Celebrating 10 Years of the Legendary Savage!
The HPI Savage is ten years old, and to help you celebrate we’ve got a strictly limited Special Edition version of the Savage X 4.6! With just 2200 numbered copies being made available, the Savage X 4.6 Special Edition is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get your hands on RC history! This Special Edition is loaded with options and upgrades that will make other monster truck owners jealous! To start with, the unique Savage TVP chassis plates are both numbered with limited edition stickers, sure to get collectors in a frenzy! The all-new Dodge Charger R/T features a massive replica supercharger to get the blood pumping, and our most powerful Savage engine ever is installed to get you going straight into big-air stunts, wheelies and more! The Savage X 4.6 Special Edition is finished off with orange-anodized chassis parts, a polished aluminium tuned pipe, a full set of four aluminium Big Bore shocks with dual-stage springs, a selection of bulletproof drivetrain options, dual fibre disc brakes, 2-stage air filter, 2-speed transmission, new black Warlock wheels, the original Savage monster truck tires, metal-gear steering servo and our latest 2.4GHz radio system!
When we say this is a Special Edition, we MEAN it! There are ONLY going to be 2200 numbered Savage X Special Edition kits made available around the world, and once they're gone, THEY ARE GONE! Europe and the USA will have 1000 kits each, with Asia getting a further 200. Each region will have unique stickers permanently bonded to the chassis, so you know you're getting just one of 2200. Do YOU want to get one of the ultra-desirable single-digit Savage X Special Edition kits?! Stay tuned to HPI's web site or Facebook and Twitter pages for information on how YOU can win one!
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Numbered Chassis Plates
Every Savage X 4.6 Special Edition is unique, with a numbered tamperproof sticker on both chassis plates noting what region it was sold in, and what number it is. Europe and the USA will each have kits numbered 1 to 1000, with either 'EU' or 'US' noted on the sticker, and Asia will have another 200 kits, also labeled with their own region code. What number kit will YOU get? You won't know until you open the box! We'll have special contests and drawings in magazines around the world that will allow you to get the especially desirable low-digit kits, so keep your eyes on the HPI web sites, Facebook page and Twitter account to get details on how to register!
Aluminium Big Bore Shocks
The Big Bore Aluminium Shock Set makes Savage trucks handle better, reduces maintenance time, and looks great! The set is lighter, stronger, and smoother than the stock Savage shocks. Oversized shock shafts and hard anodized aluminium shock bodies deliver extra strength, while PTFE pistons, silicone bladders and titanium nitride coated shafts combine for smoother suspension movement and extra traction on bumpy surfaces.
Super Heavy Duty Drive Shafts & Axles
These thick black dogbones resist twisting from powerful engines and bending from horrific crashes, and the outdrives and axles are also designed for maximum strength and toughness! This set makes the Savage X hard as nails!
High Torque Steering Servo
This quick and powerful HPI SB-5 servo is the ideal steering servo for hardcore Savage drivers - it's strong and quick, plus with metal gears, it's one of our best performance servos! 0.11 sec speed, 11.8Kg-cm torque, 6.0V, 25 tooth spline
Heavy Duty Steel Spur Gear
This steel 47 Tooth Heavy Duty Spur Gear is perfect for trucks used in extreme conditions with high output engines. It's machined from high carbon steel for precise roundness and smooth tooth shape ensures consistent gear mesh, high efficiency and long gear life.
Racing Clutch Bell
The HPI Racing Clutch Bells for the Savage monster trucks are made from high strength machined steel and hardened for maximum durability to provide lasting performance in any driving conditions. Machined holes help keep the weight down for quick acceleration, and the holes also help cool the clutch shoes for consistent performance.
Polished Aluminium Tuned Pipe
This aluminum tuned pipe features a dual chamber design for higher performance than the stock Savage pipe. Available in two great-looking versions: polished and anodized purple, both with a laser-etched HPI logo.
Safety Engine Stop
The Safety Engine Stop System is designed to make shutting off the nitro engine safe and easy. Just press the conveniently located stop button and the engine immediately stops, no fumbling to pinch the fuel line or covering the hot exhaust necessary.
Hot New Dodge Charger R/T Body and Black Warlock Wheels
Topping off the Savage X 4.6 Special Edition is no easy task, but we think the hot new Dodge Charger R/T body with its supercharger, retro graphics and side exhaust is the perfect way to do it! Moulded from crystal clear polycarbonate, it's perfectly sized for the Savage X 4.6 and is super durable to last you an extra long time. Matte black Warlock wheels fitted with 'vintage' original-edition Savage tyres finish off the custom looks of the Special Edition!

