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#104966 - SUPER HEAVY DUTY DRIVE SHAFT 18x116mm (2pcs)

Baja 5SC/Use with 104695/104697 Super HD Diff Shaft and Drive Axle

Seriously beef up your Baja drivetrain with the 9mm thick Super Heavy Duty Drive Shaft! This is standard equipment on the Baja 5SC but will easily fit the Baja 5B, Baja 5B 2.0, Baja 5B SS and Baja 5T to dramatically increase the longevity and strength of your buggy or truck's drivetrain. The Baja 5SC features all-new Super Heavy Duty drivetrain parts that dramatically increase the fun you can get out of your Baja, plus an all-new one-piece rear hub carrier (#104781) that features adjustable rear toe inserts for extra race tuning!

Also available are the Super Heavy Duty parts that made their first appearance on the Baja 5SC truck! These include extra-strong 9mm thick dogbone driveshafts and the axles & outdrives to fit the dogbones. You can also get a pre-built Complete HD Alloy Diff Gear Set fitted with the Super Heavy Duty Diff Shafts! #104963 COMPLETE HD ALLOY DIFF GEAR SET (BAJA 5SC) #104965 SUPER HEAVY DUTY DIFF SHAFT 25x48mm (2pcs) #104966 SUPER HEAVY DUTY DRIVE SHAFT 18x116mm (2pcs) #104967 SUPER HEAVY DUTY DRIVE AXLE 25x70mm (2pcs) The Super Heavy Duty parts must be used together because of the diameter of the dogbone. The rear arm may need to be trimmed for clearance of the dogbone as well, please check this carefully to avoid drag or binding in the drivetrain while driving.

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