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Tougher, Faster, Stronger...The Nitro MT2 18SS+ Has Got It All!
The Nitro MT2 18SS+ is our latest kit-build version of the awesome Nitro MT2 lineup - the 'plus' means you get extra speed, improved handling, more traction and amazingly good looks! You'll have the most fully featured and best-handling 1/10 scale stadium racing truck available! The Nitro MT2 18SS+ builds on the existing Nitro MT2 18SS platform, so you get a long list of impressive features standard: the 1.5hp 18SS engine, a high flow aluminium header, machined aluminium engine mounts, a huge 100cc fuel tank, plus the tough shaft 4WD system the Nitro MT2 is famous for! The drivetrain is also fully equipped with ball bearings for maximum efficiency. The Nitro MT2 18SS+ features heavy-duty design every step of the way!

The suspension is handled by extra-long arms, steel turnbuckles and long-stroke coilover shocks for strength and tuning ability. Stainless steel hinge pins for extra crash durability in the biggest spills and flips. As always, maintenance is easy with the removable radio tray - just take out the electrics and spray the chassis down! No matter how you look at it, the new Nitro MT 2 18SS+ is the ultimate 1/10 scale racing truck! Loads of power, stunning good looks and plenty of fun!

The Nitro Star 18SS engine is a high torque, super powerful engine that is reliable, easy to maintain, and tune. Rated at 1.5 horsepower!
Gray Anodized 2.5mm Aluminum Chassis Ultra-tough construction, now in stealth grey.
Shaft Drive 4WD System Proven tough shaft drive system with full time four wheel drive for excellent handling, durability and protection against rocks that can get stuck in the drivetrain of belt-driven cars.
Sealed/Removable Radio Tray Removable radio tray for quick, easy and safe cleaning. The receiver cover protects electronics from the elements and spilled fuel.
Powerful 18SS Engine High torque, 1.5 horsepower engine that is easy to tune and maintain. Perfect for "outlaw" class racers. One of the most powerful small block engines available!
Aluminum Tuned Pipe For extra power and efficiency from the 18SS engine.
High Flow Aluminum Header High performance aluminum header maximizes power output for quick acceleration and high top speed.
Machined Aluminum Engine Mounts Precision machined aluminum keeps the engine cool, anodized purple for custom looks.
100cc Fuel Tank Large 100cc fuel tank for increased run time. Low profile design for improved handling.
Two Stage Air Filter More airflow for increased power, superior filtering to protect the engine.
Machined Steel Differential Gears Precision machined out of steel to handle the power of the 18SS engine.
Heavy Duty Clutchbell Savage-style clutchbell design with dual sealed ball bearings for improved alignment, higher efficiency and extra durability. New gearing for a maximum top speed in excess of 46mph!
Slipper Clutch Prevents damage to the spur gear and drivetrain during extreme driving.
Long stroke shocks to soak up bumps and land smoother. New shock design allows for quick and easy shock rebuilding. Stiff shock springs for excellent handling.
Adjustable Steel Turnbuckles Easy suspension adjustments for maximum performance and handling.
Universal Joints Captured design universal joint - strong and easy to rebuild. The unique design eliminates the set screw found on most universal dogbones, making routine maintenance easier.
Heavy Duty Diff Outdrives Stronger outdrives to handle the powerful 18SS engine.
Heavy Duty Centre Gearbox Diff Outdrives Stronger outdrives to handle the powerful 18SS engine.
Fibre Disc Brake with heavy duty outdrive for optimal deceleration
Stainless Steel Hinge Pins For durability and smooth suspension arm movement.
Purple Sealed Ball Bearings Complete set of sealed ball bearings makes the drivetrain smooth, efficient and fast.
Cast Aluminum Hex Hubs Metal wheel hubs replace plastic parts to help handle the extreme power of the 18SS engine.
Skid Plate Front Bumper Angled nylon skid plate front bumper helps protect the truck on hard impacts and adds realistic looks.
Sticky S-Compound Ground Assault Tires Just tell the dirt that it won't hurt….too much.
Scorch Wheels Killer looks and super tough.
Clear Dirt Force Body Style and toughness, an unbeatable combination.
Adjustable Body Mounts Quick, easy mounting for a wide variety of body styles.
10446 - Nitro MT2 18SS+ Kit Kit comes with Nitro Star 18SS engine and clear Dirt Force truck body, ready for customisation. Includes detailed instruction manual and comprehensive HPI RC Cars DVD.

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