How To Clean Your Air Filter

These instructions will show you, step by step, on how to clean your air filter. A clean air filter will allow a constant clean flow of fresh air to flow freely into your engine, boosting engine performance. It will also prolong the life of your engine by reducing the risk of dirt and dust from getting into your engine. The first step is to remove the air filter from your engine.

Next, remove the foam filter element from the rubber base.

Rinse the foam filter element, from the inside face, with nitro fuel to remove all the dirt and dust. Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area.

Below is what the clean foam filter element should look like.

Apply air filter oil to moisten the foam filter element. You can purchase air filter oil at your local hobby shop, a small engine repair shop, garden or DIY store that sells fuel-powered lawn care equipment (lawnmowers, etc.) or use Marvel's Mystery Oil (available at hardware stores). Apply an even amount of oil over the foam filter element. Use your fingers and squeeze the foam filter element to ensure that the oil is absorbed throughout the foam filter element.

Below is what the foam filter element should look like after you apply the filter oil

Reinstall the foam filter element into the rubber base, make sure there are no gaps between the two elements. You do not want to leave any gaps for dirt or dust to seep through.

Above is a properly fitted foam filter element, with a tight fit all the way around. Below is an improperly fitted foam filter element with a gap that would let dust and dirt seep in.

Reattach the air filter onto the engine. Ensure the air filter fits snugly onto the carb.

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