Almost everything you need to get running is included, to make it even easier for you to have fun quick! You just need to supply the nitro fuel, but just look at what's included in the box: HPI Plazma 7.2v 2000mAh battery for Roto Start, HPI Plazma 1600mAh receiver battery, HPI fuel bottle, HPI glow plug igniter with wall charger, HPI Plazma AA batteries, 4-way wrench, and even a spare glow plug! It's never been easier to get started with the HPI Savage!
All of the latest HPI kits are now fitted with a comfortable and feature-packed HPI 2.4GHz radio system for supreme control and confidence! The radio features a pistol-grip design with drop-down steering wheel, 3 channel functionality, easy carry handle, fold-down aerial, end point adjustments, servo reversing and steering dual rate. It's also extremely lightweight due to it requiring only four AA batteries. You won't have to worry about radio crystals or what channel other RC racers are using with our 2.4GHz technology - the radio does all that work for you! The radio prevents frequency conflicts automatically and changes channels if there is any interference. Finally, if you ever lose radio signal, an electronic failsafe will bring it to a safe and controlled stop. You'll have professional-level control in one easy RTR package!
Four huge Big Bore shocks give the suspension action you need to get out and blast through the roughest of tracks or Off-Road terrain. The slick Nylon bodies are lightweight and strong, with almost no 'stiction' between the shock piston and shock body. The extra-large capacity gives you extra control and damping action so you have the driving feel that makes Off-Road driving so much fun!
The Savage X 4.6 features a new GT-3 truck body that's available in two pre-painted color choices, Grey/Red/Black or Yellow/Pink/Black. The GT-3 body comes completely trimmed, decaled and mounted for the ultimate in ease. The intricate paint designs feature an action sports inspired layout for concours quality appearance. And you can always customize your truck with any of the clear or pre-painted polycarbonate body shells from the huge assortment of HPI bodies and other manufacturers as well! For great looks, the Savage X 4.6 is topped off with a clean set of black chrome Warlock wheels, a grey anodized engine head, and orange anodized aluminum parts.
The RTR Savage X 4.6 has beefy suspension arms that can take the punishment of big-air drops and top speed runs over bumpy terrain. Keeping everything protected is the reinforced "X" TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis, which features thick aluminum plates and custom 'X' graphics. Extra material was added to the skid plates and bumper to help the Savage X 4.6 survive huge jumps and crashes. The thick engine mount and engine plate give the truck amazing durability and endurance, especially when you're landing massive jumps! Finally, the diffs feature our amazingly tough #105551 Bulletproof Sintered Diff Gears and #86827 Alloy Diff Cases, so you never have to worry about them!
The Savage X 4.6 is the most user-friendly Savage ever, allowing you to access all of the key areas with minimal disassembly. For example, the center gearbox is split into four separate pieces to allow for access from the top without dissembling the TVP's. Diff access is also easier than ever with no chassis removal required. No matter what part of the truck you are trying to access, it can all be done in record breaking time! Check out the video to see just how easy it is to work on!
Watch the Savage maintenance tutorial here!
The massive F4.6 Big Block engine is designed for one thing and one thing only - huge amounts of horsepower! Nearly 3hp, in fact! Enough horsepower to get the Savage X 4.6 to speeds over 45mph (73kph)! And Big Block TORQUE is always on tap, just pull the throttle and you'll know you're not driving a small block. You want speed? You want torque? You've got it! The F4.6 engine has been updated with a grey anodized machined aluminum cooling head that keeps the engine cool. Rough off-road terrain and extreme stunts are not a problem with this engine! The F4.6 features true ABC construction (Aluminum piston, Chrome-plated Brass sleeve), 8 port tuning, a 7.5mm composite carburetor, and a heavy duty triple shoe clutch. A dual-stage air filter protects the F4.6 from dust and dirt kicked up by the 4WD action!
The RTR Savage X 4.6 includes a Roto Start 2 starting system to get the engine running with minimal effort! To start your engine simply insert the Roto Start into the engine's back plate, press the trigger and away you go! The Roto Start 2 features an engine save mechanism that protects the engine by acting like a fuse. If an overload is caused by a flooded engine the fuse button will pop out and stop the Roto Start. After clearing out the flooded engine (as shown in the instruction manual) you simply push the fuse button back in and start the engine as normal. To power the Roto Start 2 you just need to supply a standard 6-cell stick battery pack with normal RC charging plug.
Our designers wanted to make sure the Savage X 4.6 drivetrain could handle the extra power of the Nitro Star F4.6. The Savage drivetrain features a permanent 4WD system and spins on rubber-sealed ball bearings. The proven 2 speed transmission uses tough metal gears for durability, and has adjustable shift points for the ultimate tuning. To add extra strength, aluminum alloy diff cases are standard on the front and rear differentials, pre-installed and shimmed to extend the maintenance interval of the HPI 4-gear differential. The adjustable slipper clutch features a durable slipper pad, so there's less maintenance and more driving! Finally, to make sure you can stop this beast quickly, the Savage X 4.6 is equipped with a twin vented disk brake made from heat-resistant fiber material to give you more stopping power!

