2nd Icelandic Baja Endurance Race

Tue, 11th August 2009

On July 19th, the second Icelandic Baja Endurance race was held on the SBKI track in Reykjavik. This time 6 drivers took on the 2 hour challenge, hoping to qualify for the Icelandic team going to the Nurburgring to compete in the 2009 Baja Endurance Challenge Finals 24-hour race. Everyone had a great time getting ready for this race, and the race was a tough challenge for those of the drivers who hadn't competed for this long before.

Hermann Olafsson took the lead for the first laps with Daniel Hinriksson pressing hard in second before overtaking him and holding on to first place for the rest of the race. Birgir and Bjorn Kristinsson showed that you don´t have to be the fastest in a Endurance race to have a good result, just hang in there and finish. They finished second and third. And again, the Baja 5T came out on top! Here are the final results: 1. Daniel Hinriksson (136 laps) 2. Birgir Kristinsson (114 laps) 3. Bjorn Kristinsson (110 laps) 4. Grzegorz Jarnicki (65 laps) 5. Hermann J. Olafsson (48 laps) 6. Marteinn Sigurðsson (34 laps) Third and final round before the big Baja Endurance race in Germany will be on August 16th.