The Savage X 4.6 - now with 2.4GHz!
Featuring a wide range of improvements, a huge jump in power and several option parts now as standard, the Savage X 4.6 set a new standard for big block monster trucks when it was first released. Now fitted with the brand new HPI TF-20 2.4GHz radio system, the Savage X 4.6 is now even better! The bar has been raised again, once again showing why the Savage is the most popular big block monster truck in the world! The Savage X 4.6 is the wildest, craziest and most stunt-capable Savage monster truck available, so it's perfect for anyone looking to pull massive air, rock out at the track and show off for your friends! If you're more into massive, impressive size, check out the updated #104248 Savage XL, fitted with a gigantic K5.9 engine and bigger tyres, as well as the HPI 2.4GHz TF-20 radio system. For awesome performance on a par with the Savage X 4.6 but using electric power, look no further than the #104242 Savage Flux HP, now fitted with the TF-20 2.4GHz radio and powered by dual battery packs and a huge brushless motor! With the HPI Savage monster truck range fully updated to 2.4GHz technology, the only choice you have to make is how crazy you want to get!
2.4GHz Radio System with Failsafe
The Savage X 4.6, Savage XL and Savage Flux HP now include an exclusive brand new HPI 2.4GHz radio system! This means you get to experience DSSS (Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology for no-crystal, no-fuss driving enjoyment. You can just switch on the radio and not have to worry about what channel anyone else is running - just get out and drive! With failsafe tech, you get additional peace of mind, because you won't have to worry about battery failures or loss of radio contact - the RF-20 receiver has it built right in!

Awesome Option Parts Included As Standard!
Diff with alloy case Dual disk brake
Included with the Savage X 4.6 are two of our latest option parts: #86827 Alloy Diff Cases and new stronger brake disks! The Alloy Diff Cases prevent damage to the internal diff gears front and rear, keeping the engine's horsepower where you want it - at the tyres! Helping all the extra speed slow down are new red fibre brake disks, which are more fade-resistant than ever before and withstand the brutal punishment of the new F4.6 engine!

Savage X 4.6 Durability
'Proven Tough' Over-sized Suspension
Eight long coil-over shocks absorb anything type of rough terrain you throw the truck at, and beefy suspension arms and uprights can take the punishment of big-air drops and top speed runs over bumpy terrain. Keeping everything protected is the cool-looking anodized TVP chassis, which features a custom 'X' graphic. The enclosed radio box has been redesigned on the Savage X models as well, allowing you to add the #308 Battery Level Indicator and charging jack for the receiver battery. The TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis plates have been modified at both ends in increase the truck's durability. Structural webbing was added to the central gearbox to improve its strength. Extra material was added to the skid plates and bumper struts front and rear to let the Savage X SS 4.6 take on crashes and jumps. The engine mount and engine plate are now thicker to give you more durability and endurance, especially when you're landing massive jumps!

Savage X 4.6 Speed
Get that Savage X 4.6 engine going, and once again anyone watching will be surprised at its speed! With enough power to pull long wheelies with ease, the new F4.6 powerplant is designed for one thing and one thing only - huge amounts of horsepower! Nearly 3hp, in fact! Enough horsepower to get the Savage X 4.6 up to 45mph (73kph)! You want speed? You've got it! In one word, this new power plant makes the Savage X 4.6 - FAST! The F4.6 engine is a new HPI high-power unit with the proven HPI Nitro Star reliability, featuring 2.9hp from its .28 cubic inch displacement! A great-looking anodized solid aluminium cooling head looks the business and does a great job of keep the engine cool! Rough off-road terrain and extreme stunts are not a problem when this engine is on the case! The F4.6 features true ABC construction (Aluminium piston, Chrome-plated Brass sleeve), race-tuned 8 port tuning, an 7.5mm composite carburettor, heavy duty triple shoe clutch, plus a convenient Roto Start mechanism for easy starting. A dual-stage air filter protects the F4.6 from dust and dirt kicked up by the power 4WD action! So fast, in fact, that HPI designers made significant improvements to the chassis, gear cases and other parts of the truck to beef it up so it could handle the extra power! The F4.6 engine pumps out nearly 3 horsepower and sits on an improved engine mount and thicker engine plate to give you more durability and endurance, especially when you're landing massive jumps! Little changes with big effect!

