blue Roll Bar
  • #3117 6 Spoke Shiny Chrome Wheel
  • #6749 Black Shock Springs
Ready To Run (RTR) 1/8th Scale 4WD Savage 3.5 RTR chassis with 3.5 pull start engine, pre-painted bodyshell and high quality TF-3 radio.
Comes with detailed instructions manual and HPI RC Cars DVD.

HPI bodyshells All HPI Savage bodies will fit perfectly on the Savage 3.5 chassis. The adjustable body posts can easily be set to the correct height for all bodyshells. All cutting lines and body post positions are marked on the bodyshell for a perfect fit. The enclosed pre-cut decal sheet gives it the realistic look! Clear bodyshells - Design your own custom paint scheme!


Pre-painted bodyshells - Unpack, clip on, get driving!


Standard Savage features:

  • Purple anodized, billet aluminium heatsink engine head
  • Stiff shock springs
  • Pre-trimmed unpainted Nitro GT-1 truck body with pre-cut decals
  • Giant 1/8th scale (16.8" x 21")
  • Full-time shaft driven four wheel drive
  • Complete set of rubber sealed ball bearings
  • Cast aluminium heavy-duty engine mount
  • Heavy-duty drivetrain and suspension optimized for big-block engines
  • Hardened metal differential gears
  • Adjustable 2 speed transmission with heavy-duty metal internal gears
  • Adjustable slipper clutch
  • Adjustable disc brake
  • Wide-track suspension (nearly 17 inches wide!)
  • Stainless steel inboard hinge pins with anodized aluminium braces
  • 8 long stroke oil-filled coilover shock absorbers
  • Rigid aluminium TVP chassis (Twin Vertical Plates)
  • Large 160cc fuel tank
  • Enclosed radio box for protection of electronics
  • Front and rear skidplate bumpers
  • Adjustable body posts (with an extra mount for SUV bodies)
  • Compatible with T-Maxx bodies
  • Compatible with T-Maxx wheels
  • Compatible with T-Maxx tyres

Savage 3.5 – the best “value for money” Savage ever!

Specification may be subject to change

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