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The most popular Big Block monster truck in the world... just got even better! So how do you make a Savage better? eXtra speed, eXtra adjustability, eXtra toughness! The new Savage X is packed with features that have been suggested by Savage owners: More room for the electronics, easier access to the diffs and transmission, and more suspension adjustability. The result is the best Savage ever! All the defining features that identify a Savage have been brought forward to form the foundations of the Savage X such as the TVP chassis and innovative 8-shock suspension . The Savage X now adds to its armoury. A lower centre of gravity has been achieved using the new 'X' TVP chassis which lowers the engine and centre gearbox by 5mm compared to the Savage 25, giving greater handling and faster lap times . At the heart of the Savage trucks always has been their HPI Nitro Star big block engines. The S25 engine has provided reliable and consistent power for a generation of Savage monster trucks. The Savage X now comes equipped with a brand new HPI engine that is even more powerful: massive power transfer, high torque and easy configuration in one complete package , the Nitro Star F4.1 ! The F4.1's increased power and torque is also combined with extra cooling to keep performance at its peak. With an up-rated crank case the F4.1 is also now one of the most reliable and durable big block engines available on the market and is guaranteed to leave you wanting for nothing from your Savage X monster truck. For a complete list of all the new X-features, see the Savage X feature list below.


The low centre of gravity chassis drops the engine, centre gearbox and radio 5mm lower than the Savage 25, resulting in better handling and faster lap times.

Made from strong 2.5mm Aluminium the TVP chassis plates are the virtually indestructible foundations of the chassis. The TVP design makes the Savage unique and gives it a realistic monster truck feel.


The redesigned radio box allows easier access to the radio gear and receiver pack and provides extra room for electronics, including provisions for an optional battery level indicator and an optional charging jack.

The "Easy-to-use" design completely eliminates the need for body clips.


The centre gearbox can be accessed without removing the chassis plates. Just remove six screws and the top case lifts off for quick and easy transmission maintenance.

Access holes for both the 2 speed transmission and the optional 3-speed transmission allow shifting point adjustment from the outside. Just open the rubber flap and tune the settings.


Quick access to the front or rear differential by removing six screws.

You can now access the front and rear diff for easy maintenance without disassembling the chassis plates or any part of the suspension. Just remove six screws from the front or rear of the car and you can take the diff out .

Maintenance could not be easier!


The heavy-duty dual slipper clutch features dual slipper plates and a shock absorbing rubber pad for improved drivetrain durability. Power transfer from the engine to the centre gearbox will be smoother and the whole drivetrain is protected from an overload especially in heavy duty jumping sessions.


New lightweight suspension arms deliver quick suspension response and reduce the overall weight of the truck.

The improved design of the wishbones ensures they keep their strength and durability.


Adjustable turnbuckles allow you to make quick and easy adjustments of the front and rear toe in. So you can fine tune the handling of your truck to suit your driving style and optimise it for the surface you're running on.


New shock towers have three different shock mounting positions for a variety of suspension setups. This gives you an easy way to adjust the damping characteristics of your truck .


Large 17mm metal alloy hex hubs hold the wheels securely and prevent the hex stripping in the wheels under heavy load applications.


Double Chamber provides more torque and more sound dampening.


The HPI Nitro Star F4.1 is the next evolutionary step up from the proven HPI Nitro Star S25 engine. It features a new crankcase and upgrades to the cylinder, piston, connecting rod and crankshaft.

The F4.1 engine delivers more power, more torque and extra cooling. It is especially designed for the high power, leaving you wanting for nothing from your Savage X!


Roto Start 2 electric starting system.Start your Savage X quickly and easily with the updated Roto Start 2 electric starting system. The new Roto Start 2 handle will not only turn the engine, it can also provide the power for a glow plug ignitor - no extra battery for the igniter required.

The Roto Start 2 electric starting system features a more durable case and to protect your engine it comes with a built in circuit breaker which cuts off in case of an overload (e.g. a flooded engine).


