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Brushless speed, Firestorm tough!
Check out HPI's first-ever brushless motor equipped 2WD 1/10th scale stadium truck, the E-Firestorm FLUX! The E-Firestorm Flux takes the durable electric Firestorm platform to the next level with amazing performance from no-maintenance brushless motor technology. The new Flux Brushless system includes a powerful Flux Warp brushless motor that is controlled by the Flux Motiv electronic speed control for high speeds, maximum fun and insane top speeds! The E-Firestorm Flux is ready to go right out of the box, with a pre-painted bodyshell, glued tyres, and complete factory assembly! All you have to supply is your own NiMH or LiPo battery pack and 8 AA batteries for the radio, and experience the extreme power, fun and efficiency of brushless technology!


The E-Firestorm Flux takes everything that's great about the E-Firestorm and adds the raw, monster power of a 5700kV brushless motor for awesome speeds and zero-maintenance fun! With the strength of parts designed for the nitro-powered Firestorm 10T, the insane speeds of brushless power and the proven design quality of the E-Firestorm, the E-Firestorm Flux is the ideal electric truck looking for a rough, tough, FAST off-road truck!
The Warp 5700 is the top choice for nearly all 1/10th scale electric touring car, buggy and trucks. You can go super-fast on the track and get those blazing speed runs with the same motor! With a standard 6-cell NiMH (7.2 volt) battery pack or 2S LiPo (7.4v) pack you can get up to 40mph with just the standard gearing! With up to 8 NiMH cells or a 3S LiPo (11.1v) pack and higher gearing (using a smaller spur gear and larger pinion), you can get up to 60mph, perfect for massive track or insane speed runs. When geared correctly, the Warp 5700 is equivalent to a high quality 9-turn or 10-turn brushed motor using 6 NiMH cells - a very powerful motor!
The Warp 5700 features: 1. Powerful, high-speed brushless motor 2. Excellent pairing of huge power and extraordinary efficiency 3. Same size as standard 540-size motor 4. Sleek black-anodized aluminium casing 5. Zero maintenance design 6. External solder tabs for easy wire replacement 7. Oversized precision ball bearings for long life 8. High Torque/ High Temperature Neodymium rotor 9. Slotless stator design delivers smooth, linear torque 10. Easy 4-point mounting for convenient installation 11. Longer run times than a comparable brushed motor 12. Easily rebuildable with bearings and rotor being user-replaceable 13. Compatible with any sensorless ESC
The Flux Motiv speed controller features: 1. Up to 8 NiMH cell (9.6v) or 2S LiPo compatability 2. LiPo programmable low-voltage cutoff** 3. High performance cross-cut aluminum heat sink 4. Proportional braking for great control off-power 5. Huge amount of continuous power handling (70A* Continuous / 380A burst current) 6. Smooth startup and run with sensorless motors (Patents Pending) 7. Reversing speedo with programmable reverse lock-out for racing 8. Small size: 46 x 36 x 23mm (1.8"L x 1.4"W x 0.9"H) 9. Extremely light weight: 62.4 g (2.2 oz) 10. Authentic Dean's battery plug for a secure zero-loss connection 11. Durable on/off switch 12. Simple initial programming 13. Ability to easily adjust speedo parameters with HPI link cable (not supplied) *25C temperature, 5mph air flow through heat sink minimum. Burst current: < 2 seconds duration, 1% Duty cycle. **ESC must be programmed for Lithium cutoff when using Lithium batteries. The Flux Brushless System is HPI's answer to hobbyists and racers who want a powerful, versatile and affordable brushless motor system. The Warp motors are extremely powerful, very durable and highly efficient to get you going on the road to victory! HPI Warp motors are sensorless type motors, so there are fewer wires to worry about, and less hassle for you. You can get the Motiv ESC and Warp motor in a set, or buy them separately to outfit all your electric vehicles with brushless power! Future-Proof Upgradability! Flux Motiv owners can update their speedos with a convenient computer link and free software download! Programmers are constantly making updates to the software loaded onto the Flux Motive speedo, and you can keep up with them by getting the HPI PC USB programming kit. This kit allows you to connect your speedo directly to your Windows PC to save profile settings, customize racing profiles, update the speedo software and more! Motor and Battery Combinations The Flux Brushless System can handle a wide range of motors and battery types - please make sure that you use the right combination! 1. When fitted with the Flux Warp 5700 motor or other motors with 5700kV of power, you can use up to 8 normal NiMH cells or a 2S LiPo battery. 2. When fitted with a motor with 4600kV of power, you can use up to 12 NiMH cells or a 3S LiPo battery. The term kV refers to the number of RPMs that the motors will try to deliver per volt applied, and is a standard term for brushless motor power. The Flux Warp 5700kV and Motive ESC are also available separately so you can hop up other cars and trucks! #100416 Flux Motiv Brushless ESC #100419 Flux Warp 5700kV Brushless Motor
The E-Firestorm Flux features all of the same chassis and suspension parts and racing geometry of the E-Firestorm. From the moulded chassis with its modular race-inspired construction and threaded shocks to the threaded shocks and hex-head screws, the E-Firestorm Flux means business, whether it's out on the track against the top local racers or just on the trail with your friends!
