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Savage Power with Electric Convenience!
For durability and ease of use, the dual-battery, dual-motor electric E-Savage can't be beat! Full-time 4WD and Savage design place it well above any other electric monster truck you can find today! The E-Savage is completely pre-built with and equipped with an electric drivetrain for total ease of use, tough build quality and outstanding power and performance! There's no easier or fun way to get into the world of off-road electric monster trucks! Simply charge and go!
The awesome E-Savage is also now available as a 'Sport' version. Click here for more details.

The E-Savage is fully factory assembled for you: just pull it out of the box, install two standard stick pack batteries and get going! With a professionally built chassis, completely painted bodyshell, fully installed electrics, all you have to do is install the transmitter batteries - it doesn't get any easier!

  • Completely ready to run (RTR) - just supply 8 AA batteries for the transmitter (Sport version also requires two stick-pack batteries and charger).
  • Twin motors, electronic speed control and all radio equipment installed
  • Painted and trimmed bodyshell included for instant custom looks - choose from monster truck or ATV style bodyshells
  • Pre-glued all-terrain tyres grip every surface
  • Full manual included for easy repairs

The E-Savage isn't just about looking great, it's also a top performer, with loads of horsepower and torque! Equipped with two powerful 550-type motors, you'll experience massive hillclimbing power and blistering top speed! Each motor has a cooling fan inside so they run cool and generate high power. For 14.4 volts of electric off-road power a pair of extra long-lasting 7.2V 3300mAh batteries (not included with the Sport version) deliver the energy. The batteries sit as low as possible in the chassis, and as close to the centre as possible, for the best handling and performance, whether you're on the racing track or at a fun bashing session! The E-Savage uses standard size 7.2V stick packs with standards connecters so upgrading with optional batteries is easy.
Controlling everything is a special dual motor, dual battery GT 14.4 volt electronic speed controller (ESC) which regulates the power to the motors. It features a tall purple aluminium heatsink to shed any excess heat and also has a reverse function so you can back out of trouble. With a fully proportional throttle you'll have fine control over the E-Savage! Setup is a breeze, too: a fully automatic setup function makes sure all you have to do is turn on the ESC to get it dialled in - no complicated setup procedures are required!
The GT Escape charger that is included with the full kit versions of the E-Savage is the perfect charger for the E-Savage! This is a fully-featured fast charger that can charge TWO standard stick pack batteries at the same time! The two 3300mAh batteries that are included with the full E-Savage kits can be charged in about an hour with the GT Escape charger. The charger's 12v input connects directly to your car's main battery or 12v accessory socket for the ultimate in convenience and ease. This allows you to quickly charge the batteries easily in your car as you drive to the track, or simply pop the bonnet to charge at your pit table! The GT Escape will fast charge any stick pack battery with standard RC plugs. You can also power the charger with mains power using an additional 12v DC power supply (not included).
  • Twin GT550 Electric Motors have loads of grunt and top speed muscle
  • GT 14.4v electronic speed control with reverse for superb control
  • 2x 3300mAh, 7.2V stick-pack batteries included (not included with the Sport version)
  • Dual outlet 12V powered fast-charger included (not included with the Sport version)
The E-Savage is based upon the strong foundation of the toughest RC monster truck around - the Savage! With its Twin Vertical Plate (TVP) aluminium chassis design, central transmission, 8 shock absorbers and dual wishbone suspension, the E-Savage is ready for anything!
Getting the power of the twin GT550 motors to the ground is the E-Savage's drivetrain, which features a racing-style twin plate slipper clutch, central transmission, sealed gear diffs and sliding universal dogbones. Every component uses sealed high efficiency ball bearings for efficiency, long life and durability.
With a complete Savage-inspired suspension, the E-Savage can take on and conquer anything you throw at it! Long wishbone arms give the E-Savage loads of ground clearance and plenty of suspension travel to let you get over any type of terrain, and over any type of obstacle. Just like the 1/8 scale Savage truck, the suspension is built for ultimate durability and extreme toughness! Two shocks support each corner of the truck and absorb all the bumps and rough landings the E-Savage will take as you bomb across the landscape! The final link of the drivetrain is the telescoping driveshafts which work together with the suspension and are super durable and extra-tough!
Big 5.4 inch all-terrain tyres wrap around cool 5-spoke chrome wheels and grip on every surface - tarmac, grass, dirt and more! The block pattern of the tread ensures long life and stable grip on dirt and paved surfaces. The tyres are wrapped around high gloss chrome wheels, pre-glued with inner foams pre-installed. The E-Savage uses a standard 14mm hex hub which makes the E-Savage compatible with a huge variety of already available Savage wheels and tyres - so customizing your E-Savage is easy.
