Ker-BLAM! Have you Fired Up a Bullet Lately?

Tue, 1st March 2016


Ever since it first appeared in hobby shops, the HPI Bullet range has been super popular with a really big proportion of HPI fans. Why's that? We think it has the perfect mix of capabilities that make it ideal for HPI fans: it looks great, it's fast and it can take the abuse of serious bashing - just check out these video clips from Bullet owners around the world!

Speed upgrades are really popular with Bullet owners, and very easy to do if you want to get more punch and maximum speed out of the truck!

Many HPI fans love to match up their vehicles against other cars and trucks in the HPI range, and Bullet/Savage showdowns seem to be pretty popular! 

But mostly, Bullet owners love to jump! 

And seems Bullets just can't stay out of the snow! 

Where do you like to run your HPI Bullet? Do you have a favorite Bullet action video? Tell us on the HPI Facebook page! 

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