HPI introduced the 1/18th scale class with its ground breaking MICRO RS4® in 2002 which was awarded "Car of the year" by Radio Controlled Car Action. The Micro RS4® is the RC car for everyone! With features normally found only on larger scale RC cars the Micro RS4® is a great mix of fun and performance! Tuning options and hop-up parts will satisfy the racer, while the scale looks and ease of driving will satisfy the scale enthusiast! The entire Micro RS4® drive train rides on a full set of ball bearings for efficiency and speed. Belt driven 4-wheel drive guarantees great handling! Now the classic 1/18th scale Micro RS4® is available in new exciting versions: Sport (RTR or pre-assembled) and Drift! (RTR or pre-assembled)

Get into the latest hottest trend in RC, with the amazing RTR Micro Drift! Drifting is all about coordination, style and skill, and now it's available for the first time in 1/18th scale! The Micro RS4 Drift is available in pre-assembled or RTR form, with the pre-assembled versions featuring hard plastic drift tyres and a solid front axle for awesome, long drifts! RTR versions of the Micro RS4 Drift feature the same high quality HPI electronics as the Micro Sport versions PLUS the HPI drift assist system (#80588)! The RTR Micro Drift kit includes the amazing electronic D-Box Drift Assist (also available separately for pre-assembled versions, #80588), a gyroscopic stabilizing system that plugs in between the car's receiver and steering servo. This allows the D-Box to sense the car's movement and correct the steering to produce long, controlled and perfect drifts around every turn! Even the drifting novice can look like a seasoned pro with the D-Box helping them! Each Micro Drift kit is equipped with the HPI hard plastic drift tyres, allowing the car to easily drift on any surface! The Micro Drift is delivered with a locked (or spool) diff in front and a differential in the rear, which makes it a perfect way to learn how to easily drift. When you have perfected your drift technique with the gear diff, you can change to a locked rear diff (included with the Micro Drift) for more advanced techniques!

Additional wheels, solid rear diff, multi-tool, charger, transmitter and more included Two models of RTR Micro Drift cars available: choose from the classic Hachi-Roku Trueno or the sleek FD! (also known as the Corolla and RX-7) Sleek lines of the RX-7 make for an awesome road warrior Classic drift styling - you can't beat it!
All electronics securely installed at the factory RTR Micro Drift includes the awesome D-Box for superior drift control! New RF-3 receiver for increased signal protection New Micro Pro Control 3 reversing electronic speed control
Drift-spec plastic tyres slip and slide on every surface for long, controlled drifts One-piece main chassis for strength and durability - redesigned just for drifting! Adjustable wheelbase by moving a few screws (optional belt required) Strong 380-size motor for maximum drifting fun!
Cool coil-over shocks for optimum handling Durable 4-gear planetary rear differential Unique parts design gives the Micro RS4 superb handling Attention to detail even in the Japanese drift-style assets/images!
Racing-inspired low centre of gravity chassis Incredible fun that fits in the palm of your hand!    

For your introduction to the world of drifting, the Micro Drift is the perfect starting point! When you're ready to upgrade, the huge stable of HPI Micro option parts is ready for you - new bodies, stylish wheels, performance racing bits and more are waiting! Feature List:

  • Two new Micro RS4 versions available: RTR Sport and RTR Drift
  • RTR sets include assembled & painted car, radio set, D-Box, car battery AND charger!
  • RTR Micro Sport models include rubber racing tyres for traction; RTR Micro Drift feature plastic drift tyres for amazing drift control!
  • Precise handling, just like a 1/10th scale car
  • Drives and feels just like its bigger brothers
  • The perfect fun practice for racers!
  • Small enough to run in a garage, front room or driveway
  • Easy to tune and fun to drive
  • Uses standard electronics!
  • Full set of ball bearings for smooth and efficient drivetrain
  • Unique single-belt drivetrain
  • Fixed drivetrain parts for extreme durability and easy drifting
  • Double-wishbone independent front suspension
  • Front cantilever coil-over shocks
  • Front universal dogbones
  • Coil-over rear shock
  • Rear straight axle for the maximum drivetrain efficiency
  • RTR models include HPI Micro Pro Control 2 reversing electronic speed control
  • RTR Drift models include electronic D-Box for smooth and precise drifting!
  • Impact-absorbing front foam bumper
  • Adjustable front and rear body posts
  • Adjustable front and rear width
  • Adjustable wheelbase (with optional drive belt and bodyshell)
  • Wide variety of bodies, tyres and wheels available
  • Performance upgrades available already

RTR or pre-assembled The new range of Micro RS4 cars are available pre-assembled or as RTR kits. The pre-assembled versions include a clear bodyshell and complete factory assembled chassis with pre-glued tyres and standard Micro motor. No radio gear is included with the pre-assembled kits. RTR kits feature pre-assembled chassis, factory-installed radio gear and electronics, pre-glued tyres, pre-painted bodyshells, battery, wall charger and standard Micro motor. The RTR Micro Drift models include the D-Box, which allows you to have fantastic long, controlled drifts very easily. Both RTR and pre-assembled versions come complete with detailed instruction manual and comprehensive DVD!

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