  • Adjustable Twin Plate Slipper Clutch for extra drivetrain durability
  • Durable TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) aluminium chassis
  • 22 high efficiency ball bearings provide maximum efficiency
  • 8 long-stroke oil-filled shocks soak up all bumps and jumps
  • Double wishbone fully independent suspension for great handling
  • 14mm hex hubs, compatible with standard Savage wheels and tyres
THE FIRST ELECTRIC POWERED SAVAGE MONSTER TRUCK! Electric power is the easy way to get into off-road monster trucks. Charge up, switch on, and enjoy the ride. The E-Savage captures that ease and adds the proven durability and extreme off-road capabilities of the famous line of Savage trucks. You need a tough and powerful truck to handle electric off-roading, and the E-Savage delivers.
TWIN VERTICAL PLATE CHASSIS The Twin Vertical Plates (TVP) chassis design was inspired by the time-tested durability of our Savage line. Twin Vertical Plates serve as the stable core of the chassis design, providing the critical strength needed to stand up the abuse of hard off-road driving. The rigid aluminium TVP chassis has a stylish design that places the front, rear and centre gear boxes between two upright aluminium plates. With the V-shaped battery layout (VBL) we have placed the batteries (the heaviest items on the truck) at the lowest possible position to make the centre of gravity very low for quick and precise handling.
SYMMETRICAL 4WD LAYOUT The E-Savage has a symmetrical power train layout with twin motors located around the centre and twin batteries on the left and right sides of the chassis. This layout creates excellent chassis balance to contribute to great drivability on rough terrain and stability in high-speed driving. Full-time 4WD puts the power to the ground at all four corners, with 8 oil-filled shocks to soak up the bumps. The result is a real go-anywhere monster truck.
TWIN PLATE SLIPPER CLUTCH A high capacity twin plate slipper clutch is attached to the spur gear to protect the drive system from impact while jumping. Placing the spur gear between two slipper disks helps the drive train handle the power of the twin motors and can be adjusted to track conditions.
COMPLETE SET OF BALL BEARINGS Twenty two precision manufactured ball bearings are used in the drive train to reduce maintenance and efficiently transmit the power of twin motors and twin batteries to the tyres.
(RTR version includes TF-3 tranmitter. Sport version includes TF-1 transmitter and excludes batteries and charger)
ELECTRONICS The reliable and sturdy HPI TF-3 radio controls the E-Savage, giving you ultimate control in a fantastic, ergonomically designed radio! (The E-Savage Sport uses the similar HPI TF-1) The steering wheel design makes you feel as if you're actually driving the truck, and the trigger-style throttle and brake controls provide you with finger-sensitive action when accelerating and stopping! The radio transmitter features interchangeable frequency crystals, servo reverse switches, a retractable aerial with sliding cover, easy access to radio adjustments and simple battery replacement. Taking the signals from the transmitter, the installed HPI RF-1 receiver uses standard RC connectors to send your control signals to the SF-1 steering servo, which controls the steering, and the forward/reverse speed controller. The dual-motor, dual-battery 14.4v GT Speed Controller handles the throttle, brake and reverse commands to both GT-550 motors, which give the E-Savage awesome acceleration and power! With HPI electronics you'll get reliable long-range connection and control for loads of fun! You can also upgrade the electronics very easily! Because all of the electronics are normal-size RC components with industry-standard connectors, any or all of the components can be upgraded at any time, or moved into a different RC vehicle in the future. The E-Savage will also accept any standard 540/550-size motors, and any RC stick-type battery pack.
  • Completely Pre-assembled and Ready to Run
  • Twin GT550 14.4V Electric Motors
  • Twin 3300 mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery packs included with #505, #548
  • GT Escape quick charger included with #505, #548, capable of charging two batteries at a time
  • HPI TF-3 super narrowband AM transmitter with changeable frequency crystals included with all kits
  • Pre-painted and trimmed body
  • Twin Plate Slipper Clutch
  • Electronic speed control with reverse
  • Durable TVP twin vertical plate aluminium chassis
  • High efficiency ball bearings
  • 8 long-stroke oil-filled shocks
  • Double wishbone fully independent suspension
  • 14mm hex hubs, compatible with standard Savage wheels and tyres!

RTR E-Savage with pre-painted bodyshell. Comes with everything you need to get started, including detailed instructions manual and comprehensive HPI RC Cars DVD. RTR versions are supplied with TF-3 transmitter, Sport versions are supplied with TF-1 transmitter. 518 - Sport E-Savage with GT Truck bodyshell (excludes 2x stick-packs and charger) 548 - RTR E-Savage with GT Truck bodyshell 505 - RTR E-Savage with ATV bodyshell

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