Our designers didn't ignore the drivetrain, either. We wanted to make sure the Savage X 4.6 drivetrain could handle the extra power of the Nitro Star F4.6! The stock Savage drivetrain already features a permanent 4WD system and spins on rubber-sealed ball bearings, plus it features an adjustable 2 speed transmission. To add extra strength to all this, our designers added loads of improvements and extra features. The 17T clutch bell has been modified so it engages the spur gear with extra consistency. A steel spacer is used in the clutch bell, which provides more durability than the brass spacer. The adjustable slipper clutch features a slipper pad made from a more durable material, so there's less maintenance and more driving! Also, aluminium alloy diff cases are now standard on the front and rear differentials, which feature the HPI 4-gear differential. Finally, to make sure you can stop this beast as quickly as you might need to, the Savage X 4.6 is equipped with a new twin vented disk brake made from a space-age heat-resistant fibre material to give you fantastic stopping power!
Go Where Buggies and Truggies Fear To Tread!
When normal 4WD can't cut it, when delicate racing parts fail, or when the terrain is simply too terrifying to race on, that's when the big-block 1/8 scale Savage X series of trucks is in its element! Engineered for the most brutal of environments and built for durability in the most extreme terrain, the Savage X 4.6 is the ultimate 'basher' monster truck! Fat, chunky treads on each wheel grip any type of terrain, whether wet or dry, mud or tarmac. Full-time 4WD transmission pulls the truck over and through anything in its path. Eight long coil-over shocks absorb huge drops and help give extra traction on rough surfaces. Combine all this with the monster horsepower of the 2.9hp F4.6 engine, and you get the roughest, readiest truck around! With all this power and durability, the jumping ability of the Savage X 4.6 is totally unsurpassed by any other monster truck. With a top speed of over 70kph (43mph), hitting a ramp with something this size is something that absolutely must be seen to be believed! Backflips, forward flips, double backflips and more stunts are easy with this much power and control! Landing the truck is easy, too: big shocks absorb the landings and tough suspension parts take the abuse of jumping with ease.
Savage X Refinements
Nitro Star F4.6 2.9hp 8-port rear-exhaust engine is derived from off-road racing engines & gives you enough horsepower to get over 45mph!
Stronger TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis for improved durability and strength at high speeds.
7075-series 2.5mm aluminium engine plate is thicker for more resistance to bending under stress.
Dual-stage air filter to protect the engine from dirt and fine dust.
Adjustable dual disk fade-resistant brake set for incredible stopping power.
Aluminium diff cases to prevent spreading of the internal gears.
Optimised clutch bells engage spur gear better for more e cient power transfer.
Steel clutch bell spacer replaces brass insert and works with ball bearings to give maximum transmission efficiency.
Increased webbing inside and out of central gearbox for greatly increased durability in the rough stuff.
Stronger front and rear skidplates and bumpers resulting from additional material added in key areas.
Adjustable slipper clutch equipped with a new, more durable slipper pad for greater life.
Pre-trimmed & painted Nitro GT-2 bodyshell supplied in new paint scheme with decals pre-applied, lets you get going in style quick!
Main Features
Full-time shaft driven 4WD system for maximum grip, power and grunt!
Wide-track suspension gives you smooth driving and great handling - nearly 17 inches (43cm) wide!
Eight long-stroke oil-filled shock absorbers provide confidence over the jumps and on big-air landings.
Adjustable 2-speed transmission set with hardened metal gears gives you great acceleration and top speed!
Massive 160cc fuel tank for long run times and huge amounts of bashing and racing fun.
X-style clipless radio box protects the electronics from splashes, dirt and more.
Lightweight suspension arms improve suspension action and give great response in corners and over bumps.
Full set of rubber-sealed ball bearings for maximum efficiency and power from the engine.
Stiff racing springs for superb driving feel and best suspension action. Adjustable turnbuckles.
Hardened 4-gear diff setup can handle the abuse of high-horsepower engines like the F4.6.
Cam-type servo saver steering arms improve the efficiency and power of the steering servo.
Radio box features openings for a battery charging jack and #308 illuminated Battery Level Indicator (not included).
The low centre of gravity chassis drops the engine, centre gearbox and radio 5mm lower than the Savage 25, resulting in better handling and faster lap times.
Large 17mm metal alloy hex hubs hold the wheels securely and prevent the hex stripping in the wheels under heavy load applications.
New lightweight GT-2 tyres with aggressive tread pattern for excellent all-terrain traction and long tyre lifetime. To add cool looks, the GT-2 tyres are mounted and pre-glued on Chrome Warlock wheels.
Included is an optional nylon roll cage which will help protect your engine and heat sink. It can be mounted with almost every Savage bodyshell but requires additional cutting on your bodyshell. (pictured here on a Savage X RTR)

