The new Dash car is a low-priced alternative for anyone looking to try R/C cars for a hobby. Everything is installed and ready to go right out of the box: prepainted, pre-decaled and pre-mounted body, mounted X-Pattern tires and installed electronics! Once a Dash kit owner gets their new car home, all they have to do is plug in the included overnight wall charger and let the included 7.2 volt battery charge. The pistol grip controller included with the Dash features steering trim adjustments, battery indicator and a collapsible antenna. Installing the supplied 9 volt battery in the radio is a snap, and the car is ready to go! Three separate radio channels are available with every Dash car! All the new Dash owner has to do is select the matching frequency letter on the back of the radio transmitter and the car chassis. Up to three separate Dash cars can run at the same time, making this a great family activity! The Dash car uses a gear transmission to get the power to the rear wheels. A unique flexing plate gives the rear tires lots of traction while the front wheels feature independent suspension to grip asphalt, concrete and other surfaces with ease. Moderate speed and multi-step steering and throttle electronics give the Dash the right balance of handling and throttle control for entry level drivers to experience the thrills of radio controlled driving. Key features of the Dash are:
  • Battery bay accepts stickpack batteries
  • Frequency Switch
  • Front Bumper
  • Working Suspension
  • X-Pattern M-compound Radial Tyres
  • Translucent Blue Transmitter
  • HPI Hi-Power Battery
  • Over-night Battery Charger
  • Choice of three pre-painted and stickered bodies