5th Annual Savage Hill Climb in Iceland!

Fri, 29th May 2009

The fifth annual Savage Hill climb competition in Iceland was held on 21st of May, in a new location, with bigger hills and more challenging courses! The Savage Hill climb is dedicated to Savage owners, and the only thing to qualify for the hill climb is to have a HPI Savage, any version and all modifications are allowed.

The inspiration for this competition comes from the Icelandic Formula off-road, which are full size Trucks and Buggies with American V8 engines, hundreds of hoursepower plus nitros boost! A competion series that dates back over 35 years and has evolved from using Jeeps and Broncos in the early years to fully custom built buggies! The hill climb is not just driving up some steep hill, it has different courses laid in it, most of the time full throttle is not what is needed, the driver has to manuver the car the right path and apply just enought throttle not to roll over or not to get stuck. Combine this and you have a winner! The Savage Hill climb is deticated to Savage owners, and the only thing to qualify for the hill climb is to have a HPI Savage. The rules are simple:

  • Any Savage(nitro or electric) version and all modification(tires, length etc.) are allowed.
  • A driver can back up the length of the car in a course.
  • The entire length of the car has to pass the gate so it will count, with the wheels on the ground. Not tumbling or rolling over. If a car misses a gate he is out of the course.
  • Each passed gate gives 20 points. If a stick is runed down then minus 10 points of the 20 available.
22 driver took on the challenge to have a chance at first price, the massive HPI Savage Flux HP!! For the first 3 courses the field of drivers was very close but after half of the competiton was done(6 courses), one driver, Guðmundur Sigurðsson started to pull away with almost 80% of the possible points earned. He geared up for the later part of the Hill climb, giving no one a chance of catching him and got an incredible 96% of possible points for the last 6 courses!

These are the results from the hill climb: 1. Gudmundur Sigurdsson 1110 stig 2. Loftur Matthiasson 850 - 3. Atli Ingolfsson 790 - 4-5. Daniel Hinriksson 750 - 4-5. Gunnlaugur Einarsson 750 - 6. Markus Josefsson 670 - 7. Marteinn Sigurdsson 650 - 8. Ishmael David 610 - 9. Birgir Steinn Finnbjornsson 600 - 10. Sigurdur Georgsson 570 - 11. Sigurdur Eliasson 560 - 12. Bragi Gudfinnsson 530 - 13. Runar Olafsson 520 - 14-16. Birkir Ingvason 500 - 14-16. Hjortur Sigthorsson 500 - 14-16. Stefan Orn Finnbjornsson 500 - 17. Gardar R. Sigurdsson 490 - 18-19. Bjorgvin Johannsson 420 - 18-19. Sindri Ardal Bergsteinsson 420 - 20. Robert O. Einarsson 400 - 21-22. Magnus Baldursson 380 - 21-22. Mani Sigurbjornsson 380 - For more pictures, check out the Flickr photo-sharing site of the official HPI Iceland photographer, Guffi!

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