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One of the biggest requests we have received has been for a kit version of our popular Savage truck. For experienced R/C modelers, the satisfaction of building a kit is a big part of what makes the hobby fun. Assembling a kit from scratch also allows the Savage SS owner to build the kit to their exact specifications and customize the truck by adding any option parts such as our Reverse Module, anodized TVP and roll bar sets and Roto Start System during assembly.


Since many drivers already have advanced radio systems that are perfect for the Savage SS, we don't include a radio, which helps lower the price so that we can add high performance hop-up parts and still keep the cost of the truck low. Simply put, kits are fun, convenient and price-conscious!


Our studies show that modelers who like to build kits are almost always more advanced drivers than RTR customers, so we decided to give the Savage SS more speed . We bolted in a new Nitro Star S-25 engine with 20% more displacement, added a ribbed aluminum tuned pipe, and adjusted the gearing to take advantage of the increased power. The result is a dramatic increase in speed and performance.

The powerful new Nitro Star S-25 engine features:

  • 20% larger displacement than the 21BB engine
  • Billet purple anodized aluminum heatsink head for improved cooling and strength
  • Composite carburetor for improved heat resistance
  • Large 7mm carb opening for increased airflow
  • True ABC chrome sleeve construction for durability and long life
  • Dual needle adjustments for easier tuning than the 21BB
  • Purple anodized aluminum carb trim
  • Stealth black case for improved cooling
  • Roto Start compatible

A new high performance ribbed aluminum tuned pipe and an aluminum tube header allow the S-25 to breathe freely for improved power and throttle response. Held in place by a silicone exhaust coupling and a spring-loaded metal wire mount, this rugged exhaust system will stay in place through the roughest terrain imaginable!

For increased adjustability we added a new 49 tooth spur gear, and included two different clutchbells in the kit. The 15 tooth clutchbell is perfect for off-roading and wheelies. The 18 tooth clutchbell is best for on-road driving and high speed runs. The 49 tooth spur gear gives racers a wider range of gearing options, and helps the truck benefit from the additional power of the S-25 engine.


The extra power of the Nitro Star S-25 engine won't do any harm to the full-time 4WD drivetrain of the Savage SS - equipped with the same proven hardened metal differentials of the Savage 21 and with the addition of the chromed Heavy Duty Dogbones, there is no need to worry about the durability of the powertrain! The included slipper clutch and fiberglass disc brake are easily adjustable for tuning the truck to optimal performance under all track conditions.


For the Savage racers, we've included new stiffer purple springs on all 8 oil-filled shocks - still the longest shocks in the monster truck class for top-notch handling in ruts and bumps! The new springs deliver improved performance both on-road and off-road. Drivers will notice that the truck launches better over jumps, and you can easily remove the spring clips to lower the truck for less chassis roll during on-road cornering. For extra tuning ability we've included our adjustable upper arms with thick steel turnbuckles for extra durability!


The Savage SS includes many of the proven features from the original Savage: Twin Vertical Plate (TVP) chassis, heavy duty reinforced suspension arms, uprights and knuckles, adjustable slipper clutch and disc brake, rubber sealed ball bearings, hardened metal diff gears, cast aluminum engine mount, 17" wide stance for extreme stability, chrome 5-spoke wheels, giant treaded truck tires with inner foams, compatibility with all T-Maxx bodies, wheels and tires, plus a large box with colorful assets/images.


The popular Nitro GT-1 body is supplied clear instead of prepainted, so Savage SS owners can custom paint their bodies as they wish. A unique sheet of Savage SS decals is supplied with every kit so owners can show off their new pride and joy! Don't forget about HPI's extensive line of option parts for the Savage monster truck! HPI already offers unique and fun option parts like our popular Roto Start System, Reverse Module, anodized TVP chassis and rollbar sets, and much more. Of course, HPI will be offering many new exciting option parts in the future, including a graphite TVP chassis set, and more colorful anodized aluminum option parts. And, the aftermarket option parts manufacturers offer a huge assortment of hop-up parts to satisfy the needs of Savage owners.


The Savage SS is very competitively priced, well within the budget of truck enthusiasts, especially considering that the Savage SS comes with many features that are expensive hop-ups for other trucks. The first Savage SS shipments are scheduled to arrive in August, place your orders now! Features:

  • Nitro Star S-25 engine (ABC) with slide carburetor
  • Purple anodized, billet aluminum heatsink engine head
  • Adjustable upper arms with thick steel turnbuckles
  • Stiff purple shock springs
  • Pre-trimmed unpainted Nitro GT-1 truck body with pre-cut decals
  • Giant 1/8th scale (16.8" x 21")
  • 40+ miles an hour!
  • Full-time shaft driven four wheel drive
  • Complete set of rubber sealed ball bearings
  • High performance aluminum ribbed tuned pipe
  • Aluminum high flow tube rear exhaust header
  • Cast aluminum heavy-duty engine mount
  • Heavy-duty drivetrain and suspension optimized for big-block engines
  • Hardened metal differential gears
  • Extra tuning gears for off-road and on-road performance
  • Heavy-duty chromed steel dogbones
  • Adjustable 2 speed transmission with heavy-duty metal internal gears
  • Adjustable slipper clutch
  • Adjustable disc brake
  • Wide-track suspension (nearly 17 inches wide!)
  • Stainless steel inboard hinge pins with anodized aluminum braces
  • 8 long stroke oil-filled coilover shock absorbers
  • Rigid aluminum TVP chassis (Twin Vertical Plates)
  • Large 160cc fuel tank with primer
  • Enclosed radio box for protection of electronics
  • Front and rear skidplate bumpers
  • Adjustable body posts (with an extra mount for SUV bodies)
  • Chrome 5 spoke wheels and all-terrain tires with inner foam

* Compatible with T-Maxx bodies * Compatible with T-Maxx wheels * Compatible with T-Maxx tires Also Available! -- #87032 Reverse Module (using the 3rd channel of the radio system) -- #87110 Roto Start System (will fit Nitro Star S-25 engine) #87150 Dual Disk Brake Set - See the video! (requires Apple's Quicktime)


#845 Savage SS Kit with Nitro Star S-25 Engine and Nitro GT-1 Truck Body #844 Savage SS Kit with Nitro GT-1 Truck Body Without Engine

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