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Formula Racing, Q-Style!

When you want wheel-to-wheel formula racing action at home, you have to check out the
tiny and fun Formula Q32! This palm-sized racer features the look and the styling of classic
open-wheel racers combined with the ease of a pre-built and ready to drive rear-wheel drive
racing car. Painted in cool retro colors, the Formula Q32 is a great way to get creative and
have fun as you make your own grand racing circuit at home: on your dining table,
in the kitchen or in your garage!


Perfect Steering Control

The Q32 features exclusive HPI Real Steer technology which allows the wheels to steer as little or as much as you need!

Track dots included!

Simple Battery Recharging!

To charge up the car battery, all you need to do is plug the charging lead from the controller into the car. After a few minutes, you’re ready to tear up some carpet again!

Real RC Radio!

Like any real hobby-level radio, the Q32 radio controller features a realistic steering wheel and trigger control for going forwards and backwards.

Easy Steering Adjustment

The Q32 features easy precision steering adjustment to keep you driving straight or set up for a world of insane, mind boggling tricks!

Race Your Friends Anywhere


Like real hobby-level RC cars, the Q32 can be repaired with a supply of spare parts. Easily repair crash damage and change spare tires, and even upgrade your car for more speed and fun!


Looking to get serious? Swap out your tires, throw in high speed gears and bolt on the stability adjustment set! Plus optional clear bodies allow you to customize your Q32 for better performance, extra speed and a whole new look!

Create your own 1/32nd Scale Racer

Using optional clear Formula Q32 bodyshell, some Lexan paint and your favourite stickers you can create your own personal racing Q32.


Actual Size!

Build your own
Q32 race track

Download, Print, Make and Create Your Own Race Track

Use our printable instructions to make your own custom race track for you and your friends to enjoy your Q32 cars! With jumps, wall rides and even loop-the-loops, you will have hours of fun performing jaw-dropping stunts!

Download Q32 Stunt Templates

#116706 Formula Q32 Blue
1/32 scale 2WD racer with proportional Real Steer, plug-and-play battery charger and 2.4GHz radio

#116710 Formula Q32 Red
1/32 scale 2WD racer with proportional Real Steer, plug-and-play battery charger and 2.4GHz radio

Length: 110mm
Width: 75mm
Height: 44mm
Wheelbase: 82mm

HPI TF-60 Radio, Track dots and a Jump

4 AA batteries 

Specification may be subject to change

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