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Replicating the Fastest Formula Car series in the World!
We are extremely proud to debut the fantastic new Formula Ten kit, designed to replicate the thrills and excitement of the fastest formula car racing series in the world! Since the release of the original HPI Super F1 (our first-ever car kit) we've been waiting for the ideal opportunity to release an all-new chassis designed around the most exciting racing cars the world has ever seen! With full-size formula cars piloted by determined racers, engineered by no-compromise team principals and driven around exciting tracks in exotic locales, we couldn't think of a better type of car kit to challenge our chassis and body designers!
Exclusive Bridgestone Potenza replica slicks now available!

The Formula Ten is an easy to drive, simple to build replica of the cars that millions of racing fans around the world love to watch in action, and it's the ideal starting point for motorsports fan of any age or ability level, whether it's your first car or your twentieth.

Fantastic Scale Looks
The Formula Ten features realistically scaled dimensions such as wheelbase, width, tyre size and more, allowing you to faithfully re-create your favorite team or driver's livery and do battle with rivals out on the track. There is truly nothing like the excitement of seeing a full grid of formula cars painted in replica colors, waiting for the lights to go out!
6-Piece Bodyshell
The amazing scale detail starts with the awesome 6-piece polycarbonate body, which features a variety of optional winglets and barge boards that allow you to re-create your favorite racing team from many eras of modern formula racing! Optional side pieces allow you to have flat sidepods or a sculpted rear end like the real cars. A scale helmet is included, allowing you to copy the helmet design of your favorite driver or make your own design.
Front Wing
The front wings features all of the fantastic shapes and curves of the real cars. The unique dropped middle section, upper bridge element and multi-level rear elements are unique to modern formula cars, and are as distinctive as they are on the full-size cars. The 'bridge' of the front wing can be removed for a different look also.
Rear Wing
The rear wing is completely realisitic as well, with a mouled-in diffuser and rear crash assembly for total scale realism. The front and rear wings are injection-molded, high-impact plastic pieces work as bumpers and as functional aerodynamic devices. They definitely won't come off as easily as the wings on the real cars! Optional nose pieces and wings will be available that will allow you to replicate a variety of past and future formula cars.
Removeable Barge Boards
Just like on the real cars, the functional barge boards on the Formula Ten direct airflow around the sidepods. Held in place by two steel screws, the barge boards can be left off the car for a 'cleaner' profile or a more retro look, to reflect the design style of formula cars from the 1980's and early 1990's.
Optional Winglets and Chimneys
One of the most distinctive visual markers of modern formula cars are the various 'winglets' and even 'chimneys' that aided airflow over the rear and around the sides of the car and rear tyres. The Formula Ten bodyshell includes the pieces necessary to replicate the unique pieces of aerodynamic aid.
Slick Tyres and Multispoke Wheels
The tyres included with the Formula Ten kit are molded slick tyres in a real rubber compound, at exactly the right size and proportion. The wheels are made from high-impact nylon and look just like the actual wheels the full-size racing teams use. HPI also offers a variety of optional officially licensed Bridgestone Potenza tyres in Medium and Soft tyre compounds, for tuning and high performance racing applications, plus a set of silver precision wheels for a different look for your scale racing team!
The look and feel of the Formula Ten is enhanced by its authentic scale size - the Formula Ten is almost exactly 1/10th the size of the real thing!

Durable and Easy to Tune
The Formula Ten is a 'T-bar' style 'pan car', which makes it very easy to set up and highly resistant to damage, so it's perfect for beginners, club racers and fun running. It is rear wheel drive just like a real formula car, and with fewer moving parts than an RC touring car it is much less complicated than a 4WD touring car kit.


T-Bar Rear Suspension
The rear suspension is designed around the FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic) T-bar and friction shock for simple and rugged operation. The friction shock soaks up bumps and dips in the driving surface, making sure the rear wheels stay in contact with the ground at all times.
Durable Rear-Wheel Drivetrain
Precision aluminum rear hubs are included for minimal rear axle vibration, and they're both anodized in bright HPI orange for cool looks. A strong steel axle adds strength to the rear end and makes it extra-durable. The 3-gear bevel rear differential makes basic rear grip tuning an easy matter.
Easily Tuned Front Suspension
The front suspension uses a simple ball-connect and coil spring design for easy tuning - just use softer springs to add more front grip, or stiffer springs for less grip.
Simple to Add Options
The durable construction and simple design doesn't mean you won't be able to hop up the Formula Ten and add options. If you're an advanced driver or a dedicated racer you'll be able to fine-tune the handling of the chassis to suit your driving style, just like a real formula team! Whether you want to add corning grip, more speed, faster acceleration or just a bit of style to the chassis, we'll have an array of options that will turn a back-of-the-grid car into a pole-sitting beast! Graphite chassis parts add chassis stiffness, option tuning springs allow you to add grip, a tuned center shock will enhance rear grip, an aluminum motor mount will keep your motor cool, a ball differential will enhance rear grip, and many more option parts will be available to totally customize and tune your own formula racing car.
A selection of standard parts are included in the Formula Ten kit to make it easy to set up for all drivers, regardless of skill or experience level.

Build It Yourself
The Formula Ten is available in kit form with a clear 6-piece body. The simplicity of the kit design makes it an easy way to get into the RC hobby and learn about assembly, mechanics, electronics and chassis tuning. A complete assembly manual is included. All you need to supply is the paint for the car's bodyshell, instant glue (CA or cyanoacrylate) for the tyres, rubber cement for the inner foams, strapping tape for the batteries and normal RC electronics (see below). The only tools you will need are some basic RC tools (Philips and flat head screwdrivers, needle-nose pliers, side cutters, hobby knife, body reamer, calipers if you have them, and a few hour's worth of build time!

Fits Standard Electronics
Standard-size electronic components will fit easily in the chassis, so no expensive micro electronics are needed. If this is your first RC car, your local model shop will be able to supply you with a good-quality radio set such as the HPI TF-1 or TF-3. If you already have radio gear, it's very easy to fit your own steering servo, receiver, electronic speed controller (ESC), 540 motor, and a 7.2v or 4.8v battery pack. The complete list of equipment you will need is:
  • 2-channel radio transmitter
  • steering servo (fits standard-size servos)
  • receiver compatible with your transmitter
  • 540-size (standard size) motor (either standard brushed or brushless)
  • electronic speed controller (ESC) compatible with your motor
  • 7.2v (6-cell) or 4.8v (4-cell) stick-pack battery
  • charger compatible with your motor.
Overall length: 436mm Width: F 176mm, R 180mm Wheelbase: 283mm Weight: 1050g (approximate) Camber: F 2° R 0° Caster: F 6° R 0°

Specification may be subject to change

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