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Based on the popular RTR Savage 25 (#835), HPI Racing has worked closely with Kawasaki to produce a fully licensed RC Kawasaki KFX 700 Monster ATV that will be available for the holiday season - adding a whole new perspective to the Savage monster truck!

Approximately 1/5th the size of a real Kawasaki KFX 700 Quad, this bright green monster will come complete with a miniature ATV Rider for a realistic look. The legs of the rider are tethered to the body so that it can move around over jumps just like a real ATV rider. Extra strength and flexibility have been added to the rider material, making it durable enough to handle extreme R/C driving...with no broken bones! Everyone that sees the ATV rider moving around while driving is instantly drawn to it, commenting on the scale realism. Drivers will find that the rider adds excitement over jumps and stunt driving, a definite boost to the “fun factor” of R/C driving.

The RC KFX 700 Monster ATV is based on the famous HPI Savage 25 RTR. So it has got the same proven tough chassis layout and all the great features that made the Savage the most popular big block monster truck in the world.
It is powered by the HPI Nitro Star S-25 engine, a proven performer that is ideally suited to off-road driving. A 2 speed transmission is standard equipment for quick acceleration and high top speed. For convenience, the popular Roto Start System is included - a press of the button makes the engine roar to life! A new dual stage air filter is now standard equipment for added engine protection and extended time between maintenance intervals!
As the RC Kawasaki KFX 700 Monster ATV is based on the extremely popular HPI Savage 25 truck, spare parts are already in stock at hobby shops, and a wide variety of factory option parts and aftermarket upgrades are readily available.
For more details about the Savage 25 see its kitpage.

(pictures show prototype Savage ATV with black springs. Green springs are fitted as standard on all kits.)

The new RC Kawasaki KFX 700 comes completely factory assembled; everything is done for you - even the tires are glued to the wheels. In less than 15 minutes you can be driving your Monster ATV! To top it off, we gave the KFX 700 the famous bright green Kawasaki paint, making it instantly recognizable to ATV enthusiasts. The entire body is completely ready to go right out of the box... painted, decaled, trimmed and mounted. Both a complete Instruction Manual that covers the entire assembly/disassembly process and a HPI RC Cars DVD are included!

Awesome fully licensed RC Kawasaki KFX 700 Monster ATV bodyshell! Realistic ATV rider with extra strength and flexibility!
Proven HPI Nitro Star S-25 engine for great all-round performance and easy tuning. Green shock springs give great ride quality and complement the Kawasaki green bodyshell.
Rear pick-up 160cc fuel tank with no primer for optimal fuel supply. Three-shoe clutch - better acceleration.
Revised wheel hex hubs - better durability and strength. TF-3 radio system with high torque steering servo for precise and reliable control.
Full-time shaft driven four wheel drive to give maximum traction and drive on all surfaces. Complete set of sealed ball bearings for extra long life and protection.
Enclosed radio box to keep your radio gear protected from the elements. 5 spoke wheels give the ATV an awesome look.
8 long stroke oil-filled coilover shock absorbers for smooth damping even in rough terrain. Rigid aluminum TVP chassis (Twin Vertical Plates) for extra ground clearance and strength.
Adjustable slipper clutch - protects the drivetrain and gives smooth acceleration. Adjustable disc brake allows tunable braking performance.
Hardened metal diff gears allow maximum engine power transfer with minimum wear. 2 speed transmission for quick acceleration and high top speed.
Composite tuned pipe and aluminum rear exhaust header. Heavy-duty drivetrain and suspension optimized for big-block engines.

Factory assembled RC KFX 700 Monster ATV with pre-painted, pre-cut, pre-decaled bodyshell. Includes radio gear and HPI S-25 engine equipped with roto start.
Comes with detailed instructions manual and HPI RC Cars DVD.

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