The Pulse 4.6 Premium RTR Buggy
Fitted with the extremely powerful K4.6 High Output engine from the Savage X 4.6, full racing suspension and a complete set of grey-anodized aluminium parts, the new HPI Pulse RTR buggy has the heart of a beast and the will of a winner! The Pulse is completely outfitted with all the specifications, parts and tuning capabilities of much more expensive racing buggies, but it's available to you at a competitive price, completely assembled and ready to go! The Pulse buggy was designed from the start to bridge the gap between entry-level RTR kits and the crazy expensive full racing kits that include no running gear and must be built to precise specifications. What that means is you get a fantastic PREMIUM RTR buggy with top-quality materials and the ability to race with the big dogs, all with RTR convenience and a great price. Every part in the car was designed to be the highest quality and give the best performance on the track.
Take it to the track. Take to to the fields. Take it anywhere, and the Pulse will be able to take it all in its stride. The massive high-output K4.6 HO engine, sensible chassis layout, fully adjustable racing suspension and amazingly tough drivetrain mean it can take the hits and dishes them out just as well! The radio system features a high torque metal gear steering servo and pistol-grip radio, so you know you're getting the best we have to offer. Superior spec means superior performance on the track!
A strong chassis and smart layout is important for any racing maching, and it's no different with 1/8 scale rallycross buggies. The Pulse, with its totally fresh design from the ground up, takes in all the latest racing refinements from the fastest buggies on the track and combines them in a brand new package! Check out the top features of the chassis and layout:
  • 3mm chassis made from 6061 gunmetal anodized aluminium, deep countersunk screws and sturdy dirt guards.
  • 6061 aluminium radio tray, middle deck, and front deck for light weight and great looks.
  • Composite chasis braces connect to radio tray to reduce weight and eliminate flex from the suspension.
  • Hex hardware throughout for easy rebuilds and less hassle than normal Philips head screws.
  • Low centre of gravity design for increased confidence in the bumps and better handling in the turns.
  • Large flywheel opening allows rocks to exit chassis and extra-easy starting with any off-road type starter box.
  • Sealed & padded battery & receiver box with sealed radio switch.
A long A-Final race in the 1/8 scale buggy class can be as long as 45 or 60 minutes, so you have to be secure in the knowledge that you'll be getting the power to the ground at all four corners. Check out more details of the Pulse drivetrain below! At the front, rear and centre of the Pulse are tough and reliable gear diffs with 4-gear internals for extreme durability, and all three are silicone-filled for extra tuning ability. The factory settings are a great all-around starting point for most drivers, but you can easily adjust the torque settings to your preferred driving style.
  • Easy-access diff cases allow you to get straight to each diff with minimal interference so you can swap out diff oils and tune the car's drivetrain directly.
  • Front universals get the power from the diffs to the wheels smoothly and with no loss of power. At the rear and in the centre of the car are heavy duty dogbones to handle the delivery of power to all four corners.
  • Front and rear adjustable vented steel disc brakes with extra-powerful fibre brake pads give you short stopping distances with maximum control.
  • Full rubber-sealed ball bearings for minimal maintenance and smooth power delivery.
  • Cool white, amazing-looking Turbine design wheels with 17mm hex hubs fitted with race-ready soft compound mini-pin Trekker tyres with moulded inner foams.
The engine fitted in the Pulse RTR is the amazing Nitro Star K4.6 HO, the legendarily powerful .28-size powerplant that makes this one of the fastest RTR buggies you can find today! Just check out this amazing spec!
  • Displacement: 4.59cc
  • Engine Size: 4.6cm³ (0.28in³)
  • Brake Horsepower (bhp): 2.95
  • Bore: 18.6 mm
  • Stroke: 16.9 mm
  • Practical rpm : 3100 ~ 39,500 RPM
  • Maximum Horse Power at RPM: 2.95 hp @38000 RPM
  • Maximum RPM : 41000 RPM
  • Exhaust Position: Rear
  • Starter: Pullstart (Roto Start optional)
  • Carburettor Type: Composite Slide
  • Bore: 9.0mm with 8.0mm and 8.5mm reducer
  • Aluminium tuned pipe fitted for extra power
Suspension and Steering

A strong suspension design that is easy to adjust and control is key to a good racing machine, no matter what size it is or what type of racing you're doing. Our designers looked at all the top-performing cars out there and combined the best suspension designs into one ultra-competitive package. The Pulse gives you full adjustability: anti-dive, anti-squat, camber, caster, droop, Ackerman, roll centre, camber link position, shock position and wheelbase. Just look at all the amazing features of the suspension and steering:
  • Proven race geometry with championship-inspired design. The zero kingpin 'inverse angle block' design is a definite winner, and out on the track it will give you the confidence you desire as you go head to head against the club pros!