New lightweight GT-2 tyres with aggressive tread pattern for excellent all-terrain traction and long tyre lifetime.

The new tyre design reduces the weight significantly for better performance.

To add cool looks, the GT-2 tyres are mounted and pre-glued on Chrome Warlock wheels with tough 17mm hex hubs.


Included in the box is an optional nylon roll cage which will help protect your engine and heat sink. It can be mounted with almost every Savage bodyshell but requires additional cutting on your bodyshell.


Wider, more aggressive body, new graphics and colour

Giant 1/8th scale monster truck - Nothing can stop a Savage X RTR – the factory assembled rolling chassis with installed engine and radio gear makes getting started as easy as possible Shaft driven 4 Wheel Drive for best traction on all surfaces Heavy duty drive train optimized for big block engines
Front & rear skid plates for impact protection Anti roll bar to protect the cassis and engine 8 long stroke oil filled shocks with firm tuned springs keep the wheels on the ground Heavy duty double wishbone wide track suspension handles even the roughest terrain
Cam type Servo Saver for precise steering and effective Servo protection 2-Speed gear box for fast acceleration and "insane" top end speed Adjustable fibre disk brake for efficient deceleration and precise "in air" control 4-bevel gear differential for extra strength in the drivetrain
Improved 160cc fuel tank with rear fuel pick-up and overflow channel for smooth fuel supply and long run times Cast aluminium engine mount for secure engine mounting Complete set of ball bearings for low friction and best durability 3-shoe clutch for efficient power transfer
Dual stage airfilter for optimal engine protection Adjustable body post for easy mounting of optional bodyshells High quality HPI radio set with interchangeable frequencies TF-3 pistol grip transmitter for best control over your car

Length: 534 mm
Width: 427 mm
Height: 254 mm
Wheelbase: 336.5 mm
Tyres: 159 x 85.5 mm
Suspension travel: 152 mm
Engine: 4.1 cm3
Transmission: 2-Speed
Drivetrain: Full-Time 4WD
Comes with factory assembled chassis with pre-painted GT-2 bodyshell, radio gear and F4.1 engine. Also contains detailed instruction manual and HPI RC Cars DVD. Ready to bash straight from the box!
The Savage X will be available in Feb. 2006

Compatibility! Careful attention has been paid to maintain the tradition of Savage aftermarket support. Most of the new Savage X features are compatible with the long list of Savage aftermarket parts already available, and older Savage trucks can be upgraded to most of the exciting new parts found on the Savage X. Savage X parts that will fit on past Savage trucks: Transmission Case (easier to remove) Differential Housings* (front and rear)(easier to remove) Shock Towers (additional shock locations) Suspension Arms (lighter) Radio Box (easier access) Slipper Clutch (dual pads plus rubber dampening) Savage X Chassis Plates* (lowered CG) F4.1 Engine * May require a few extra parts for conversion Parts carried over from past Savage trucks: Internal Differentials Internal Transmission Dogbones Driveshafts Brake Axles Exhaust Uprights C Hubs Body Posts Body Position Engine Mount & Plate Servo Saver Shocks and Springs Savage parts that are not compatible:

  • Alloy chassis roll bar can not be used with the Savage X side Plates
  • Spur Gears by themselves are not compatible. (Complete Spur Gear with Sipper Clutch can be used with Savage X and Original Savage)
  • Savage Wheels by themselves, for both Savage X and Original Savage Wheels are not compatible. (They can be used as long as the correct Hex Hub and Wheel Nuts are used. Savage X Wheels require 17mm hex hubs and wheel nut. Current savage wheels can be used with the Savage X as long as the current 14mm Hex hub and wheel nut is used.) (The Savage X RTR kit comes with 14mm Hex hubs and wheel nut in the spare parts bag.)
  • Polycarbonate Receiver Cover does not fir the Savage X radio box

Specification may be subject to change

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