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The suspension geometry has been optimized for foam racing tires, a set is included as standard equipment. The photos you see are from pre-production samples of the molds, and our team drivers are in the process of track testing the car right now. Initial reports are the car is "dialed" right out of the box, so the R40 project is coming along nicely. Our design team was committed to three major concepts when developing the R40: Extremely Low Center of Gravity, Easy Maintenance and Fully Adjustable Design . As you can see from the photos, the receiver pack, servos and drivetrain are very low in the car, giving it stable handling and excellent transition speeds. The receiver pack and fuel tank are centered in car, minimizing the rotational polar moment for quick and accurate steering response. The fuel tank has a deep rear reservoir that picks up the last drop of fuel.


Another major goal was to make the R40 the most adjustable car on the market. Our first-ever 1/10th scale pivot ball suspension has adjustments for roll center, toe-in, camber, caster, ackerman, shock placement, and both front and rear wheelbase length and width. We have included optional molded adjustment shims that make dialing in the settings quick, easy and repeatable. We packed it with details that make the car fast, durable, extremely adjustable, and strong enough for the extreme conditions of competitive racing. See the photos and specs below, more information and some R40 videos will be coming soon. Extremely Low Center of Gravity Design

  • Heaviest components are placed for lowest possible CG
  • Laydown center-mounted straight receiver battery pack
  • Laydown mounting of steering servo
  • Lowest possible mounting position of upper deck
  • Brand new center-mounted fuel tank is placed over the battery

Easy Maintenance

  • Diff gears and drive belts can be accessed by removing front/rear
  • upper bulkheads
  • Servos, battery and receiver can be accessed and removed without removing upper deck
  • 2 speed unit can be removed by taking off a single e-clip
  • Front/rear suspension assemblies are modular for easy removal from main chassis

Fully Adjustable Design

  • Adjustable front/rear suspension arms and upper arms position
  • Adjustable track, front/rear toe, roll center, camber and caster
  • Adjustable wheelbase between 255mm and 260mm
  • Adjustable steering Ackerman: four choices to tune your steering feel
  • Adjustable front and rear stabilizers
  • Adjustable up-stops and down-stops on front/rear suspension arms

Other features

  • 3mm purple anodized aluminum chassis
  • 2.5mm woven graphite upper deck
  • Multiring HPI Pro Foam Tires included (26mm front, 30mm rear)
  • Convenient adjustment clips for suspension settings - no setting board needed
  • Threaded shock absorbers
  • Impact-absorbing front upper arm bushing
  • Highly reliable 3-belt drive
  • Full ball bearings in drivetrain for maximum efficiency
  • Center Force Clutch allows subtle clutch adjustments
  • Threaded clutchbell for ease of changing 1st/2nd speed gears
  • Shoe-Type 2 Speed for smooth shifting from 1st to 2nd gear
  • Vented steel disc brake with replaceable brake pads
  • Side belt tensioner with ball bearings
  • Bellcrank steering with aluminum steering plate
  • Front/rear universal dogbones
  • Sealed receiver compartment
  • Sealed front/rear gear diffs
  • Strong front crash bumper with urethane foam bumper
  • Fuel tank held in place by body clips
  • Adjustable body post caps
  • Front body post brace
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Unassembled rolling chassis kit

Available Options Soon After Release

  • Front One-Way Diff
  • Rear Stabilizer Set (Soft and Firm) (Medium rear stabilizer included in kit)
  • Floating Rear Body Mount Set
  • No body, engine, exhaust, fuel filter or air filter included - lets you choose your favorites
  • More HPI Pro Foam Tires will be available when the R40 is released
  • Anticipated release date: October 2003
Note: All pictures are of a pre-production kit. Some specifications may change before release. #822 Nitro R40 Kit without body and engine.

Specification may be subject to change

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