Moulded Main Chassis The chassis is designed with a perfectly smooth, countersunk underside and angled side pods for extra cornering performance. The heavily braced, modular front end bolts on with four steel hex screws, providing the optimum amount of kick-up for top off-road performance. The rear suspension and transmission also mount onto a single modular place for quick and easy maintenance.
Battery Holder Featuring prominently in the chassis is the battery which provides all the power to the motor and steering servo. A large battery compartment allows the fitting of any standard stick pack or side-by-side pack design, even the larger 7-cell packs which provide more voltage and power for huge top speeds! In addition to fitting the industry standard nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery packs, lithium polymer (LiPo) and other newer battery designs are able to easily fit in the chassis, giving the truck a unique ‘future-proof’ design. Because it is the heaviest single component of the truck, special consideration was given to the placement of the battery in the chassis. The battery can be fitted all the way forward to enhance steering on low-speed race tracks, or fitted all the way to the rear to give greater traction on larger high-speed tracks. Removing the battery is simple and quick, with specially designed self-centring thumbscrews. Normally an expensive option on race-level 2WD kits, this is a standard feature on the E-Firestorm Flux! Using thumbscrews instead of the normal body clips to hold in the battery allows batteries of different sizes to easily fit in the chassis, regardless of battery thickness.
Motor Mount The rear-mounted motor provides the best balance for the rear suspension, allowing the motor to offset the weight of the battery and giving the rear tyres extra weight for maximum traction on any type of surface. The placement of the motor also allows new types of brushless motors easily fit in the chassis, giving you the best opportunity for insane top speeds!
Laydown Steering Servo The steering servo gets the same amount of attention, with ‘laydown’ mounting for a low centre of gravity (CG). The standard and reliable HPI SF-1 servo does the steering duties, although it’s extremely easy to replace it with a faster or stronger racing-level servo should you wish. Any standard servo designed for 1/10th scale vehicles will fit and act as a suitable replacement.
Full Racing Suspension The E-Firestorm uses the tough suspension design and suspension geometry from the Firestorm 10T truck for extreme ruggedness and durability. Extra-long suspension arms are damped by adjustable shock absorbers, and turnbuckle camber links can be mounted in multiple locations for fine-tuning of the handling. This makes the E-Firestorm nimble and easy to handle in all conditions! The E-Firestorm Flux uses the same front suspension as the nitro Firestorm and electric E-Firestorm, so you know it will be tough and long-lasting. The entire front end of the nitro Firestorm can actually be removed and bolted right on the E-Firestorm Flux! This means that not only will spares be easy to find, but the tough front end parts of the Firestorm are the standard parts of the E-Firestorm Flux. The rear end of both trucks share several parts as well, including the hubs, shocks and turnbuckles.
