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Nitro Monster Truck Action!

The Nitro Monster King 4X4 is a true-to-scale monster truck that features nitro power and full-time 4WD. Based on the popular HPI Wheely King platform, we've added the thrills and sounds of nitro power to create a medium-sized monster truck that can go from car crushing stadium monster truck action to fun off-road bashing. The Nitro Monster King 4X4 is the ultimate combination of true-to-scale monster truck looks and high-flying nitro monster truck action! And with reliable nitro power you can just add more fuel to keep running as long as you want! The Nitro Monster King 4X4 is great for the show-and-go crowd - fat chrome wheels hold 5.4" all-terrain Mud Thrasher monster truck tires, and the aluminum alloy Twin Vertical Plate (TVP) chassis features a design that looks just like the real monster trucks you've enjoyed watching! Front and rear solid axles feature pivot joints and a realistic multi-link monster truck suspension for easy driving and control! It's not just about its good looks - the Nitro Monster King 4X4 lives up to its name from the second you pull the trigger! With its strong T-15L engine and solid-axle 4WD drive train, the Nitro Monster King 4X4 blasts through twisty terrain or down the street... with the realistic sound of its T-15L nitro engine powering all four wheels! The Nitro Monster King is the first-ever true scale NITRO monster truck, and features awesome wheelie action with every pull of the trigger! With perfectly balanced weight distribution and a rear wheelie bar, easy controlled wheelies are part of the action every time you drive the Nitro Monster King! Watch it drive long stretches with its wheels in the air, or give it a bit of juice out of the corners to see it pop a wheelie!

Just Like The Real Thing!
The Nitro Monster King is great for the show-and-go crowd - fat chrome wheels hold 5.4" Mud Thrasher monster truck tyres, and the suspension design looks just like the real monster trucks you love to watch! The front and rear solid axles feature pivot joints and a realistic multi-link monster truck suspension for easy driving and control, plus the ultimate scale look! Topping off the Nitro Monster King is a painted and trimmed monster truck body, mounted on adjustable body mounts that allow you to fit all kinds of fun and exciting bodies. It all adds up to a great kit and hours of enjoyment!
The Nitro Monster King is not just about its good looks, though - it will give you tons of fun and excitement every time you pull the trigger! The Nitro Star T-15L engine with its cool rear exhaust pipes will make all the noise while the truck itself provides all the exciting looks!
For plenty of power, noise and fun, we've stuffed a powerful Nitro Star T-15L engine in the back of the Nitro Monster King! This is a reliable, strong and durable power unit that can take the punishment of off-road driving while remaining extremely easy to start and tune!
  • Large .15 engine size
  • True ABC construction for long life
  • Easily tuned rotary carburettor
  • Large aluminium heatsink
  • Ideally placed in chassis for long, controllable wheelies
  • Strong pullstarter or easy Nitro Start fitted
No Terrain Too Tough!
The unique monster truck-style multi-link suspension gives the Nitro Monster King huge amounts of front suspension travel - combined with the all-terrain semi-pneumatic rubber tyres and 4 oil-filled coil-over shock absorbers, the Nitro Monster King is perfect for crawling over kerbs, grass and anything that gets in your way! Putting the power to the rear straight axle is an efficient and tough universal slider shaft, perfect for keeping the muck and dirt out of the drive train! A full set of metal ball bearings enhances the efficiency of the drive train, helping the Nitro Monster King get over 10 minutes of runtime from the 100cc fuel tank! The 1/12th scale size of the Nitro Monster King is perfectly suited for the back yard basher, plus its simple, durable design allows for ease of maintenance and the ability to soak up almost any kind of abuse you can throw at it.
Everything Included!
With a completely assembled chassis, painted body and a full set of quality electronics, it's a simple matter of adding fuel to the truck and 8 AA batteries in the transmitter to get out and have some fun! The Nitro Monster King features the high-quality, proven HPI TF-1 27MHz transmitter. The SF-1 servo is reliable, durable and plenty strong for the Nitro Monster King, performing its duties under all conditions. For the ultimate in control and feedback from the truck, the Nitro Monster King features fully proportional steering and throttle. If you decide to get the Nitro Start version, just charge a 7.2v battery with any standard RC battery charger and you're ready to get going!
All electronics are standard size and feature industry-standard connectors for easy upgrades and full compatibility with the most common RC electronics. That means you can easily use the radio gear with any other car, or you can upgrade any individual component of the radio gear in the truck as you wish!

Get into the car-crushing spirit of the monster truck! Get the Wheely King!

Pre-assembled chassis factory-fitted for fun!
Smart chassis layout for easy maintenance
Nitro Star T-15L engine is powerful and tough
Reliable SF-1 throttle and brake servos
100cc fuel tank for over 10 minutes of fun
TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) style chassis for extreme toughness
Unique chassis design with laydown engine
Rear-mounted battery box for wheelie blance
Strong front bumper to protect drivetrain
Extra-tough solid axles for simplicity and ruggedness
Long-lasting sliding driveshafts for smooth power transfer
Powerful disc brake for reliable braking
Wheelie bar for controllable cool wheelies
Rear-exit exhaust for realistic looks
Versatile tyres for traction in all conditions
Pre-painted bodyshell in striking new design
Because the Nitro Monster King is 1/12th size just like the electric-powered Wheely King, it's smaller than the 1/10th size E-Savage (#505, #508 and #548); and it's just as fun! The Nitro Monster King is perfect for fun in the garden and even out on the racetrack! LENGTH: 431.8mm WIDTH: 297.2mm HEIGHT: 254mm WHEELBASE: 238.8mm TYRES: 135mm x 69mm SUSPENSION TRAVEL: 152.4mm

Ready-To-Run (RTR) Nitro Monster King Truck with pre-painted, pre-decaled bodyshell, radio gear and electronics. Includes comprehensive instructions manual and HPI RC Cars DVD.

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