2009 Icelandic Baja Endurance Race

Thu, 4th June 2009

The Icelandic Baja Endurance race was held on June 1st on the SBKI track in Reykjavik. There were 9 Bajas in the race, with the simple rule, one car one driver and each driver refueled himself. All the Team Iceland members from last year's Final Baja race in Spain took part in the race.

Daniel Hinriksson, Sigurjon Sigurjonsson and Loftur G. Matthiasson that were the fastest and fought for the lead, and all of them were in first place at some point in the race. But it was Daniel that ended the day on top, beating the compition with his Baja 5T! Here are the results: 1. Daniel Hinriksson 141 laps 2. Sigurjon Sigurjonsson 139 laps 3. Loftur G. Matthiasson 138 laps 4. Marteinn Sigurdsson 118 laps 5. Hermann J Olafsson 95 laps 6. Albert Kristjansson 93 laps 7. Grzegorz Jarnicki 46 laps 8. Birgir Kristinsson 45 laps 9. Bjorn Kristinsson 27 laps

For more pictures, check out the Flickr photo-sharing site of the official HPI Iceland photographer, Guffi!

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