HPI on the Podium at the Gymkhana GRiD Finals!

Fri, 26th October 2018



HPI Racing is heading back to South Africa with the Gymkhana GRiD circus! 


One of Motorsport’s most unique competitions – attracting a full grid of elite international drivers is set to hold its world final in South Africa this year!


Gymkhana GRiD is back, returning to Carnival City Johannesburg the first weekend of December, and HPI Racing will be there, LIVE!


This not only means a one-of a kind racing spectacle will be going live on December 1st, but also, for all except two drivers, there’s a chance for redemption and a second shot at the coveted GRiD podium. As an extra-cool added bonus for EVERY driver on boththe RWD and 4WD podiums, HPI Racing will again be providing awesome, one-of-a-kind prizes for the top competitors!


For the series' seventh year of tire slaying, GRiD returns to the vast Carnival City Resort complex, with a faster, and more technical track layout – offering a fresh set of challenges to test man and machine to the absolute edge of their performance.


Last year the Savannah of shred and a Braai of burnouts witnessed reigning FIA World Rallycross Champion Johan Kristoffersson (All-Wheel Drive) and four-time Gymkhana GRiD rear-wheel drive class champion Luke Woodham steal the show in the final battles, leaving the rest of the field in their dust. Now the scene is set for a sequel of epic proportions.


Luke Woodham explains: “It gets harder and harder every year. There are some big names coming over to South Africa, and I want to put up a good fight for the title again. Certainly I never expected to win it two times in a row, let alone three or four times in succession. But by all means I’m coming back in better shape than before – faster, and stronger. There’s a lot of pressure for sure – most of which I put on myself, but mainly I’m just excited now to get there and drive at GRiD again. It’s the part of the race season I work all year towards, it’s on my mind nearly everyday; it’s one of the biggest and best events which I look forward to. It’s so much fun to drive because GRiD is so different from anything else…”



FIA World Rallycross Champion, Johan Kristoffersson, continues: “It’s going to be a little bit different this year – now I know what to expect, and what to focus on to be quick! Gymkhana GRiD is very different to other events, and it’s a great challenge. I’ve raced in a lot of different categories and styles - rally, rallycross, and circuit racing; and Gymkhana is totally unique, as it’s a mix of so many skills. To see all the different drivers come to race with their own cars – which they have built themselves – is really cool to see too. So I’m definitely excited to be heading back to South Africa. I know that my team mate [Petter Solberg] is looking to reclaim the winning trophy too, and he will be pushing 110%, as he always says!”


Keep tabs on all of the developments in the buildup to Gymkhana GRiD 2018 via https://www.facebook.com/gymkhanagrid/ and http://www.gymkhanagrid.com/



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