HPI makes it as easy as possible to get into RC Off-Road action. The Savage X 4.6 is completely pre-built and ready to go right out of the box! Everything is assembled and tuned for you by professionals - diffs, shocks, suspension and more are perfect before you even open the package. And with many of the top Savage options already installed, you don't have to do a thing to get going fast! HPI Ready-To-Run vehicles bring you the same high performance and quality that you'd expect from a high end RC kit but with the added convenience of being factory pre-assembled to the highest standards - giving you a high performance RC truck straight from the box! Almost everything you need to get running is included, to make it even easier for you to have fun quick! You just need to supply the nitro fuel, but just look at what's included in the box: HPI Plazma 7.2v 2000mAh battery for Roto Start, HPI Plazma 1600mAh receiver battery, HPI fuel bottle, HPI glow plug igniter with wall charger, HPI Plazma AA batteries, 4-way wrench, and even a spare glow plug! It's never been easier to get started with the HPI Savage!
As with all HPI cars and trucks, you get a full, in-depth instruction manual with step-by-step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your truck for maintenance and easy servicing. The manual also includes a handy parts list and full-scale drawings of the parts and hardware. And the included HPI RC Car DVD is your personal RC car expert in a box!

Features Summary
  • Fully assembled and Ready To Run (RTR) 1/8th scale Big Block monster truck
  • Strictly limited to 2200 kits worldwide (1000 Europe, 1000 USA, 200 Asia)
  • Numbered TVP chassis plates for each region
  • Nitro Star 4.6 big block nitro engine
  • 2.4GHz radio system
  • SB-5 steering servo
  • SF-20W waterproof throttle/brake servo
  • Roto Start easy starting system
  • New Dodge Charger R/T body with supercharger
  • Polished aluminium tuned pipe
  • Four aluminium Big Bore shocks with dual-stage springs
  • Sintered bulletproof diff gears
  • Dual fibre disc brakes
  • 2-speed transmission
  • 2-stage air filter
  • Black Warlock wheels
  • Original Savage monster truck tires
  • Orange-anodized chassis parts

#101736 RTR Savage X 4.6 Special Edition Kit
4WD nitro-powered monster truck with Dodge Charger body and 2.4GHz radio system
SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 534mm Width: 427mm Height: 254mm Wheelbase: 337mm Tyres: 159 x 85.5mm Drivetrain: Full-Time Shaft 4WD WHAT YOU NEED: Just supply nitro fuel! Everything you need is included! HPI Plazma 7.2v 2000mAh battery for Roto Start HPI Plazma 1600mAh receiver battery HPI fuel bottle HPI glow plug igniter HPI Plazma AA batteries for radio 4-way wrench Spare glow plug Wall charger for Roto Start and receiver batteries

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#106552 SAVAGE X 4.6 W/ 2.4GHz Pink/Yellow Body

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