Support Notice: Thread Locking Compound for Baja 5B Sidewinder X5, 5B TSK-B Class 1 & Baja 5R

Fri, 23rd March 2018

It has come to our attention that the recent batches of the above Baja kits from late 2017 to Feb 2018 have been subject to an assembly error.

Several important metal-to-metal screws may not have been threadlocked correctly during assembly.

During our own investigations, the threadlock amount varies inconsistently. Because of this, we are asking all Baja owners to do a 100% check on these important screws.



Only a small amount of Z186 PRO THREAD-LOCK is required on each screw. Apply a small amount as shown.



Thread-lock will run into the screw thread. Wipe off any excess. The screw is ready to put back.


Please check the following screws for existing thread-lock and where needed apply small amount the included Z186 PRO THREAD LOCK (RED/3cc) to thread-lock the following screws:



#94879 x 4 Rear Chassis - FLAT HEAD SCREW M6x14mm (4mm Hex Socket)

#94732 x 3 Engine Mount - FLAT HEAD SCREW M5x20mm (3mm Hex Socket)



#94754 x 4 Front Chassis - BUTTON HEAD SCREW M5x12mm (3mm Hex Socket)



#94710 x 1 Side Engine Brace - CAP HEAD SCREW M5x30mm (4mm Hex Socket)



#94510 x 2 Front Hex Hub Retainer - CAP HEAD SCREW M4x25mm (3mm Hex Socket)

#94502 x 2 Rear Wheel Axle Pin Retainer - CAP HEAD SCREW M4x6mm (3mm Hex Socket)




#94879 x 3 Clutch Cover and Pinion Mount - FLAT HEAD SCREW M6x14mm (4mm Hex Socket)

#94910 x 1 Side Engine Brace - BUTTON HEAD SCREW M6x30mm (4mm Hex Socket)

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