The shock absorbers are factory-fitted, and are precisely filled with oil for exceptional handling in turns and cushioning when landing big jumps. Pure silicone shock oil resists ambient temperature changes, so you know you’ll get consistent shock action no matter the conditions at the track. With big coil-over springs, the shocks are the perfect match to the long suspension arms! The threaded shock bodies allow fine ride height adjustments to suit driving on rough or smooth surfaces.
Threaded shocks for easy and precise ride-height adjustment Optional mounting points are provided on the suspension arms... ...and on the shock towers for quick and easy suspension tuning
Hubs and Steering Knuckles The front hubs and steering knuckles, plus the rear uprights, are moulded from tough nylon to take any sort of punishment you can dish out. The optional camber link locations on the hubs and uprights also give you extra tuning opportunities at the track. The front hubs feature alloy steel axles that spin on high-quality rubber sealed ball bearings for optimum efficiency. The alloy steel is extremely strong to take the abuse of rough landings and the occasional crash. The way the axle is mounted in the steering knuckle allows the best steering action possible, giving you maximum steering input and direct feedback through the tight and twisty sections of the racetrack! The front and rear wheels use HPI 12mm 'step' type aluminium hex adapters, making them extremely strong and damage- resistant. Because the front wheel bearings fit into the steering knuckle and directly support the axle, the wheels are extremely easy to swap out to suit changing track conditions. You can also use any HPI rear wheels you have in your collection already, so any wheels you have from a Nitro MT or other HPI 4WD truck will fit on the front OR rear!
Adjustable Turnbuckles Steel turnbuckle camber links allow you to make tuning adjustments while the links are on the truck, so tuning is quick and very easy to do. You also have the option of different mounting points for the turnbuckles as well, with two inner and two outer mounting positions for each camber link, giving you the ability to change the suspension geometry to suit track conditions and your own unique driving style. The steering links also use adjustable steel turnbuckles, allowing you to quickly change the front toe setting for lighter or more aggressive steering. Optional Ackerman holes on the steering arms give you further adjustment and the ability to further alter the steering action.
'Captured' Hinge Pins The suspension pins use a ‘captured’ design to isolate the suspension from the chassis, with the added benefit of using no ‘e-clips’, making routine maintenance simple to accomplish. The front hinge pins feature a tough aluminium brace to prevent bending or suspension arm damage. The rear hinge pin mounts are also interchangeable with option mounts, which allow you to alter the rear toe setting to give you more forward traction or more grip in the corners.
3-Gear Laydown Metal Gear Transmission Getting the power to the rear wheels is a durable low-profile gear transmission that features all-metal gears for extra toughness! The gearbox uses a 2.6 to 1 gear ratio to enhance traction and efficiency in all conditions. Directly driving the driveshafts is a sealed planetary gear differential, giving you exemplary corner grip as well as longevity and minimal maintenance. The low profile transmission enhances the E-Firestorm’s centre of gravity, keeping the handling tight and tidy! Tight like a tiger!
Rubber-Sealed Ball Bearings For extra efficiency, all the components of the drivetrain, from the spur gear to the wheel axles, spin on rubber-sealed ball bearings. With these bearings you get long runtimes and long engine life while the rubber seals keep out dust and grime!
Chrome Scorch Wheels & Grippy Rubber Tyres To get maximum performance on and off the track, the E-Firestorm Flux uses the same tyres as the groundbreaking Firestorm 10T and E-Firestorm: Front Line asymmetric ribbed front tyres and Ground Assault medium pin rear tyres. This combination of precise control and massive traction gives you ultimate control and speed! The tyres are also mounted on bright chrome Scorch wheels for durability and great looks.
Strong Hex-Head Hardware Securing everything in place on the E-Firestorm is a selection of high quality steel hex screws and bolts. These are especially tough and rugged, perfect for a fun racing machine like the E-Firestorm Flux! The screws on the underside of the chassis are flat head screws to prevent any excess scraping when the truck slides over jumps or bottoms out, and tough cap head bolts secure in really important parts like the shock towers, shocks and other parts.