  • Extra-strong race-engineered suspension arms are designed with the optimal balance of strength and flex to tackle the most demanding racing tracks and racing drivers!
  • The front shock tower is 7075 aluminium for extra durability and increased reliability. The rear shock tower is 6061 aluminium, anodized the same cool gunmetal grey.
  • 15mm dia large bore shocks handle the bumps and jumps, soaking up everything you throw the Pulse at. With a 6061 aluminium body, o-ring seals and thick shock shafts you know your tyres will be stuck to the ground when you need traction and control.
  • Strong steel turnbuckles with chunky gripping points for easy adjustment of camber and front toe.
  • Extreme steering angle for tons of steering - there's no other buggy with as much steering angle!
  • Extra-strong 6061 aluminium steering link with 3 adjustment holes gives you confidence that you won't lose control, and the extra adjustments let you fine-tune the Pulse buggy to your driving style.
  • You also get an integrated servo saver with an easy to reach knurled aluminium adjustment nut.
  • High torque, powerful metal gear servo factory-fitted for increased reliability when you need it most.
  • Swaybars fitted for zero chassis roll in tight turns: 2.5mm front, 3mm rear
  • No e-clips anywhere! The Pulse uses strong steel hex-head screws with locknuts to secure the suspension in place.
Controlling the Pulse RTR is the trusty and proven HPI TF-1 radio, which has been used by many RC hobbyists around the world. The realistic steering wheel feel of this type of radio encourages the RC beginner to think of the Pulse as a real car driving around a race course, and the feel of pulling back on the throttle trigger is just like stomping on the accelerator of a real car! The HPI TF-1 radio transmitter features interchangeable frequency crystals, a retractable aerial, easy access to radio adjustments and simple AA battery replacement.
Taking the signals from the transmitter, the HPI RF-1 receiver uses standard RC connectors to send your control signals to the metal-gear steering servo and the throttle/brake servo. You'll get long-range, reliable connections between your HPI transmitter and car with the RF-1 and dependable steering action from the servos. The receiver box is not only sealed against dirt and mud but mounted well away from the fuel tank to protect everything from any spilled fuel. The wires for the switch are smartly routed, as well, to keep them away from rotating drivetrain parts and away from the elements.
Full Assembly Instructions and HPI RC Cars DVD
As with all HPI cars and trucks, you get an in-depth, complete instruction manual with step by step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your monster truck for maintenance and easy servicing. The information on the HPI RC Cars DVD provides a complete and detailed introduction to the fascinating world of RC model cars. This DVD will show you step by step how to start and run in a Nitro engine, and how to get the best performance from your HPI Pulse RTR. The HPI RC Car DVD is your personal RC car expert in a box!
  • Top-spec racing chassis
  • Enormously powerful K4.6 HO engine from the Savage X 4.6
  • 3mm 6061 aluminium chassis plate
  • 6061 aluminium radio tray and steering brace
  • Race-optimised suspension geometry
  • Low centre of gravity design
  • 7075 aluminium front shock tower
  • 15mm diameter big bore hocks
  • Trekker mini-pin racing tyres
  • Large-bore 15mm shocks
  • Dual vented steel brakes
  • Extra-durable 4-gear diffs
  • Hex-head hardware
  • Extreme steering angle
  • Metal gear steering servo
  • Easy-access diff cases
  • Full suspension adjustability
#101323 Pulse 4.6 Buggy RTR 1/8th Scale 4WD Nitro Rallycross Buggy with Nitro Star K4.6 HO Engine and Painted Body

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