Head to any track in the country, and it's easy to see the HPI Savage is the most popular monster truck around. With unrivalled backing in the form of knowledgeable shop staff, fanatical owners, outstanding online support, plus a huge racing scene, the Savage is not only the most popular big-block monster truck around, it's the best supported! In addition to personal and friendly advice from tuners, racers and shop staff, a huge range of options are available from HPI, Hot Bodies and a massive assortment of other aftermarket manufacturers! Choose from anodised aluminium parts in a rainbow of colours, pure racing options like lowered chassis plates, big horsepower upgrades like giant engines, durability options to handle that extra power, functional add-ons like HPI's illuminated battery level indicator, plus pure style 'bling' bolt-ons like sweet custom chrome wheels and funky treaded tyres! The HPI Savage. The most popular. The most support. The most options. The most fun!
Easy access to the differential and centre transmission gears!
The Savage X series has been designed for quick and easy access to centre transmission gears as well as the front and rear gear diffs - for easy maintenance! No chassis disassembly is required! Centre transmission housing can be opened from the top, front and rear diffs can be removed by taking off just one part.

HPI makes it as easy as possible for beginners to get into Nitro RC cars. The Savage X 4.6 RTR it is completely pre-built and ready to go right out of the box! Everything is assembled and tuned for you by professionals - diffs, slipper clutch, shocks and more are perfect before you even open the kit and with all the top Savage X options already installed, you don't have to do a thing to get going fast! HPI Ready-To-Run models bring you the same high performance and quality that you'd expect from a high end model car kit but with the added convenience of being factory pre-assembled to the highest standards - giving you a high performance RC car straight from the box! HPI RTR cars are 98% factory assembled - they come Ready-To-Run and equipped with all the radio gear required. Just a few steps are needed to get your car up and running, such as adding the batteries to the transmitter and receiver and if you have a nitro powered car, running in the engine - which is now even easier with our comprehensive manual and HPI RC cars DVD which are both included in every box.
Full Assembly Instructions and HPI RC Cars DVD
As with all HPI cars and trucks, you get a full, in depth instruction manual with step by step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your monster truck for maintenance and easy servicing. The information on the HPI RC Cars DVD provides a complete and detailed introduction to the fascinating world of RC model cars. This DVD will show you step by step how to start and run in a Nitro engine, and how to get the best performance from your HPI RC car. The HPI RC Car DVD is your personal RC car expert in a box!
2.4GHz Radio System with Failsafe
The reliable and sturdy HPI TF-20 2.4GHz radio controls the Savage X 4.6, giving you superb control in a well-designed pistol-grip radio! The steering wheel design makes you feel as if you're actually driving the truck, and the trigger-style throttle and brake controls provide you with finger-sensitive action when accelerating and stopping! The radio transmitter features DSSS technology that eliminates the need for frequency crystals so you can drive with your friends without worrying about frequency conflicts or interference. The TF-20 has servo reverse switches, easy access to radio adjustments and simple AA battery replacement. The HPI TF-20 radio gives you long-range and reliable communication with your truck. If you ever want to upgrade your electronics you'll find it extremely easy, because all of the electronics are standard-size RC components with standardized connectors. The components can be upgraded or replaced whenever you like, or even moved into a different RC vehicle in the future. Electronic Failsafe Nitro racers have known for a long time that having a working failsafe system is important for those 'just in case' moments - some unforeseen event that could make their car go out of control. With a truck as fast and large as the Savage X 4.6, this is even more important! The failsafe ensures that should your Savage monster truck ever lose radio signal, instead of flying out of control it will come to a safe and controlled stop! There's nothing like peace of mind.
Easy Starting
The Savage X 4.6 RTR includes a Roto Start 2 starting system to get you up and running with minimal effort! To start your engine simply insert the Roto Start into the engine's back plate, press the trigger and away you go! The Roto Start 2 features an engine save mechanism that protects the engine in case of engine fuel flooding. The protection mechanism acts like a fuse. In case of an overload caused by a flooded engine the fuse button will pop out and stop the Roto Start. After clearing the engine (as show on the RC Cars DVD) you simply push the fuse button back in and start the engine as normal. Roto Start 2 - It's the easiest way to get started!
Roto Start 2 Starter System Overload Protection Button
Available With Either Blue Or Red Bodyshells
With the Savage X 4.6, you get your choice of a pre-painted red or blue GT-2 bodyshell, or you can customize your truck with any of the clear or pre-painted polycarbonate bodyshells from the huge range of HPI Savage bodyshells! Choose from the cool Retro Collection or check out the ultra-modern set of bodyshells!

#104266 - Savage X 4.6 RTR 2.4GHz Comes with factory assembled chassis with pre-painted GT-2 bodyshell (red or blue), 2.4GHz radio gear and F4.6 engine. Also contains detailed instruction manual and HPI RC Cars DVD. Ready to bash straight from the box!

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