Adjustable Body Posts Finishing off the chassis details are a set of front and rear adjustable body posts. These may not be as light as non-adjustable pure racing designs, but it does mean you can use option bodyshells from HPI and other companies to fully customize your truck!
     The reliable and sturdy HPI TF-1 radio controls the E-Firestorm Flux, giving you ultimate control in a realistically designed radio! The steering wheel design makes you feel as if you’re actually driving the truck, and the trigger-style throttle and brake controls provide you with finger-sensitive action when accelerating and stopping! The radio transmitter features interchangeable frequency crystals, servo reverse switches, a retractable aerial with sliding cover, easy access to radio adjustments and simple battery replacement. Taking the signals from the transmitter, the HPI RF-1 receiver uses standard RC connectors to send your control signals to the SF-1 steering servo, which controls the steering, and the Flux Motiv speed controller, which handles the throttle, brake and reverse commands to the Warp 5700 motor. You get long-range, reliable connections between your transmitter and car with the RF-1 and dependable control from the SF-1 and Flux Motiv! Because all of the electronics are standard-size RC components with standardized connectors, any or all of the components can be upgraded at any time, or moved into a different RC vehicle in the future. The E-Firestorm Flux will accept any standard 540-size brushed or brushless motor, and also any RC battery pack, of stick or side-by-side design. Lithium-polymer hard case batteries will also fit right in!
  • Flux Warp 5700kV brushless motor provides high performance, efficiency, long motor life, reduced maintenance
  • Flux Motiv ESC for smooth and efficient motor control
  • Composite main chassis is lightweight and durable
  • Suspension geometry and components from the Firestorm 10T
  • Nimble handling and easy to drive in all conditions
  • Many existing Firestorm option parts bolt directly on to maximize performance
  • Vertically adjustable front and rear camber links are easily adjustable to suit conditions and driving styles
  • Adjustable shock positions (3 upper and 2 lower) to maximize suspension performance
  • Adjustable wheelbase to tune the length of the truck to suit driving conditions
  • Adjustable rear toe and anti-squat for quick adjustment to fine tune handling
  • High quality thumbscrews on battery retainer for secure and tool-free battery access. Fits most Li-Po packs, 6-cell NiMh batteries, and even 7-cell NiMh batteries
  • Dual pad slipper clutch protects the drive train on hard landings
  • Durable low-profile 2.6:1 ratio ALL METAL gear transmission is extremely durable and capable of handling very powerful motors
  • Sealed planetary gear differential for nearly zero maintenance, maximum reliability and convenience of tuning differential action with heavy weight silicone oils
  • Strong alloy steel dog bones for simplicity and durability
  • 14 ball bearings throughout the drive train for maximum speed and efficiency
  • Steel turnbuckles for each camber link and steering rod allow fine adjustment of the suspension to suit your driving style and track conditions
  • Threaded shock bodies allow fine adjustment of ride height
  • Silicone oil filled shocks for high performance and more consistent damping in extreme temperatures
  • Aluminum 12mm wheel hex adapters used front and rear are compatible with all HPI 1/10th scale truck rear wheels. Allows many different wheel and tire combinations to adapt to driving conditions and numerous styling options
  • Alloy steel front axles are extremely durable
  • Captured hinge pin design used throughout - easy maintenance with no E-clips
  • Lay down steering servo for the lowest possible center of gravity
  • High quality hex head machine screws used throughout for simple maintenance
  • Adjustable height body mounts allow a variety of body styles to fit the chassis for a custom look
  • Ground Assault taper pin rear tires and Front Line ribbed front tires for high traction and long life on nearly any surface
  • Shiny chrome "Scorch" wheels made from high impact nylon for extreme durabilty
  • 48 pitch pinion and spur gear for maximum efficiency and reliability, protected by a molded gear cover to keep debris away from the gears
  • Pre-painted DSX-2 body with custom graphics to complement your style
10554 - E-Firestorm Flux with Warp 5700kv brushless motor and Motiv ESC Comes complete with pre-painted bodyshell, electronics and radio gear (does not include stick pack or AA batteries). Includes complete instruction manual and DVD.

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